Friday, December 26, 2008

Mr. Gecko, You have Friends!

So There's a Mr. Gecko living on our screen door, and he always falls off at night to scare the crap out of wuss faces such as myself [HAHA I ent ashamed! by the by, if its found in these square brackets, its an aside of mine, HarHarHar commenting on my own thoughts]. So I was noticing the door was gaping open [it was about 12 am] and decided to go and see if my daddy was still out there, because I didn't hear a car leave, but I didn't think I noticed him come inside, and as I walk out Mr. Gecko drops at my feet and scares me, then I see three other gecko's climbing up the wall; Mr. Gecko Has Friends!

So today I went to the movies ALL DAY!!!! it was rather fun and exciting [minus the exciting, except for the rushing to get good seats, Mowing people down is one of the few things i live for (JUST KIDDING~!)] So We [the three youngest children] were to go to the movies at 9 a.m. ish, but at 8:30 a.m. ish [my alarm time for Every single day of the week, Ya!] I wanted to sleep an hour or two more, it was after all a holiday, and I hate to wake up early when I don't have to work hahaha. At 10 a.m. ish Toni Rocks up [our little homie G] and we all take about an hour to get ready, So we catch the 12.25 p.m. "The Day The Earth Stood Still" in cinema number FIVE[the largest screen in all of QLD]. After that movie we catch the 2.30[ish] p.m. Bedtime stories in Number FIVE AGAIn! our lucky day. The movie theatre has a free parking for patrons if you see a movie, but that is only valid for four hours, so I asked if it would be alright to watch the two movie and be good, the chick said ya sure but LEAVE STRAIGHT AWAY! so I go BOOya! and we watch that movie. Not wanting to push my luck I go validate my parking and park my car in another place across the road, [fideen dola fo 0-4 hour] Henry being my padna, and Lete and Toni getting the tickets.

Let me back track-

When bedtime stories finished me and Toni were quickly running out the seats and down the stairs to get out and validate the parking and get more movie tickets, with Lete close behind, but Henry being the weirdie he is goes out The other Way [we sat in the middle] and Up the Stairs to exit the cinema. Lete, Toni and Myself all comment on the weirdies behaviour and continue, not noticing that Lete walked back to get [or maybe she was just joining] the Weirdie, when we notice we wait a few moments and then think GEEZA LOU! what a hay! then we walk out and stand in line to validate parking so we can move car! We [Toni and I] see the two weirdies at the top of the stairs waiving frantically like crazy loons, so we start waiving like crazy loons back, telling them to get their hurry on butts down there! to get tickets! and then I notice what they are crazy Waiving, ITS THE MOVIE! Twilight was showing at 5 pm in a random little salur(isk) and there were only a FEW TICKETS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!! so I start frantiking even more for them to hurry, I give Toni my wallet and send her over to Lete and Henry, and wave for Henry to hurry to me so we can move the car!!!!! so I run out with Henry [parking validation complete] hoping Lete and Toni gets tha tickets! and I drive out with Henry, I then do a lap around the block just to make sure they got tickets, but I see [on a sign at the parking that is located across the street] that Twilight is SOLD OUT! so as I drive by the theatre again I see Lete and Toni crossing the road. Fearing the worst I slow and say You got tickets!? and they reply ya! and we all celebrate.

on track~!

I then park my car and me and Henry run back to the movies! we run up the steps and to the salur(isk) and jump in some seats near the front [but its okay because its a small screen so not really any difference where you sit in the Theatre]. We then relax to enjoy Twilight for the third time [shameful I know, but I gats ta make the dough to watch it hmmm??]. What a larverly day! I liked all the movies, Jasper the most [MAHAHAHAH] but Emmett is Super too!

So the Point, After watching The Day the Earth Stood Still I realized something, the Human Race is like Kath and Heathcliffe [I think thats they names, and I know nothing of the book, haven't read it yet, still looking for it after the move hahaha, but My knowledge is from Twilight, *BOOYAH!* I'll read it and be more accurate later. now, I be recklEsS] It is poo poo and disgusting, and should DIE, and not Be at all. But, It has another side to it [that's from the day the earth stood still, not Wuthering Heights]. Its only [imo] Redeeming Quality is Love [like Bella Saysd about the revolting couple], a Very heavy price, but it is completely worth it. All the Ugliness of mankind is washed away by its capacity [though sometimes very minute, But Who are we to Judge? Not a one at all] to Love. Even the evilest [to our thoughts and minds] of evil people can love, and I'm sure Do. Different lives, different people, we know nothing but presume we do. When we judge others, [most of us cant help it, its an automatic thing the mind does to handle the amount of information that it is receiving on a daily basis{stereotyping- to hard to remember every little thing about all the people you meet in your life, so you label them a put them into a box in your brain, Lazy? (learned that during my psychology stint, *BOOyAH!*)}] we are assuming the role of a knowledgeable being, and more often than not, We are not one.

