Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have discovered what it is I Love the most in this world. I have always wondered at myself and why I like the things I like, and it occurred to me that I love stories. In Every Way, Shape and Form I Love Stories. I Love Music, I Love Movies, I Love Legends, I Love Books, I Love History, I Love stories.

Feels good, knowing why I like so many strange things; I've never really been a movie buff, or a music nerd, or a History fanatic, or a REAL bookworm, but I loved them all nonetheless, and now I know why. These different media forms all tell stories, and that is why I Love them so. I get it, even if perhaps you don't. I am content, feels as though I can finally see something that was there all along, but for some reason I just could not make it out.

Now I know what to tell people when they ask me what I like.

Friday, August 24, 2012

United Staters

Ask a Citizen of the United States what their nationality is, it's very curious and I wish more people would use it, and I do not mean "American" since the America's are actually continents, ask them to have a gander in their passport.

So a little bit ago I tried to have a road trip down to the United States, but I was denied because of a previous incident of staying longer than the allotted time of three months. I was very disappointed because it was an extravagant adventurous trip that had been planned for for quite some time, but I understood, I broke their law and so I must now pay the price.

There were more people than myself involved in this trip and so I asked the border people how I would go about getting this visa they said I required; They told me that I needed to make an appointment with the United States Consulate in Calgary. I replied with an "Okay, and what is the process involved?" the officer than repeats himself by telling me I need to make an appointment with the United States consulate in Calgary. I then ask how I might do that, they tell me to call them up and make an appointment with the United States consulate in Calgary. I was starting to see where our conversation was going, and was becoming less than thrilled to be chatting with them.

The reason I was asking was because I needed to know If I could send the party I was traveling with along and they could expect me later. and so I ask: "Do you know how long the process is for the visa?" You will never guess what the answer was. "You need to call the United States consulate in Calgary and make an appointment"

I guess I was becoming too rowdy and so Another officer felt the need to make his way over and add snide comments as if I were hard of hearing, or did not speak English, he seemed incredulous at the idea that I wasn't understanding how this officers replies were answering my questions. After realizing these men(they just so happened to be two men, I am sure the women would be just as helpful) were not going to be helpful at all I made my way back over to my party and told them the news that I would not be going.

The Authority of the party (someone married to a United Stater) is not pleased with my findings and so kindly agrees to go back in with me to ask the Questions I asked. I hope that they are just as helpful so that I dont look like a crazy hysterical young girl, but the Officers, ever obliging, answered all of her questions, in detail. They never glanced at me and ignored me as if I were not there (except the snide one, he kept his eyes on me).

My Lovely M was so lovely and called her United Stater Husband to help us out. He is Lovely too and helped us out a lot. After much distress and bother we decide that it's best for me to just return to Canada.

M went in to help another of our party fill out their papers, and as they were doing so the officers felt the need to let her know that if I did not turn left (back to Canada) I would be barred from the United States for ten years. this was unsolicited advice, I realized just how amazingly helpful these people are.

As soon as the helpful officers answered M's questions I felt no desire whatsoever to go to the United States. I felt offended, annoyed, disgusted and utterly dejected. I felt so terribly because some of our Party had not been to the United States before and because of me they would not be going now.

Fortunately we were able to sort out a plan where I was safely returned home and the party was able to continue on! No thanks whatsoever to the .. whatever they were.

After such a distressing ordeal I have decided that I do not wish to ever return to that country, not until their government changes, which I can't see happening any time soon.

I Hate being a foreigner.

careful what you ask for

I have a friend who thinks she could take on the world and handle every hardship. She is a Ninny. She reminds me of the Little Princes rose.

Once upon a time said friend asked me to critique a piece of fiction found on the internet, and so I did. I wasn't very impressed and voiced all of my opinions. I noticed said friend was reacting a bit wierdly and getting a bit defensive. Before she told me, I realised what she had done. She had written it herself and told me someone else had done it. I was displeased because it implied she didnt trust me enough to be honest had I known it were hers. I would have been, but it would have been toned down a lot because she is so fragile.

I wish people were more like me, and didnt ask questions they didnt want answers to, but then I guess the world would be a little less interesting, and people wouldnt be able to take as much offense.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dalmatian E.R.

