Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yes it is.. This is Rain.

I woke up and thought something was strange about the windows, then I saw whiteness and went WAIT A MINUTE!
It snowed again, IT hasnt snowed in like two weeks, the snow was all stale and yuck, but It Snowed today! hahah great! But I was scared because it might hinder the movie outing, but it didnt WOOHOO!

I am just never gonna get over it, I read the first few chapters of new moon just for a whole lets have remembery times so I can pretend to compare. WELL! it was so worth it, OH My GOODNESS I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I would recommend reading the book just so you can appreciate the AWESOME NESS OF CHRIS WEITZ! so good, I love it, I love it I LOVE it! Ten million times better than Twilight, Even the sparkling was better, oh gosh, SO GOOD! I want to watch it many more times so that I can have it burned into my brain. so unbelievably good.
I really enjoy chris weitz work, I liked golden compass, I LOVE New Moon, Too bad he isnt doing eclipse. That guy has got some awesomeness to work up to. I am really curious what'll happen with eclipse, cuz i've heard some funny things about this fella, And he's english. I've only heard of hard candy and 30 days of night, I havent seen them but I wanted to when I first heard about them hahaha they are probs bad though hmmm
WEll as I was watching New Moon I thought to myself "I dont want to see Breaking dawn as a movie" it would be too much for my precious eyes hahaha I REALLY dont want to know Bella and Edward, Ya Dig? hahaha I dont want to see a pregnant Bella, Shes so small! hahahah maybe I'll change my mind after eclipse. I also wondered how they would End it, GREAT STUFF I TELL THEE
But there were these annoying teenagers behind me that WOULDNT STOP TALKING, and laughing and saying dumb things! like first they were all "EW hes so Ugly" about Jacob, and let me tell you, He WAS not, and then they were all "EW he's so Ugly" about Edward, Then they said "Ew he's so Ugly" about the whole wolf pack, then they said "Ew He's Ugly" about all the vampires, BLOODY NORAH! and then they say "ahhh he's so hot!!" guess who about? LAURENT! WHAT THE *^*&$*&@(#&4*7%$ CURSE WORDS anywho, after all this ugly calling they are like "dont go for him go for him!" it was like WHAT THE FETCH, SHUT UP KIDs! and in the begining they were like "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON, I HAVENT READ THE BOOKS WHAT IS THIS??" I was like, are you spastic??? ugh, such retards, make sure your children arent retards like that when they go watch movies Ya?
I totally feel for this guy

Military Chief Executive Fuhrer President King Bradley

HAHAHA look at that Title! its totally awesome, makes me laugh hard core hahahahah Its the title of the leader in the manga (Japanese word for comic book, pretentious English word for the genre of comic books in the Japanese style) I am reading called FullMetal Alchemist! totally good. But I bet they just call him military president in the anime (shortened form of Animation given to a genre of animation that tends to be of Asian Origin, and more for older children and adults HAHA sounds scary huh??? hahahah it is. ) or something boring like that.

I like the manga better than the anime! the story is much more awesome, and flows better in my opinion. In the Anime they make Edward a snively nosed snot faced kid! What THe HeCK??? he is so much awesomer than that, so much more.

Anywho, this post is about my outrage at the LANDMARK CINEMA ORGANISATION IN FORT MCMURRAY!

So last Saturday I stopped by the ONLY movie theatre in fort mcmurray to see if they were selling tickets for new moon, Yep, and ON THE 19TH! so great. I am unsure if I should get tickets NOW! or later after consulting my movie companion. I decide later, Why Oh Why?? haha anywho I ask how many tickets they have left for the Thursday and she says a huge number that is probably all of them so I'm like its KO, ill go Monday!

Jolly me, I get sick and am not feeling well so I cant get to the theatre till Wednesday, I drive by TWICE! and neither times is it open. I am frustrated and OutRaGED! I then go on the website to get the number, I call MANY TIMES (at Different times, not one after the other hahaha), but no one answers, I am getting PRETTY pussed (rhymes with must, its a Kiwi word HAHAHA) But my movie buddy calls on her way home from work to see if i got the tickets, I say I tried, but it was closed. She Goes to the movie theatre, its evening, 5:30 ish, ITS STILL CLOSED!

already long story shorter, We didn't get tickets! we went on Thursday to see, and they had a sign on the door saying it was sold out till Saturday! I am like EFF YOU FORT MCMURRAY! I TRIEDDD, and my movie buddy is pretty much the same. so we go in and buy tickets to the Saturday noon ish showing, ITs Cheaper! hahaha

So after the initial realisation (something I was in Denial about, but with two high schools, OF COURSE IT WOULD BE SOLD OUT! hahahaha) I'm like meh I don't care, you can go away New Moon! and Fort McMurray TOO!!!! but really I didn't really care, I was actually planning on sitting this one out, since I am saving money, but you know me I CANT!@ hahahahhaha so I am going TOMORROW! or today, yeah later today because its late in the night, early in the mornin!

