Saturday, January 31, 2009


So tHere was an Outing to be had, by myself and three others (namely Toni poni, Henry Benry, Lete .... potato). I drove us to the city and we spent a few hours there admiring the long walking distance from southbank to the city. I had pictures taken because mamma always talks about our pictures being dumb(my translation, HAHA but true that yo, EN! I only recently started the dumb pictures! lete and henry are tastey(I cant remember the word I am intending to use, i think its similar to savoury, or something, maybe something to do with pallet or flavour? me brain tired) veterans) I try to take pictures and what for, but No one ever wants to be in my pictures, and when they do agree, they tell me to hurry up and so it sucks by being blurry or something retard as such. I am wanting to invest in a super awesome camera. One of my friends who is an amatuer photographer has a kodak 10 mega pixel camera that cost her three hundred something, and her pictures are always Awesome! not just because of her photography skills, but also her awesome Camera. Thats her flingaroundkeepinyourbagforrandomcameramoments camera, its not her photography picture time camera, that thing is a beasty photographer looking camera, that takes even awesomer pictures.

I've just been rambeling to pass my time. I was moving the pictures from the SD card to the computer so I could edit them, and as computers always do it was lying about taking 121 minutes to transfer. It didnt take that long, but it took long enough to ramble and read through me lesson muaha

I dont know if Lete was posing, we were having a break on our walk to the city haha

River City

Henry Watching over Brisbane (HEHE)

Spot the ME!

Outside a Pagoda on the River front

The Beautiful Brisbane River (I GaG)

They Build what they can on the river so they can use all the precious land for more imortant things, such as Casino(didnt get one of it, but i wanted to, its a pretty building, its to the right of the colourful buildings in the pictures of the city(Henry's one))

funny colours, there is a blue one to the left, but I couldnt stand on the road to take the picture with out getting Hit by a Car

City Side

Southbank side

I barely got home after this, I was SOOO tired, The children woke me up and I had a late night. Soon as I got in the door, I went to sit on mamma's bed(si front af sjonvarpid MAHAHAHA i stofan) and was watching the television with my eyes. Mamma was packing and asked me if there were anyclothes to pack to fillsome space, I said Yeah and she told me to go get them, I seh Ok. long moments later I havent moved and mamma is like anyone home, but there was no one home HAHA I went to sleep without noticing, then woke up only a few ten minutes later. My eyes are falling out and To Bed with Me Now! so fortunate to be afternoon church goers now muaha

I dont believe in Luck, and I know boys are durmas' HAHA q:
another day


Skating and Sinning no Doubt

HAHAH I just watched this boring as movie from the who know when, about this crazy woman who was like Scarlett o hara, she twisted and manipulated everyone around her to get what she wanted, and then finaly found something she really did want, and he SHOT HER! unwittingly of course, he thought she was a highway robberman, Fascinating awesome idea, but it was PAINFUL to watch, because I hate people like that, who manipuate everything possible for no reason at all aside from selfish pooheadness.

The movie was called The Wicked Lady, it was really good and well done and epic and awesome, but as I said I hated the main character. good ending though, AMAZING cinematogaraphy, specialy for those days, I was totaly wowed.

I cant rmemeber why imd come to this... I wanted to say something, but its gone now. Well that movie was HugeO MuchO quotable crazy, like the heading of this post, hahaha it was this crazy priest guy who was always talking about everyone being a sinner and he was blessed to be able to help as many as would listen. He was talking about a woman that went to london to get away from the crazy woman and was commenting on the weather, I will paraphrase

Ay, the weather in London is cold indeed. Why the river themes is frozen over.
this was alll said in a cheery voice then the crazy lady says
Why Yes! people must be skating on it!
and he replys
Yes, Skating and Sinning No Doubt
Woman in a mockingly solemn voice because she is a faker
sinning and skating

HAHAHAH ok you had to be there to fully appreciate the hilarity, SKATING AND SINNING! hahahahahahhahahahahaha ahhahahaha it was very funny.