I am really good at overreacting, it's a favourite pastime of mine, but I am also very good at reacting.

Another pastime of Late is reading Lemony Snickets series of unfortunate events. Interesting Read for sure.

I just finished the Grim Grotto and I really liked something one of the villainous villains said

  "People aren't either wicked or noble," the hook-handed man said. "They're like chef's salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict"

the books are such a twisty intriguing turn of events, very curious to see what happens, and if they will ever answer the mysteries that hey keep unfolding.

I really like this song right now

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

hmmm. I have decided the key to success is Humility. If you are able to see that you are not perfect, then you are more able to move ever closer to it. On the other hand, if you think you are the best and no need to improve, you are stagnant. You cannot progress because you don't believe it is possible. booo for you.

why did franco abandon caeser.. humans are too cruel. ToT

speaking of cruel.. I like this song ^_^

Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 30: something that makes you sad

The Beginning of the end. The second to last institute class for the Book of Mormon, we were discussing the end of the Nephites. It is just so sad, their fall from grace. It is so easy to fall away, one has to be careful to teach your children, by word and deed (and, you know, endure to the end yourself).

I Loved all the classes, they were so spiritual and it was just so uplifting and edifying, but this class, it was amazing. The teacher had us draw the parallels between all the previous wars, falling away, pride cycles, it was all the same, stuff that happened throughout the Book of Mormon, so what was different this time? why were they completely eradicated this time?

I'll tell you what the teacher helped us see. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but he asked us to read specific verses and tell him if we read anything that was familiar. It was all just the vicious cycle of pride, but there was something that was a little bit different this time. This time the people were not humbled, they did not turn to the Lord, this time their hearts became harder every step of the way.

So the Lamanites attack them and they win for a little while, the Lamanites attack again, sore battles, everyone loses many people. They choose great leaders(strong looking guys who were blessed and favoured of the Lord [thats not why they chose them, they chose them because they looked strong]), fortify their cities, gather their people in and prepare to live under siege for .. 3 years? Mormon rallies them to fight for their Freedom, Home and Family, and then the last stand, they gather at the hill Cumorah, they gather to higher ground to give themselves the upper hand.

The Nephites did all the right things (in a worldly sense), they did all the things that were tried and true, the things that their ancestors did in order to withstand the Lamanites, but they were missing one VERY crucial thing: faith.

The teacher brought it all back around to (in my head anyways) Elder Hallstroms (of the Presidency of the Seventy) Saturday morning session talk titled "Converted to His Gospel through His Church"

To me it was all a matter of, the Nephites were just going through the motions of what they had been taught, there was no faith or obedience in what they were doing.

They had lost their way, their lives were not centered on Christ, they wanted nothing to do with him.

It was such an amazing class, It made me shake my brain a bit to think about how I was living my life. Is the Savior at the Center of my Life? Was I wrongfully interchanging the words Gospel and Church? Was I, Am I just going through the motions?

And so this is something that makes me so sad, the thought of people being lost.... I'll just end with Mormons words,

Mormon 6:17-19

17 aO ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you!
 18 Behold, if ye had not done this, ye would not have fallen. But behold, ye are fallen, and I amourn your loss.
 19 O ye afair sons and daughters, ye fathers and mothers, ye husbands and wives, ye fair ones, how is it that ye could have bfallen!

there is just so much sorrow, and rightfully so, such a Tragedy.

Day 29: Circle

Its not what you think! unless you think its Dr. Pepper in a jar, than yes, yes it is. XD

I Love drinking from Jars, they are just too cool. WOOHOOO!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 28: 1pm

WOOHOOO!!! I went to the temple today, I am so reverent :O

we got there RIGHT at 1pm. I was pleased ^_^

Great day in the house of the Lord.

Day 27: somewhere you went

hehehe I went to there!!! for my birthday mmmmm I had bibimbap!!
 it was delicious, and hot, in every way XD

when the server brought it out it was crackling because its hot and in stoneware, I almost died of fright ahahah because I was just chatting along and then there were fireworks in my ears XD

it was deliciousoso!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 26: black and white

 I need to clean my room :O and then bake. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! in Australia!! RIGHT NOW!!!


