Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am Not Conforming!! I just happened to like all the things that are Popular

LOLOLOL ok so I was trying to out do Maliana in the non-posting department, But I just cant not dont write when Its really late at night and I am doing the internet thing. Its Against the Law.

So I'm in the Icelandic land of New Zealand, seems Very Icelandy, with the whole not busy at all and the airport is like... Nowhere HAHAHA but ya, its chilly(not quite as cold as I would have liked or Expected *eyebrowing Henzo Lorenzo and Marshy Peas*) and not busy at the airport, even though its the main one for this side of the NZ isles, and it was only 8 pm when we landed(only two flights had come in at that moment in time. it reminded me Very much of me and Maliana's Epic Journey, When we first Arrived in The Dry Hot Desert wastelands of Brisbania, but that was Three in the morning thank you very much, so there was an excuse for the not busy streets and so forth, all the busies were still in the Clubs being ducks). so funny.

Tomorrow me and mamma are going to go SHOPPING@!!!! I'm not sure WHat to expect, my expectations keep getting DENIED, like a bad Credit Card, but then Credit Cards are a tool of the Devul, so maybe Expectations Are Too... then again maybe Peas and Lorenzo(Names have been changed to protect the Ignorant) are just serial Exaggerators, HAHA I love that term, Ive heard it before but was reminded of it today, or yesterday rather, No Wait!! Two days ago (lolerskates, time does blur when you travel) When I was reading the Time Magazine, it was talking about how Vice Pres Joe Biden supposedly told Bush "Mr. Presidant Turn around and Look Behind You, no ones following you" when Bush said he was a leader in a private meeting they had. When I read it I thought it was very well done, if it actually happened, Thats such an awesome whammy, Like a TV show, I can see it now, All the Drama and jazz, Some poor fellow who Wants to do good, but is misguided and doing maybe worse than anything in the world, and so Blinded By his Ideals that he cant see it, then his rival who is more correct(not saying biden is more correct or anything, I know nothing of american peoples in politics, well, not much anyways) but a total Jerk Idiot face, lemme Line it out for you, this is too fun for me to stop

Heated discussion behind closed doors between too rivals/aquantances

Jerk Face: Cant You See What you're Doing?!?? asked incredulously and louder than needed

Poor Fellow: I am Helping These People, I am what they Need! I am a Leader! said with conviction yet venomously low.

Jerk Face: TuRn Around! Look Behind You!! No ONe is Following!!said angrily, but with a tinge of desperation because he wants him to SEE He also gestures toward poor fellow, but more over his shoulder, to emphasize his symbology

Yeah, that would be a Really intense scene. Serial exaggerator LoL, I think I like any term that Uses Serial but doesn't Normaly, like serial lawn mower, or serial ... something else teeheeehaaa

haha I have this Awesome little bowl that is for holding me Hello Panda's, and its immensely awesomafying. I got it with this Awesome jar can thing of Hello Pandas, that i got at the local IGA in Chinatown Sydney, it was awesome. I think I might be xenophobic, REASON in China town, I was like teehee lots of asians for like a minute then I got REALLY subconscious and started getting nervous, for no particular reason, Its not like I was thinking "AHHH These Asian People are going to-" "Mug Me!" or "DDR Me" or "Kung fu Me!" or "Be too styling and Awesome for me to Handle!" or anything, I was just getting panicky. It happens when I am around Asians a lot, I think it might be the intimidation factor Times 1 gazillion, Darn Asians, they are so StyLa irregardless of what they wear, they could put on a garbage bag for clothes, some grass for shoes and a cow pie to style their hair with and they would still out style Anyone within a Ten mile radius, its like "CurSe You Powerpuff Girls!"

Anyways it might not be xenobobia, it might be the other phobia, the one thats afraid of crowds or big groups of strangers or people, because ages ago there was this YSA fireside and it was really good, until the socializing time, I was like laaadadadaaaaaa, and then I started to get nervous and panicky. haHaHa whatever that phobia is called, thats the one I got, I freak out, I've turned into a person with a bit of a nervous disposition, What a Soft Kid!

so anyway, traveling is fun, and i swear we nearly died today, when we touched down in New Zealand the back wheels went down hard, but the nose didnt touch down for a few moments, and it felt like the nose was going up rather than down, but then it hit down Even harder than the back wheels, it was funny and felt totaly out of control! but when we got outside there was no wind, no nothing, it was a calm still slightly chilly night hahah that aerolineas Argentina! ok so i am off to sleep (probably read for an hour or so hehe) so i wont be too tired for SHOPPING!!!!!

toodles poodles