Today I went to the city with the Henry, Lete and Toni, and I made them take pictures. They are very reluctant to take pictures when its for not stupid, its SO WEIRD! i hate taking pictures ER TIME, but when there is a purpose I don mind.

Here is a One I liked, I did not choose the ball, the lete and Henry chose that. I was like WHAt a Gay thing to choose for your centre Ok I will do another post with the pictures HAHA q:


Thursday, January 29, 2009


MAMMA IS PRESSURING ME TO BLOG ABOUT RBVALE! haha thats what I call it now(in my head of course, this is the first time I have been able to see my dreams in the print) muahahaha its da Kanksta Names Ey?!

So everyone is always mocking/making frequent comments about my Blogging ways; They all act like I live to blog and Am always going on about my blog, BLOODY! no way, You lie bum faces! I can admit that I do Blog possibly frequently, But I DONT LIVE TO BLOG, AND I DO NOT BLOG ABOUT MY YUMMY SAMICHES (I didnt have any yummy samiches, I was just trying to put an appropriate emphasis on my point, but I think I failed because I......... Oh, because a Yummy Samich can be quite a fascinating yum yum with lots of excitment! wuahaha) or my... I cant think of anything that wouldn't/coulnd't be exciting! maybe that is tHEIR point? HAHAHAH Oh WEll I like to do waht I want and when I want and whatevs bro.

So Yesterday At work, I got hit in the face with a Chicken, it was painful, painfully Hilarious (Muahahahah).

When the chicken hit my face I went "WoA" like shocked and then turned to the culprit about to give them a what for, cuz I thought it was one of my friend done it on purpose, but saw this chick whos nice and she Was like "HOLY MOLY(I am using my liberies with the wordings)I'M SORRY! ARE YOU OK OH MYGOSH" and I was just like "Yeah no worries, all good!" Laughing a bit because of shock and the hilarity of the situation. One thing For Sure, I know how to appreciate the moment, irregardless of whether its me as the poor sod with the chicken in the face or someone else(if I saw someone get a chicken in the face(as is often the case) I would Burst into Laughter that was uncontrollable HAHAHA! YA! to funny!) So I finish retrieveing some more stuffing(thats what I was doing when I crossed paths with the flying Chicken) and came back, the chicka Said some more sorry's and are you okays and I was like "Sure Sure! yeah all good". As is the case with me, I often burst out laughing at this, that or the other, because Lots of things are just too funny (even now I laugh at the chicken Face HAHAHAHAHA ITS TOO FUNNY) And so I started to laugh because, oh my gosh I cannot put enough emphasis on the chicken in the face, and She said "don't Laugh! its not funny!" and I was thinking, aww she cares! what a pleasant person! so I stopped laughing and she asked "does it hurt?" and rather than lie and Say "nah, didnt even feel it" I said Little bit (using my fingers to indicate how much) and she said "Little Bit" with the fingers and an expression of remorse. Bless her Heart (as the English Say... I think?? maybe I just made that up... HAHA oh wait, its on sons of Provo, sweet spirit HAHAHA) I started at my work again, laughing as I go, Then as I feel My Face(literally feel my face, not touch it, but can feel the laughter move through it) I stop laughing and think "AWE CRAP!!! MY FACE!" wondering if it would bruise and stuff, that would have been awesome, I would have made up a super cool story about how I saved a baby in a run-a-way carriage and the horse stomped me or something, YEah.

What brought this chicken in face story on is that I can still feel my face. I didnt realise, til but a moment ago. I touched my face just under my right eye (cheek bone area) and felt a bruisish feeling, you know, Tender? then I asked mamma if she could see or feel anything, she said no to see but then as soon as she touched it she said Yea, AHHHH I hope it goes away soon. Serious to who, It felt like a girl punching me, I was like AHHH THats Unpleasant! note to self, Incapacitate any body's intending harm to my body's, so I dont get that punch in My Face! Fo Reos!