Its also Daesungs birthday!!! in canada!!! so I guess its my birthday in Korea XD

Day 25: looking down

I cross a bridge to get to work, today while I was going home for lunch I looked down.

its dirty.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 24: Something you're grateful for

Open pianos. Without them .. the world would be quieter.

huhu you cant see everybody, but that doesnt mean they arent there!! XD

Day 23: Vegetable

My kind of Vegetable.

Day 22: the last thing you bought

I can't remember the last thing.. so I will say these, bought them last year some time, in Iceland. it was a BARGAIN!! 20 dala or something, probs like 30 or 35 or 25 or something XD but because of inflation only like 5 cents.

I didnt buy the dirty floor, I just left it that way XD

Day 21: Bottle

SO proud of me!! I bought this like... a week ago XD

But Wait!

XD huhuhuhu

Day 20: something you drew

We could all hold hands. and live on a little planet.

I drew this in 3rd grade for an art competition. I won. OH YEAH. and so I got to go to BYU to look around and eat donuts. I think H and M won too.

Fun Times (all my people are different colours..)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 19: Orange

I like Oranges. woop woop!

Day 18: Hair

My new best friend that lete never should have left behind. He is mine now. his name is flóðhestur. Hester for short. I have become freakishly attached to him. freakishly. I feel like a child, its disconcerting how comforting he is to me XD

if he were real he his hair would be very soft!

Day 17: something you don't like


I dont like alcohol, I dont like mean girls, I dont like stupid people who think its cool to be a mean girl, and I DO NOT LIKE SNOW!!! its snowing.. ... T_T

Day 16: Flower

hmmm Its still winter here, so I am posting an oooold picture (from last year XD) Do you know what kind of flower it is? XD

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 15: Sunset

What is the sun? I do not know of this concept in Calgary. SO I decided Nostalgia will be my day 15 XD this is the sun going down on my last flight from Iceland. it was a sad flight. it was a beautiful flight.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 14: how you feel today

Oh Yes. SHUPA!!!! warm and tastey XD with a bit o LotR (TT to be precise)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 13: Something You Found

I found many things today!!

Green Grass!!

a weird alien in my tomatos >:O

THE SUN! it was amazing. warm. hot. it will probably be lost again tomorrow XO

Day 12: stairs


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11: where you ate breakfast

HOHO my breakfast/lunch is still there!! XD

Day 10: cold

waiting for the bus...
waiting for the train...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9: younger you

I have never seen a picture of myself as a baby.

I know I haven't aged a day, but this is actually me 20 years ago! Haven't changed at ALL have I? XD

Day 8: inside your wallet

I am pretty sure I would be died if a mugger told me to give them my wallet, I would be like "NO! HERES ALL MY MONEY!!" and then they would knife me and take my wallet anyways... XD

Day 7: Shadow

can you see the scary monsters that roam the Calgary train tracks??

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 6: Lunch

hohoho Dont worry, its a meal drink!! XD ( I cant remember what its called, but its cheaper than Milo XD)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 5: Tiny

This is my tomato planter!! or Mamma's, she put me in charge of it. When they grow to be 5 inches big I can hang them upsidedown outside!! but for now (I planted them yesterday) they are TINY!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

HAHA just joking!!! BigBang makes me happy, but not to the extent that I would have them as this picture XD


HAHA ok just joking XD

there is a little place below the crab apple tree that is hollowed out. On cold days This hollow is filled with a Hare. The hare makes me very happy, it is so CUTE!! its called "mamma's hare" HAHA great name. Unfortunately Mamma's Hare wasn't in today.. even though its snowing and cold. I took the picture anyways because I had already decided on having this be the picture for today >.<

Day 3: Mail

OOPSIE DOOPSIE!! I was too busy being busy yesterday, so I missed it.. But thats ok, I will do two today XD

Thats our mail box, it ghetto and rusty, but I Like it!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2: Colour


LOLOLOLOL I Only WISH I were there to take a picture :O

ok for reos

HAHAHA okokokok

I actually took this the other day, But I Like its colours!

L is nearly the girl with five colours in her hair XD

but seriously, I love the bigbang Pictures, TOP looks like.. I dont know, makes me think of Willy Wonka XD

I also love the white picture of bigbang. (I got both pictures from Bigbangupdates.com !)