So I better get some sleep huh?? so I don't fall asleep during New Moon! but I am sure it will be too awesome for my eyes to close hahahah


P.S. I emailed the movie theatre in bitterness to find out WHEN THEY WERE OPEN! and they are only open in the evenings and weekends, WHADAFADA! That totally sucks, This place is such a butt crack! but its ok, I'll be less inclined to go see movies I guess... TEARS! hahahaha I used to be a movie dork, seeing Whatever LAme movies to my hearts content!!! with my trusty side kicks LEte and Toni! (Formerly Maliana, until she LEFT EY?) and the sometimes visitor Henry, Rarely did he come, unless it was something Awesome like Twilight (LAWL he totally came and raged around with us, what a funny) Anywhoo this place probably doesn't even show Awesome less huge MovieS! ahhh the torture...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

you bring tears to my eyes

SOOOOOOOO!! Today was Great, I had the day off because the Mamma had to take the boy to a Doctors appointment. So I spent the day watching HEROES! and washing my clothes and cleaning my room, and unclogging my toilet, and exercising. Great Times! Today was a wonderful Day!!!

Over the weekend Me and Lisette (the Mamma) were chatting about eyebrows and getting them done, she gets hers Threaded and Since I've never had it done professionally She said We should go sometime her treat, I was Like BOOYA! hahahah I thought it would be totally awesome. So today she called and made appointments for today and we went. IT WAS PAINFUL, shocking to my eyes, I wasn't going "boohoo that hurts" My eyes were just tearing and there was the funny noise your brain makes in your ears when it is bracing itself with pain. interesting times.

So here is a before (I couldn't really find any, this is the best i think):

And here is a similar looking after:

I like it, its cleaned up the edges, was quick, not too bad, I think it was worth it. the skin tingles for a bit afterwards, interesting sensation.

Here's a further away picture haha

A few posts ago I mentioned my hair, Mele'Ofa asked how It was when it was straightened, Well here are some pictures

This is my face

This is my face too hahahah

So it straightens alright, but my hair has always straightened alright. My hair needs a cut so I cant really comment on what its like.

OK so there's enough pictures of me in this post to last a life time, So I will End it

p.s. I think i have pneumonia, I can feel a coldness in my chest. its similar to how a deep laugh feels when it begins, but its a cough, and it doesn't want to come hahaha I am a dramatic hypochondriac after all

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I couldnt comprehend the saddness of the situation until i said it out loud

If ever you are feeling crabby (the fob kind too) or blue, or green, or red, or yellow I would highly recommend gearing up and going for a walk, its marvelous. If ever I am feeling crabby or blue, or green, or red, or yellow and I go for a Walk, It Always makes me feel better! it doesn't necessarily make the situation better, But I feel better. It always makes me smile.

I Love walking, It clears your head as well as your perspective. You see all the wonderful creations of our Heavenly Father and can't help but feel blessed.

If you're still feeling orange, or gray, or white, or pink Than pick up a Book! Any Book! make sure its a good one though, and not a crappy popular one that has no real quality or substance to it. I'd recommend the Book of Mormon, That one gives Much clarity and calm to the troubled mind, Every Time.

When I get a bit crazy from life All I need to do is go for a walk and start reading, It Always makes me feel better. It helps to clear my head and I stop concentrating on myself and start to remember there are other people in this world. Sometimes its good to be simple


Sunday, November 8, 2009

VÁ Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á !

Yesterday was a GReat day, I got my int. licence, my liberry card and TCM STARTED to be on the Telly!... Yeah That was Great! hahahaha

Slowly slowly slowly my mind is solidifying into an Adult, isnt it scary, and such a tragedy!

My plans and future are becoming more interesting and concrete, its rather exciting hmmm

I am gonna start going to the Library a lot, so much so that soon I will have read all the books and seen all the movies and shows, and I'll be on first name basis with the crabby liberry ladies, YEAH! and I was thinking about buying Wellies! but I think I might loose my toes (and feet) if I just bought wellies, and not Proper Snow/winter boots, What do you think? I havent seen snow for near 6 years now so I have no idea. Wellies are Gum Boots, FYI. I've always wanted a pair, but sillily I never Bought one! shocking I know.

HahaHA there is a movie on TCM about bull Fighting in mexico, its Exciting! and there is a guy trying to impress the girl that he (and she) has been brought up to think to marry, but she loves someone else, and the crowd is shouting "GRI-NGO! GRIN-GO! GRI-NGO!" so funny

Anyways, i'm starting to get the inside crazies, so I was thinking of going for a walk, I hope I dont get eaten by a bear... Oh Well!

p.s. WHERE DO YOU GET ALL YOUR PIMPIN pages from? I need to pimp my page, but I am so lazy hahaha