WEll Nighteo's for nows, It late and I am planning on running/powerwalkingbecausehecantrunbecauseofhisspinabifuda With henry in a few ticks of the tocking clock, Layta's! I have sucha busy day tomorrow! aw crepe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Because I'm Awesome, Doesnt Mean You Can SUCk

Muahaha Ruby Red OceanSpray Grapefruit juice is Actually Quite Tasty as you drink it down, but once you stop you go BLERGHAAAAH MY SOooooUL!

woohoo its Australia day on monday (because Australia is still dependant, and in fact, not free, they do not have an Independence day like other Awesome countries such as Iceland or Amerika, so they do like Canada(fellow commonwealth dependant) and have a day in the Year that they celebrate their existence rather than their freedom) and so I have a long weekend, meaning Friday and Monday off, So on Saturday I am going to be flying down to Melbourne with my Familys! they we are going to go to robinvale and get our old stuff that we left here last time we were down these ways. COOL HUH?!?!?

tomorrow though I am going to go to IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!! with Lete and Henry too look at it and see if we can find a drum kit set holderbag/suitcase/box, and I think I might just go see a movie. Later though, for Dinner, I am going to meet with some friends from work and we are all going to go and eat Korean Food with the Koreans from Work! its going to be so exciting, they are going to order our food for us, and its all going to be spicy HAHA they so funny. But then After that I am going to go pick Lete and Henry up from their dance because they are cry babies and wanted me to cancel my Korean eating with my friends to take them, they poopoos. hehe Its going to be super awesome! ANYhooos

Dear Family,
I really hope that, since we will all be in the northern/western hemisphere soonish/this year some time, That we are all planning on being in the same place for Christmas time(or Sumsing) so that we can have fun in the snow for the first time in a Very long time with the lovely dovelys that are my family. It will be so Fun! I know its a bit late to be booking Christmas time, BUT PLEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEE!!! Let me know when you know! muaha LAters ~!


p.s. new president ey? exciting business

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


How The H are you Even supposd to say that?!?!? So Maliana, you should continue reading these books, they get superbly better, but not until about the end of Eldest. After that its like a Real Author! So I'm really digging this series, its Awesome, reached its potentail, late but better than never. I'm off to work now, super awesome! but first I am going to subway with henry to get lunch breakfast.
Something I have always known, and cant remember not know, lifes not fair, Why do I know that? why cant I remember otherwise? I do recall whining thats not fair and then tantrumming, I cant remember what for, and it would be Awesome if that happened the once only ( I know I threw lots of tantrums when I was younger HAHA I really do) Why Can't life be fair? fair does't mean easy, but the injustice all the time is just tiring. Well I just bit the inside of my cheek as I was chewing my apple, and It pains me, and every juicy chew is putting owies in my bite mark Anywho



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well Done Daniel! you are hereby exonerated of anything I ever did say. Your points are valid and very GOO, I respect your opinion on Twilight TOODLES and LoVE!

oh, did you like Eragon? or was that just something totaly random Miriam did there.

OH WAIT, You say you are a jacob man, because you are a Realist?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? What the?! At First I despised Jacob, because he wasn't Edward, but then I read New Moon and Eclipse a Second time and got over my No Edward, and I still didn't Like Jacob, he is a Sneaky Conniving Fellow, and I do not Appreciate such traits, and he was trying to steal someones lady, WHat THe??? He was Super Awesome, until he became a moody angry hate the world hate Everyone and all the Vampyro's and always angry and schizophrenic crazy. and werewolf shwerwolf Seth was a Werewolf, he didnt hate on them all the times. He was OK until THE UNDERHANDEDNESS, I hated bella though, she was an idiot that hurt every people cuz she was selfish

OK Enough of thatI am turning in Early today LALA!