I Love this

Photo a Day!! even if I did miss a day! I didnt! I just didnt think of posting here XD

OHMGOSHIE! Mrs. ME is so much better at this than I am XD

So.. I saw this thing on pinterest (they changed their ToU, but it doesnt take effect until the 6th, but I have decided to have faith in them XD) and I wanted to do it, I have always been jelly of people who do it, they usually never share their sources, But I will!! and its Not too Late!!!!! .... hehehhe

So I am playing this photo a day game! its so fun! I did one yesterday and posted it on my twitter, I was just going to do facebook, but I saw Mrs ME do it on twitter and I had never done anything like that before so I wanted to do it there too XD

So anyways, here is my picture!!! for April 1st: your reflection

This is a reflection of me. I originally wanted to do a picture like Mrs ME, with a picture of something that was a part of me, but I couldn't find a shinee enough frame thing! Sooo instead I took a picture of my reflection with things that make me!!!! Me!!! so I didnt want my reflection to be the focal point, just another picture in the collage that makes me XD I'm not very photogenic so the best pictures werent good enough XD

Anyways.. On to day two!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daesung 날개 ( WINGS )

I really Love this song!! It makes me happy. A lot. it makes me pumped!! woohooo!!! Go Daesung!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sad shinee sad :'(

but this is the cutest saddest letter ever! ♥ Onew!! (shinee) This Letter from Onew (Leader/oldest) to Jonghyun (second oldest)

Reply from Jonghyun(shinee), proves all the things the previous letter was saying.. sad...

Fangirlia ಠ_ಠ

As you all may know I am an acute sufferer (its only painful when they make me wait for things XD) of Fangirlism. MY specific Fangirlia is that of BigBang!! I Love them VERRR MUCH!! because I think they are talented and funny and fun and handsome and cool. So I am going to put links to articles and pictures here for a moment, and then make a fangirl blog later in life XD

BigBang on Naver!

BIGBANG ALIVE Group Concept pictures!! on bigbangupdates

T.O.P. Playlist

G-Dragon Playlist

Taeyang Playlist

Daesung Playlist

Seungri Playlist

All you need to know about BigBang Courtesy of global.mnet.com!

T.O.P.s FUBU commercials ಠ_ಠ

BigBangs March 2012 Vogue shoot was *DREAMY*

Translated "Alive" Lyrics

BigBang Healing Camp

Click if you LOVE BigBang


Edward Burtynsky "Manufactured Landscapes"

I watched a doco called "Manufactured Landscapes", it followed an artist named Edward Burtynsky as he photographed our modern manufactured landscapes. It was very interesting, and disturbing, yet beautiful, the way only humans can be. I recommend watching it, but be warned, you may never want to buy an iron, or recycle, or buy ANYTHING ever again..

The artist website can be found Here


So I recently joined the hordes of people pinning things to their cyber cork boards (maybe it's not so recent...), only to find that Pinterest is an underhanded fellow who covers all their bases, making sure that should anyone sue them for using their work (which they assume rights for as soon as it is pinned to their site), all the blame will go to the pinner, and the pinner will have to Pay for ALL of their legal fees (they being pinterest). Not only that, but pinterest will sue you for pinning something you didnt have rights to.

This just makes me so angry because it screams lazy A-Hole, who rather than doing useful things with their talents, or trying to help mankind/make something useful/fun/interesting for people to use, They lazily take liberties with other peoples work/ideas and then make sure they can sue innocent(I'd allow ignorant too, people, myself included, hardly ever read the fine print..) people (and blame them too), should anyone ever get angry that they saw their work on something they had not part of, and someone was getting paid for it.

Underhanded and disgusting to me, thats what this is. this is all in the terms of Use that everyone ticks in order to join. These things were brought to my attention by this Article. I continued on with This article, and am now disgusted by the laziness of it all. What annoys me even more is that pinterest does not allow for a default pin that is special, of no significance, so there is no way for you to legally pin something without first asking the owners permission, makes it seem like this website just wants easy access to beautiful things and an easy way to get out of trouble for using them.