This is Usually what all my favourite movies are about, They show how corrupt and debased the human race is, but then some one or thing shows the littlest bit of love (makes a huge-o sacrifice of some huge-o sort) and saves the erethang. The corrupt and debased is still there, but so too is the [seemingly sometimes wasted] Love and Sacrifice of the one [sometimes more] person. Lovely, gives my heart hope to think that there are other people in this world [aside from my family] who can imagine such things, Decency, love, humanity

One Day

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'll never Understand

In the extensive time I've spent in This world (an arduous 19 summers and 8 moons) I have seen very little of humanity, but I have known much of it. I've circled the globe numerous times (that numer being one); Tasted many lands and cultures (most being to the dislike of my tongue) and seen many ways of life. All that I have seen and heard (which could be seen as very much by most, but very little by a few) is both fascinating and intriguing, as well as disturbing and confusing. The Truth? Nobody knows, and they won't for a very long long time. Did you know that in this day and Age, the very 21st century "liberal" world that we live in, Racism is still very prominent? Everywhere. I can't grasp this at all, it simply does not compute, If I were a piece of machinery I would melt in the attempt of trying to .. grasp the... idea of it, it simply doesn't make any sense to a brain that functions on any sort of anything (obviously that's not true considering that there are brains everywhere that somehow rationalize and justify this idiotic idea)! The sad thing is I am not talking about the KKK and other such obvious baddies, I am talking about your every day man and woman, the randoms you pass in the street, the people you greet in the morning as you pass, that one woman that sits next to you on the bus everyday, that guy who is always walking his dog in the park. Sometimes Its ever so subtle, but its always there. It makes me very sad, but when I see it in action It enrages me, especially when it is a friend who is the victim. Racism is such a touchy issue with me, which is very strange considering I've only ever experienced it once, maybe its because I see it all the time and the injustice is just too much for my fragile temper (hehe).

Obviously I am a very dramatic creature, so I try to only see the bad in people (this is just my dramatics getting out of hand, the truth is I cant help but assume all are good, and even when they do me wrong and bad I still can't admit they are bad, a bit like Jane Bennett, minus a lot of the goodness and silly stupidity.. so not like her.. HarHar). I wonder, maybe I am a hypocrite, maybe i am a hardcore racist, maybe i am the one with the closed mind that refuses to see anything of logic and sense(this reminds me of the saying "I am not a racist, I hate Everyone Equally")

I wonder, If my parents were not two very diverse cultures(but were indeed the same), and I had not been raised around the world, and had had a neighbor that was my best friend who I attended all the same schools with and one day our grandchildren got married, Would I be the small minded Racist that some weirdo who had been raised around the world with very different backgrounds from the very different parents was complaining about? Am I only so outraged by the idea because I don't fit into it? I shudder at the thought, but cannot defend myself. That makes me sad, the idea that the only reason it disgusts me is because I cant be apart of it, I do indeed wonder; I cant bring myself to say that "I'm glad I had this upbringing because now I am not like that", I feel that If I were to say that then It would be admitting that it is the only reason, and that thought makes me incredibly sad. But I am very glad that I am not like that, and I am very appreciative and thankful for my little life on this little planet, so many things I've seen, I used to be a rarity(along with my six siblings), but now it seems quite common to meet a fellow nomad yet to find their home.