P.S. Here's the Taylor Lautner video:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am not alone in this WorLD!!!!! I am no longer the only Melanie Toutai, well I'm not even just a Melanie Toutai, I am in fact Hergerd Melanie Toutai (curse those cursed Australians!)


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MERRIAMWEBSTER HAS FAILED ME!!!!!!! I used to go to them for EVERY WORD I EVER WANTED TO KNOW HOW TO SPELL, but alas, I searched for misconstrue, and it was not there, Woe Is me, My World has been dashed upon the rocks of insanity and misery! How Can this BE?!? The One Constant in my Life, Is No MORE! ah, I go now to wallow in tortured maddness, in the sea of sorrow



Daniel is just So wrong, its Unbeliveabubble (blog To Daniel)

SHOCK HORROR! I cant believe Daniel didn't like the Twilights.

Daniel can eat pooop. HAHA just kidding, But I do not agree with you at all Mr. Reeves, Stephenie Meyer writes correctly, and not confusingly, or at least... Well she writes in a first person perspective, so its basically thought process that she is writing, and thought processes are often confusing when they are not your own, but that's the farthest the confusion goes, If you can grasp the mindset of a teenage girl, then your all set, if not(I think this is where you fall in Daniel) then it is confusing and blablabla. So Daniel, Since you thought (maybe Miriam was inaccurate in this comment) it was "great storyline and ideas" You liked the movie?

Now, its been a while since I read my Twilights(I only just got them back from my friend who is reading them!) but I absolutely love Stephenie Meyers writing style; I think That I love it because I like to write from my perspective(its just so Fun!) and Her books are the first I have ever come upon that were written in such a way. Shut a door (HAHA, I just said I love ... it... (or something along those lines) in French!) Also, Her Characters are Quite Solid, and aren't wispy waspy like

Read it People, That's Right, AtTard (mahahah don't tell anyone, I can go to jail because it not my car mahahahah)

I Cannot Agree with You Mr. Daniel, I think Twilight was extremely well writ, exactly well writ, its not meant to be a "super brainy awesome kill the inferior brains who cant handle the super smart intellectual language that not even smart people understand", It's meant to be a "Super awesome conquer the world and own you" book, Which I think it has done Quite successfully. Now I cant Argue when I don't understand my opponents exact standpoint, I've actually heard quite a bit(not A Whole lot, but I have heard before that people are all "I'm quite baffled as to Why This Meyer Woman is so popular with her texts on "vegetarian" Vampires" in those exact words, so I recon they are just intellectual snobs that don't want the world to read, and like to be superior in something since they fail at all else, so If this Meyer woman gets everyone reading, Then They will have no one to mock with their foolish stupidity and boorish Idiocy(ok so my Quote was made up, not like it ain't true, and I dearly hope no one misconstrues my yammer into thinking that I think Daniel is one of these intellectual morons)

But anyways, I Really would like to understand where these people are coming from that say " OMGooodness WTFiddlesticks is the commotion with the Twilights? those books suck arse and are so unbelievably badly written its like WTFiddlesticks, and the story isn't even that great either" because I must say I Heartily disagree, from a "I read books and can understand the English language" perspective its Quite good for what it is. Quite a Talented Lady, Then Again, She has only written the Twilight Saga and The Host, Which are both written the same way, First Person Perspective. But in the Host she does write the prologue differently, and that was... I think ... (Another book that's lent out at the moment, so I cant look to for accurateness. I'm a regular Library! hahah I wish, but don't wish, because I am possessive of things that are precious to me, and OCD about it too haha) Well Done. But YEs, I want passages and Realness, not babbling boobery. Everything I've seen so far is usually quite vague in their very detailed hating,(detail of how much they loath and despise and cant understand rather than the Actually "Faults" with the grammar and Englishes) that's just not good enough. I could give you HEAps and LOads of passages and quotations that befoul Eragon(notice how I am trying to shove in as many smarty(to me anyhoos HaHa Ha) words as I can, I like to do, its supa Fun!) Not Well Done Mr. Editor, AH, the Editor is the one to blame! Not the Publisher or Mr. Paolini, well everyone involved is at fault, you cant blame the one person! ok so its four am and I forgot to sleep, so I will go now, Come Daniel, Explain yourself! or is it just something that is and can't really be explained? I will accept this

Nighty Morning!