What annoys me EVEN MORE is the idea that apparently it's not .. right? ethical? morally clean? I am not sure of the right word, but apparently (maybe this is something from the early days..?) pinning your own work/stuff is frowned upon, or something you shouldnt do. That is the greatest BS of all, since your own stuff is the stuff you are most likely to have all legalness of. Its all just so infuriating. So I am going to Delete my pinterest account, delete all the pins one by one, then the boards, then the account. I want no part of an underhanded shady website that shirks as much responsibility as it can onto its users shoulders and adds a bit more. I also hate the idea that if they wanted they could use the things I Love and admire any way they pleased without paying for it, that was never my intention by joining the site. My original intention was what my about me said on the site:

"arms and legs, I like lists, this seems like a nice place to make a nice list. I am always in need of some way to store my internet awesomes, so i hope to make good use of this place."

I Like lists, and the idea of being able to store lists of things I Loved/Liked/thought intriguing in one place on the internet was Wonderful! but I would rather not encourage such despicable behaviour, it is not a nice place at all. It made me come up with the Idea of blogging the things I pinned, instead of boards I will make special, specific blogs, and since I read in the article that you can use things without permission in certain ways without breaking copyright laws, that it should be okay. Now I guess I will have to go read the Terms of Use for blogspot... poo.

This in no way effects my opinion of people who use pinterest, (I might think they are a bit more daring than myself (>_<) ) I think no less of anyone for using it. I just dont feel comfortable with the idea of helping poo heads steal things, especially from things I Love.

On a weird/funny note, the other day I was totally Brawling with L (M asked what the hack was going on because it sounded like an earthquake/hurricane/burgler was breaking the house) because she was downloading a song by my FAVOURITE artist, and I had specifically told her I would not have her downloading it and that she would have to buy it if we are to be in the presence of each other, so we physically brawled. It was the most fun I'd had since I was a kid!! it was so fun, but it made me wonder if humans naturally have some sort of (..ok just me) desire for confrontation, in whatever way shape or form, I like physically fighting (apparently, but I am totally disgusted by boxing and any sort of fighting "sport", or barbarism), but it was just so weird to me, I cant stomach watching a fight, but I enjoy being in one.. I think it was more what I was fighting for, I Like fighting if it is defending something I find worth while. huhuhuh I explain away my disturbing traits.. *_*

Peace Out Homes! Sorry for the rant, but I am just so displeased with pinterest right now.

So over the next few days I will be deleting my pins and boards and account. This has been my review of pinterest.

Toodles for Noodles!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

길 래 bing it. I dare ya!!

That's my new favourite word!! kekeke i hope it's not swearing XD

WATCH ITT!!! I Love it. L says she loves it because it's not their style, in the BigBang Sense, But It IS!! they are always Fresh and new and AWESOME!!!

So I Really love this song and video because the song is about how they are a bad boy, and just a Jerk, and how they love the girl, but they are a jerk, so she should just leave them because they are a jerk, and they can't change, but they wish they could, but they are just a jerk so you should leave. Its GREAT! the songs are usually like pathetic girl follow me, but in this video they are like "sorry, dont go!" but the chicks are like "WhatEvs!" I Love it! Self Respect FTW!

I also like the song. Its very nice to my ears


Sunday, February 12, 2012


haha there is a Korean ... singer artist guy named Psy He is 대박!! (AWesOME!)

So anyways, he was on this Korean talk show where two celebrities go on the show and they have a 100 random people watching the show live(via the internets), they are the jury. What the two celebrities do is bring a "case" with them, something they are dissatisfied with. For example on this episode Psy brought the case that he is known as a troublemaker, he said this is wrong and he is just a free spirit trying to fly. The other celebrity on the show is an actor named Kim SooRo, what he brought was that everyone thinks he is dumb/immature because of the role he plays on variety shows (korean variety shows are the bomb digity, famous people go on there and do funny thing XD). SO the celebrities go on this show to clear this matter up. There is a panel of "lawyers" who defend and attack, like in a court room, and in the end only one of the celebrities gets to clear their name. Its a funny show.