One Day

A pot hole in the Rain

Hello My Dear Friends,

Have you ever seen a pot hole in the rain? I have never particularly noticed, not before its too late and I go Bump! haha that is a very funny experience. Pot holes are things you generaly avoid, because you know (or think you know) that it will be a rough bumpy if you go through it, and an unpleasant experience(I'm sure it can damage your car somewhat as well if its a big one haha). A pot hole in the day time you can usualy see how deep it is and judge wether or not you need to avoid it, sometimes your judgement is off and you go through with a thunk and a "CraP!" While other times when you fail at avoiding one you think will go thunk, and brace yourself for a "CraP!", you are pleasantly surprised that it was nothing at all. I, my dear friends, am like a pot hole in the rain. Not many people see me, and sometimes go right through me without ever noticing, while other times they go Thunk and have an unpleasant experience. But for those who do notice pot holes in the rain, they quickly make a judgement on wether or not to drive through the pot hole or avoid it. The smart ones avoid it because the rain makes it impossible to know how deep it is; The Other Ones dont care and go through it, sometimes pleasantly surprised that it wasnt a pot hole at all and other times Curse their stupidity. But, are the "smart ones" Actualy being smart by avoiding the unknown depth hole? If, say, the pot hole is found on a road up a mountain with a wall on one side and a cliff down the other, would it be wise to avoid the pot hole? And if its a busy narrow road? There are still some idiots who would Swerve onto the other side of the road just to avoid the unknown, but I say Brace yourself for a bumpy and go for It! you might be pleasantly surprised, or completely justified in your assumptions, the thing is you wont know until you have, and you'll never know unless you do

hmmm my hands arent good enough?

just a thought


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shocking Really

I am so full of Rage right now, its quite shocking. Nothing is doing what I want it to, that's very impatient of me, and bratty, but what can I say? I have a terrible temper. I'm so angry my throat has that angry feeling where I cant talk because I'm so angry. The Internet explorer is about to screw up and the computer is retarded. This is the second day of my angry rage, I don't know why I am so full of rage, I cant pin point the cause, which is strange. I guess it might be something to do with my very tiredness on Saturday that resulted in the loss of my licence and swipe card, and for the life of me i cant find them, that frustrates me so, dangerous anger. I'm so angry I could Swear, the silly ones like damn bastard hell hehe, still angry. I wish people would be more helpful. I'm so angry, and its dangerous because its a rational kind of anger, meaning I can be Really evil and level headed at the same time, the ultimate evil . Well Maliana informed me (through various means haha) Of a KOREAN ARTist! he plays awesome piano's I'm going to ask all my Korean friends if they know of him, that would be cool if they did, I am going to buy his CD, its the awesome Bella's Should be lullaby, they should have asked him to make one haha, that would have been super awesome, Bella's lullaby really sucked, unbelievably so, I was very disappointed, but more unbelieving disbelief, it was so shocking how it sucked so bad, it was supposed to sound impossibly complicated and such, it sounds like you could play the Whole song with one hand, but anyway. So I am full of rage and now must go to work, the rage is slightly dulled into an emotionless flat, a dull unfeeling feeling, need to buy some of that music

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where do I begin?

I love this remix of the song and could have sworn it had a weird video that went with it, some cartoonish cgi ish characters walking down steps, but I could be delusional? I want this song, but cant find it! I will have to look harder! YE!

I fell across this song as I was looking for classical musics for my ears, I had no idea that Beethoven made a song called love song and that everyone uses it... Maybe i am totally off the mark with this connecting of dots that i made, or maybe i am totally showing some REALLY blond roots here, but I'm not really care, as long as someone corrects me! Another song that i was reminded of as i searched for random things like i was doing that i love is Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang, its unbelivably awesome. Anywho time for sleeps!

HAH tricked ya with the thinger dint I?!?!


p.s. I JUST FOUND IT!!! I AM SOO HAPPPYYYYY (hahaha Get Smart I love that movie, its so cool, and funny, and not like the show, even though it was an awesome show i wouldnt have liked it much if it were completley like the movie, and its got ... The Rock, he is so cool, I can never remember if his name is wayne or dwight HAHAHAH I think its wayne though, I like his acting!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

watching Eragon

Melanie And Henry at the Beach
Now! with Marshy commentary!
(she gets distracted huh?? HJAHAHAHA)

WE WENT TO ThE BEACH TODAY! we only went because its my week off and i wanted to go to the beach, so I said lets go to the beach, then lete invited our little hombre Toni, so it was me lete henry and toni! we drove to the gold coast then found a random beach. We only went because we thought it would be raining and so no people, but the sky was BLUE as! with no clouds anywhere! so we went anyway and weren't cold, but there were some people there. Then me and henry went to the Water to see what was the haps there and this is what lete did, I mean she recorded our adventure to the water, but she only came like a HALF HOUR later, what a slow mofo hey?? hahah i like the simultanious Jumping, Well thats all for now, I am off to .. watch Eragon!!1 YEH!