This is a Picture Lete took with my phone(only 2 mega pixel) that one silly awesome time we didn't sleep, at the beach, and watched the sun come up then Lete and Henry went to sleep as soon as we got home at one pm ish (and the slept on the 45 min drive home TOO) and didn't wake up till about noon the next day

This is Dad at Uta(Tongan word for Bush/possibly farm and anything in that vague general direction) he was taking the gear box out of this one car to put it in mine, cuz mine is shot (too many drifting Eh?? HAHA I wish) and he got sidetracked(as always when there is plants/land to be attended to) while we came to speaking with him, he couldn't sit and chat, he had to "cut the lawn away from the broken path" and chat with us hahaha gotta love my daddy's

This is Henry Preparing for Can ada-ski, this was one of the hotter days of summer

As I passed the store This bag JUMPED AT ME! and I Went to investigate, and there WEre SIX PUPPIES INSIDE! hahahah just lying! the colours jumped at me, and upon investigation I was sorely let down, So I took a picture from this inspirational bag, because I thought I saw something but it wasn't, so now I will go through my life searching for what I saw until I find it

The End

These pictures were all from my phone, Just Felt like Sharing. Gottta love my Epic Tales of Valour(HAHA YE) and the commemorative pictures we take'd for them

Friday, January 9, 2009


Oh my golly, I started reading Eragon last week some time and JEEZALOU! I still havent finished it! man, that book is so hard for me to read! I dont like how it is written, excellent story but not well done. It bugged me so bad how annoying i found his style, then I read on the back cover that Christopher Paolini first dreamt up Eragon when he graduated from high school (..hmm missed that part hahahaha) at 15 and is now TWENTY???? the publisher should have waited a few more years so he could create a more substantial world and more fluid writing, The story seems so Hole-y, And it wont be cleared up later, but even if it is, the holes were NOT WELL PLACED. Then there is the language used, by the naration as well as the characters. I think its a bit confused, or muddled, It doesnt suit my OCD thoughts. I guess I'm annoyed because I think it could have been a super cool wrist band, but it wasnt; it had SUPER DUPER potential, LotR potential, but then it didnt (guess it didnt since this is how it turned out) hats off to your imagination sir, but not to your writing. Maybe it gets better as the books progress? we Shall (maybe if I can finish them all HAHA) see


Toilet Paper

UGH! Maliana You POO face, why cant you Live in MYsterY!?!?! mua ah ah

SO I cut my HARI TODAY! and by Hari, I mean Hair!!! It was super awesome cool times!!! its bob length and I have a strange MElanie Fringe, and by strange melanie fringe I mean my any fringe, where my hair goes Up and stucks out at the parting iregardless of how much I straight it, CURSES! but anywho, I'd show you a SUPER Awesome PICTURE! but my younger brother and sister inform me that my camera batteries are Die, I Wonder WHY!!?!?!?! i mean... AnyhoooAys. After I got my hair cut I drove to work with my hair and windows down, and my hair totaly didnt REtaRD! it was so awesome, AND LIBERATing! I could just flick it and it was super coool!