So anywhos, Psy talked about how he once said he could make his wife fall for him, and marry him, over the phone. Everyone was mesmerized and wanted to know more. So he talks about his technique, and its all very technical and weird sounding to my western/anti-social ears, but it sounds like it could work. In the end the guy questioning him asks "whats the Success rate?" and Psy answers "100%" Everyone is totally wowed. He then starts to talk about Indians. Amerindians. So he says that when there is a drought Amerindians will Pray for rain, and it will rain, they have a 100% success rate. He said the same applies to his technique. The Key is that the Amerindians keep "praying until it rains", 100% success. "The chances of capturing a girls heart is 100%.. because I have been trying even before I managed to capture her heart. Now, I have such a loving Family" hahaha so cute!

I thought that was a very interesting idea. If you keep at something, eventually it will come. I Like it!

This is a song by Psy, this was his comeback stage after like.. 8 years, He had just joined YG entertainment (BEST EVA!!). He had to redo his mandatory military service because they didn't think he did it properly the first time.. so he served 4 years.. The first song is called "It's Art" and from what I gather it's about singing and dancing and dreams, and achieving them, how it's all an art; it's interspersed with rap verses that I think are about himself, how he was a beast before he met his beauty (SO CUTE!), and stuff. The second song is "In Mt eyes", the third song is called "Right Now". I like his style, he is outrageous! he does parodies of all the popular songs. He gives the best concerts from what I hear. HE is SO COOL. He isn't considered very good looking, and yet he is still SUPER popular. Awesome.

Toot Zeints!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas Eve Day

This is something I did ages back! I don't like to have drafts in my managing blogbox

8/21/11 12:50 AM

Today was a good day. I played with many friends today. I have some super phobias, one heights, and another enclosed spaces, today I played with the latter!

In the Iceland there is a place called heiðmörk, and in that place there is a place called maríuhellir (whatevs on the bending). Once when I was little i went there with people, either church or family, cant quite remember that detail.. but everyone went down into this little cave that was found in a hole in the ground. I didnt go, I was too terrified of the going in the little hole.

Well, since I have been in Iceland I have heard a lot about a game called the cave game, and I have been super excited about doing it. Last time i was here I didnt get a chance to play it, and i was a little disappointed. When I came back it just so happened that an opportunity came up where we could play that¨ !¨"!¨¨!!!

Today we had an activity called Pirates Vs. Ninjas! and it was about who is better. I was the Ninja leader! and I lead my awesome ninjas to victory!! but the last game was the cave game, and I was totally psyched to play! until I tried to go into the tiny hole in the ground.

I didnt go. I tried a couple times, but both times I was near some idiot talking about earthquakes happening while we were down there. The entrance to the cave is awkward and small, so you have to maneuver to get into the cave, but that is the only part, the rest is a slouching walk to the cavern.

After a while of me not being able to do it, and trying to convince myself o do it I finally went down, sorta on my own, there was another wimpy guy who wouldn't go, he was a bit of an airbeder and didnt like to be underground. So he started to go with a little group and then I crawled in after because I was like "NOW OR NEVER!" and it was awesome! and magical! and totally crazy because its something you can only experience, words and pictures are just not enough.

Friday, February 10, 2012

제발 잘 먹고 잘 살

Please eat well and live well, that's what that means (I think its a bit more like DO rather than Please), apparently its something you say to someone you never wish to see again! hahaha isnt it great!? Those Koreans, their language doesn't have bad words, just rude/impoliteness >.< haha I Love it.

So anyways, while I'm here, let me tell you something, completely unrelated, it just happened. L was here a moment ago rolling on the floor laughing, I thought she was laughing because of my reaction to her threatening to cut my big bang pillow that she gave me for christmas-