So at work we finished like nearly an hour early, and only the casuals are allowed to go home when we finish early, so I helped my two friend with their paperwork(They are both Q.A. officers HAHA) just to dodge being sent to another section. Once that was complete we went to the store room (the Usual awesome times hang out for slackers haha) and we went and hid behind these pallets so when everyone else got in trouble for being slackers we would too because we'd get caught because of the uncontrollable laughter hahaha. So we're between these pallets of toilet paper and Carton(box things) cardboards When this other lady comes to see what we are doing because all you can hear is laughter and slapping hahahhahah. She comes and Says "what are you guys doing? HeY You know you should build a little fort out of the toilet paper!" we all guffaw and laugh because thats silly, but then we get to work and start rearranging the toilet papers(they are in packs of like 72 rolls or something, wrapped in plastic) once we finish the Lady says "maybe we should have gotten in first hahaha" so we take down part of the wall then climb in and say come on in! but she says "I cant get i there! I wont fit!" and walks off, leaving us feeling like tools HAHAHAH but then we continue with our slapping games (we were practicing these korean hand slapping games that our korean friends taught us that we sucked at hahaha) and our other friend joins us, so the three of us sit in our toilet paper fort laughing and making slapping noises, but no one came over. Then mr boss man came in and the third joiner Screeches and Says " OH MY GOSH, MATTHEW JUST WALKED IN" and leaps into my other friends arms freaking out, me and my friend have to hold our faces to stop from bursting into laughter but try to sit silently so no one comes over. We then decide its time to get changed so we all walk as inconspicuosly as possible out from out hiding place and get some REAL strange glances from out leading hands HAHAHAHAH it was hilarious, we made some videos hahahahah well anywhos thats enough of that Chapter!



Wednesday, January 7, 2009


SO I know one thing for Sure, Everyone has a Super Awesome Human Skill GO! I've Always wondered if I had one, and if I did, WHAT WAS IT!?!?!??!?! Because Everyone has a special su-en su-en that they are super awesome good with/at that everyone else admires or envies, that no one can compare or ever beat them at, well there's no competition because thats they thang or... Anyways, I also think (-Twilight Reference- WarNinG for all you twilight impaired, go read muaha) that Like Vampires with their special abilities, they(humans being) can have a similar ability to another, but they Always different; Unlike Vampires though, Everyones has a Special. Humans are Just So, And After all my life of wondering and searching, one day, many months ago, It Came to me. I was thinking about this certain Guy I know who is an interesting fellow, and I was thinking of asking him what his Super Awesome Human Skill GO! was, out of mere curriousity because he was such a wonder Full Creature, I was wondering what it could be because he has so many awesome already. I then (as I often do) tried to anticipate his reaction, which I figured would be a counter of "Well, whats yours?" So I thought to myself, "What Is yours??" This is something I have wondered All my life, but never had much success at discovering. Out of nowhere in my conscience thoughts came This one "People" and I realized, with fascination and Awe, that I Knew What My Super Awesome Human Skill GO! Was! Something I am Really Good at, irregardless of what Some *cough*Maliana*cough*Mamma*cough* Excuse Me! SorrY about that! I just had a bout of virtual bronchitis! no fears or worries for me, its all gone for now, It might even be completely inacurate, But ANywho! back to my Tale.

The Discovery! With the thought that wasn't really Mine I Realized that I am good At People. Its hard to describe, or explain, I'm not good at being a people, or socializing, or anything like that, I am just good at People. I don't want to elaborate because someone might make fun of me and say I am a Fat head, But Anywho, I know I'm right so boo ram you! mahahah ten points to anyone know tha movies. WEll Tara For NOw


Monday, January 5, 2009

My Old BoneS

MY Achy aches are aching me again! my knees and ancles and legs are all aching! Whats the Point of Living if you can feel alivE~?~??

WEll NOw, I have some questions, One!!! number!

uhmm I am going to Cut my Hairs, Any Suggestions???? I was thinking Fringe to above my eyes, then cut the rest to just above my shoulders and layer it to somewhere near me earsss, then dye it the same colour as THE UGLY ONES muahahah just kidding, they not Ugly. It'll be SOOO FUN!!!!!! unbeliveably fun, I've not had Short hair since my childhood Days!

Ah, I remember it Well. It was all that time ago in the UTah, just before I moved to Iceland to live on my own,

Oh wait, that never Happened! So I was 10.... 11 ish , And mamma was cutting my hair and she told me that her aunt Cut Hair (or maybe she said MY aunt.. hmmmm one day I will clarify to myself, but not really, I'll just always remain in a wonder)

And that when we move to iceland she will have her cut my hair Real Short, (because I never brushed or cared for my hairs) Like a Boy, and I was like OOHHH NOOES (but really like COOOOL I'm GOING TO have SHOrt HAir! and kids are weird and think strange things are cool(or maybe I've just always been that way, The Weirdy, muaha(OR MAYBE I AM NEVER GROWN UP!!??!>?!!??))). But that Day (like so many) never Came, But I did have Quite short hairs when I got to Iceland. Anyways more to my point of this story, I Never did get that boy cut. I grew my hair out long and Didnt cut it Ever, again.


FOOOLED YOU, muahahaha I cut it all the time, but it always stayed long, usually passing my shoulders (thats long to ME!) but now its REALLY long, like halfway down my back, and I feel like NEW THINGS!! so a new haircut will be AWthome (as the toni poni would say)


SO I have this friend at work who is Korean, and she is here in australia on some sort of contract type thingy (its hard to have detailed technical conversations with a being of a different language that doesn't speak your language as superbly as... a lollipop.... or.. A ... nother human, Language barrier) And I was wondering where to how look for a Korean book store, BEcause When she goes back to Korea I am going to Give her a Korean Book Of Mormon and a Korean Twilight (thats what I want to get her anyways, my dream ideal forever awesome remember me forever present) But I.... Don't know very well to look for such things. OR does anyone know a Korean talker reader that would be able to find me something, cuz I know heaps o Koreans, but they all know each other as well, so they might Tell, and I want it to be a SUPERise! I can get a Korean BoM Easy, but its the twilight i am the seeking.... THE END


Saturday, January 3, 2009


LOL that's a real word, and its pronounced frig-uh-RIFF-ik LOL it meaning is "causing cold : chilling" Let me show you and Example of the usage of the word: Jamie shivered as she faced the frigorific blast of wind blowing off the lake. HAHAHAHAHHAH that is too funny, I love my subscription to merriamwebster word of the day.

So THis is the NEw YEAr, DunDUN (death Cab for Cutie )

I was... Going to.... Do something./... But I..... cant..... remember .... what that.... was,,,..... CURSES! oh well. Time for sleepy time, Got church in the afternoons YEASH! finally after two years, of 8 am then 9 am WE FINALLY HAVE THE 1 AM!!! I mean pm HAHAHAH OHHHH that's right. I was going to tell about how Awesome Twilight is. I have seen Twilight FOUR TIMES now and every time is Super awesome. BUT there are some things i didn't like about the twilights, Like The part where she is in Her Underwears, SERIOUSLY, who sleeps in their underwear in a cold place? IDIOTas MUCH???? I sleep in a tupenu and a shirt, in the BUGGER HOT AUSland, WHEre The Nights are Hotter than your stupid "hot" summer days; is it so nice to sleep in less than that in the cold wet chilly frosty frosted windows, border of canada, frigorific nights?(sure they have heating, but WHAT A HEY) Not to mention the icy hot vampire that is all up in your grill (HAHAHAHAH) and of course by grill I refer to vicinity of your room/ face, who is literally emanating coldness, that is only accentuated by the cold airs. There was ONE more thing I didn't like, but that's escaped from my memory. I HEarteD A LOT of things, but my FAvourite would be Her Dying Memories and the...... .. .. .. .. .. .. . ..... BASEBALL!!! THat was so awesome it was beyond words how awesome it was drool droooool drooool Jasper and Emmett BOOYah. I thought Twilight(the movie) was Super awesome, for a movie that is. A friend from work who loved the movie, and is reading the books now, thinks they should have done it mini series styles, so they can get a heaps in more. I was in agreement with her, that would be super awesome, if only they did that, BUT I am so torn with the Idea, Cuz I heart all that is twilight YA!!! okay well I better get to sleep now,. layta PLaya LOL