(I told her to read this article, but she thinks im boring so she doesnt do anything I say, so I told her I would hide her ipad then, since she thinks im boring she doesnt listen to what I say, so she didnt hear that. about an hour later she is walking around looking for something, because I am the awesomest liar/actor I pretended not to know what she was looking for. after a futile while, since i am also an awesome hider, she then asks "have you seen my ipad?" after a few moments silence I burst out with "I TOLD YOU I WOULD HIDE IT!! :O!" and she starts swearing at me in korean, and i am just laughing, then she grabs my pillow and starts to undress it!!! [take the case off] and Im like "I CANT HEAR OR SEE YOU!"!"!" [thats how I dealt with H and L when we were all younger, they tended to not punch me when I did that, and their scary antics(knife/fire wielding) that were empty threats didnt scare me, because with me its the seeing is whats scary, not the actual thing XD]. she leaves the room and I bellow about how I wIll not .. err.. Barter with terrorists!! and how i know her threats arent empty! she just needs to read the article. and then I mumble under my breath about an incident that happened when I was about 14/15. I was reading harry potter when it wasn't my turn, it was M's turn, but i had secretly acquired it before her. When she found out she was outraged. I barricaded myself in my room(it was a sunday.. :O ) so L and M were trying to get into the room, but since I was always freakishly strong[and they were younger/sickly XP] they had no such luck. They finally go quiet and I assume they've given up; I sit in the way of the door just in case, but read on comfortably. A little while later they push the door open and fling pieces of paper into the room, they aren't trying to get in, they are just flinging these crumpled cards at me. At first I scoff at their lame attack, Until I see what it is they are throwing ...
(")(ㅜ_ㅜ)(") they were throwing crumpled cards... from my... monopoly game... (")(ㅜ_ㅜ)(") Have you ever watched an anime[usually a funny one] where one of the characters is totally shot down/belittled/made redundant? and his soul leaves him[it's usually a guy], That was me. It's one of my more distressing memories, its really funny now (I'm not laughing) but I was totally out of my mind. haha I might have freaked out, like i doid, but my soul was gone, so I gave the book(I had like four pages left..) over and cried(without tears) alone as I shouted "LEAVE ME!" and hugged my monopoly to me.. I'm sure I went and winged to mamma some time later when my soul came back.. I am sure I am telling it wrong, but thats how i remember it)

-She kept making movements towards it and I would go "ACHK" but then she just started rolling around on the floor laughing uncontrollable, I was like "Bro, I know I make weird sounds, but it wasn't that funny.." after about 10-15 minutes she finally gets a few words out, and she was laughing about THE INCIDENT OF ENGLAND!!! (thats where it happened) This reaction was like ten minutes after I had mentioned it,(that's how long it took her to realize/recall what i was talking about i guess) and I hadn't thought she heard OR listened so I was like '.. "-_- ' and my soul nearly left me again, but then she began to tell the tale of how it happened!! I was just.. Poor OCD younger melanie... I still don't get it, To my OCD brain it was a really cruel thing to do, I told mum about it a little while ago and she was like "What???" cuz she thought it was mean too! hahaha It's something thats stuck in my memory, It's not like i need to/can get over it, it's not something to get over, its just something that happened, and will stay with me forever HAHAHA I feel so.. crazy.. But I know I am ~_- so its ok right? :D

Anyways, Here is a really great song, by one of my favouritest groups! Epik High! (BigBang is number #1~! Epik High is number #2.9.. i want to say 1.5.. but they all just look wrong, Epik High is like Barely not #1, but BigBang is Completely #1....~.~)

I think one of our purposes in Life is to find our "reason to live", at least mine. Not that I am obsessed or anything, its just the way I feel.

p.s. sorrry if i ruined Bleach kekeke, I sure did for me :O

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Believe in yourself lads, Just believe in yourself!!

A friend posted this video on facebook..

I think its Freakin Hilarious.
I'm pretty sure it's just because of my time in england, and my understanding of certain things, and me having a tendency to Love all things minority like XD, but maybe people who have no idea might not get it.. But I really like it because he doesnt swear (in English..:O ~), and he's super hilarious(maybe too racist...:O ~) but after i watched this video I started on Number one and am on my way to watching the Whole mini webseries!! its also pretty interesting because he always has some Muslim teaching in every video, so its interesting in a learning sense.

So anyways, the 5th video ends with this!! I am not cultured enough to know who said it.. it might be some muslim scripture :O but I think its totally awesome

Life is defined by the choices we make. The good ones we benefit from, and the bad ones we learn from. As a famous man once said, if you had to choose from two evils choose none. And if you had to choose from two goods, choose both. It's choice, not chance that determines your destiny

I think it's Really cool, and wanted to put it somewhere I might chance upon it more often than not.

Some clarifications for the video: Asian in england means middle eastern(usually Pakistani, Indians were called Indians..), Paki is a derogatory term for Pakistani person, like the N Word in North america. Eid is like the muslim christmas (thats what all my friends would tell me anyways..). Amitabh Bachchan is like the King of bollywood, young in the 70's. He's like the Sharukh Khan(OMO!! HE HAS A FACEBOOK!!) of his time. his wife is also an actress, his son is married to Aishwaria Rai (if you don't know who she is...). Pakistani people also watch bollywood, its like tongans and samoans, their cultures are quite similar, so they get each others jokes, or in this case movies, but they hate each other a lots, or rather, ... yeah, you get it.

Any other queries just let me know, I'll answer to the best of my ability!!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

woooo ooooh!

Sometimes I forget that I speak/understand a foreign language. hohohoho It certainly is foreign! ahhaha

So I figured I should post something, because it was a goal at first, but now its an OCD thing, to post at least once a month!! and January is nearly over, SO I BETTER GET TO IT!!!

So my M (hahahah I really love this, using a letter instead of a name or somehthing hahaha) handed me a stack of papers and was like "this is yours, and since you are old you can have it" (thats not what she actually said, but I see the world differently, and people don´t understand that a lot of the time, so when I say weird things like that they feel the need to comfort/reassure me, as if what I said/how I understood things is bad/wrong, when its not, my brain just works differently, I don't think being old/aging is a bad thing, I want to grow old and get gray hair and wrinkles, I think they should be worn with pride, time isn't something to regret, Waste is!!)

so I was like "booooriinngg" because I thought it was this old boring stack of boring papers that i look at every time i get anywhere near my things. After a couple days I finally go through the papers and find out that they are things from when i was in Kindergarten! hahahahah so awesome, I am as vain as the next kid so I really enjoyed it!

I just wanted to share this thing with you guys, Its totally awesome.. Or Disturbing..

hahah so anyways, apparently November 16-21 1998 was National Childrens book week, I was nine. For school I guess they had the children write stories in book looking thingers, so here is my story, prepare yourself!!

The Story of the old wooden house
Author Melanie Toutai

(page one)
Once upon a time long
long ago there was a man
named eddie. He went for
a drive and he got lost on a
dirt road. He saw an old wooden
house. He went to go knock on the
door. He saw a ghost coming at him.
He ran to his car, but it would
not start. He kept on trying
and trying, but it just would not
start. then two people heard
his screams. But they were too
late eddie was dead. the two peoples
names were Rabeka and Todd.
They went inside and saw something
they had never seen before. they
ran out of the house as fast as
they could. they ran back to the
and went to sleep. The next
morning they thought it
was a dream, but it was not
a dream they saw policemen
sorrounding the old wooden house.

(page two)
They asked the policemen what
they were doing there. The
policeman answered there
was a murder here last night,
would you happen to know
anything about that? It
looks like he comitted suicide.
But Rabeka and Todd knew
what had happened that
night Eddie did not commit
commit suicide it was the
ghost. Todd and Rabeka did not
say anything to the police for
they were afraid that the
ghost of the old wooden house
would after them. So they
did not say any thing to the
police. They lived there for
many years to come trying
to forget that night of
Eddie and the ghost and
the old wooden house.

HAHAHAHA OMO, I was kinda scared after I read this, worried about the mental health of the writer of the story, then I remembered it was me and I was like "WEEEEH?" because I dont remember it, I do remember writing a ghost story about a wooden cabin, and a car.. and people... and scary stuff happening, but that was on our awesome windows ninetyold, and I made a picture for it and everything, I had finished the first chapter, but never got around to continuing it, since my co-writers (Messers HMT and FMT, maybe even MHT) didn't continue on with me.. hohoho

So Anyways That was really interesting for me, I read over a lot of my teacher reports and self school journal things and apparently I liked to write, and draw, and read books, I dont remember that. lete says i was ocd at a young age since i coloured within the lines.. but it would be ugly otherwise, i was very careful not to go outside the lines.

hahaha Happy 2012 World, Next year is my year!! I will be turning an Awesome age as well!! I like the number 24, not so much 23, I don´t really like the number 3. hohoh

Toodles For NoodleS!