Monday, June 27, 2011

Life isnt all that tough, we just have to make the most of what little we do have

This is a song G-Dragon made for VIP's!!! (VIP's is what Big Bang fans are called)a couple years after their Debut, it was a special secret surprise, and played during the credits on their concert DVD hahaha AWesome! makes me happy, as most all things Big Bang do!!

I was super diligent this morning. I cleaned. Intense.

I can't help but feel that Iceland makes outrageous demands on me. Bloody Country. When I was here last time a similar thing happened, something that has nothing to do with me is all of the sudden my responsibility. Bloody Country. Its all about timing and associations. If I didnt associate with these people they would not feel so at ease demanding stupid things that have nothing to do with me of me.... Maybe I'm to doormaty. Stupid people. They dont know me, they dont know me, so shut up them so shut them ahahahha

Anyways, Its always good preparation for the future, JUST KNOW WOMAN, I WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN!

I dont think the internet is any place for details. cleaning. Ok Ima explain since I dont want no misunderstandings ahhahahaah so the landlady came and was like "oh what needs fixing" as if she doesnt know (the real tenants have been asking her to fix things for over a Year now), and so I show her and shes like "oh ok, well when is best for you to do all the fixing" and so I explain that the older girls are flying away today, and the younger girls are at preschool from morning til 4 so she says "oh lets do it on monday then, we'll fix this and that and that, and we'll take pictures because im selling the place, so can you clean up a little? i know there are little children but people really do judge places by their pictures" rrrrrrrrrrrrr there were toys all over cuz thats what children do, and living marks everywhere, so i was like fair enough lady *strangling motions*Nah Jokes! hahaha

So I cleaned during all my free time, since there was a wedding reception to be attended on saturday. the woman really annoyed me, she seemed too condescending for my liking. What annoyed me was that she asked what I do all day, and if I was working and if I was bettys sister or the girls cousin. I was like Woman, what the heck does that concern you? you mofo. YEAH EYÞÓR, THATS RIGHT! thats how much I didnt like the woman.

she also requested that the toilet be emptied of its water since it leaks and shes going to fix it and would like for it to be dry. so im like ok. I do it all cuz Im awesome, BUT SHE HASNT EVEN SHOWED, its three o clock and the girls are picked up at 4. hmmm lady, If you dont come today, TO BAD FOR YOU, bastana.

ok so that was a rant..

YG 282,426,610

Big Bang 99,849,842

Those are their Youtube channel upload views!!! AWESOME RIGHT?!? hehe makes me chuckle!

im going to go listen to some big bang to make me happy! aahahahahah korean times is going fun! I am going to have a class with maliana tomorrow!! wahoo! and uhm.......... i better go eat food since im feeling faint hahahaah toolooo sorry doooo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Darling, Dearest, Dead

Great Song!! I was watching a Cinderella story and this song started playing and I was like "Great Song! Weird Movie....." and so I went to find the song on youtube, and didnt find any videos i liked, so I just got this live one. Then I looked at facebook and lete had posted this weird video that she thinks is daebak, and so I went to see if the people in the video were the psycho ab group (Jokers Ball...?) and saw that one of the more popular articles in this particular Kpop blog was one on Daesung! with over six thousand comments and the news was from that day! My (tied with TOP for first) favourite Big Bang Member!

He was recently in an accident that resulted in a fatality. I am very sad, his life is basically over. Its really sad because he is the one that has to work the hardest! because people think he's ugly, so he has to be funny and happy and talented. I feel very sad for him, because its such a horrible thing to live with.

Im so sad Im so sad. And Everyperson is being stupid about it, the fans are all mleh mleh mleh and the not fans are all "GO KILL YOURSELF!" just kidding, but I am sure thats what the netizens and anti-fans are saying! I just Want him to Not Kill himself, and for him to take a walk and meet two handsome young men, one of them foreign, bringing a message of glad tidings and redemption, and that he can find peace and happiness.


in other news, I am learning Korean! online, its totally awesome. I hope daesung comes to Iceland for some rejuvenisation, and I can help him feel better. Poor Kid. Sure I think the family of the victim is sympathy worthy, but I don't know how I would feel in their situation, and I have a hard time sympathizing situations I can't comprehend. I'm a Robot.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I had a dream that we were on an Adventure, finding our way back to the ones we love, who were waiting for us

Gosh, this is really sad. Poor Korea, I wonder if it will ever be united, That would be pretty Awesome.

Just Felt Like Sharing!

have a nice Day!

p.s. the title is what I wrote when I woke up one morning, I had had an awesome dream and we were on an Adventure, finding our way back to the ones we love, who were waiting for us. It was pretty awesome

Monday, June 20, 2011

Skating and Sinning no Doubt

Iceland is so Depressing! haha no its not, I jsut dont have good experiences with it hahaha but maybe thats just because I am picky and have expectations that are always too high.

people are so weird, whenever I introduce a new friend they always ask how i know them haha so strange!

On to other random things, Why is the human body so fragile?? I dropped something on my foot the other day and I was like "ow ow ow it hurts", but then I got over it, but hten yesterday I was looking at my toe and noticed that it was all HUGE AND BLACK LIKE?!?!??!? not really, but it was bruised under the nail, and looks like its gonna fall off or something, its a bit sensitive but only when I press on it haha. But then on saturday I was cutting cheese slices with a grater (four sides, one makes sandwich slice types) and went "*Slice* there goes my skin, oops" it was gross, my right index on the second knuckle.. or is it first... Anyways, it bled a lot, and then now its infected like and swollen like and bending my finger the wrong way! (ok, so my finger was probably bending before this happened.. keke)

and then the frailness of the balancing, if you are not well mentally you will probably start showing physical symptoms.. such a frail frail thing! kids are smart, throw your body around while you can! hahaha

so anyways, in keeping with the randomness, here is the end of a movie I watched the other day (its graphic, the woman gets hit by a car in the beginning of this video, that is the end..) I thought the end was really awesome.

Its a tragromcom as all korean romcoms are. Its like Last holiday(this ones from 2004 thank you very much), except he doesnt go on a holiday, he just spends his time wondering what he should do with his time... hahaha but in the trailer it talks about a stalker and... yeah. Anyways the movie is called "someone special" because thats her aspiration.

Anywhos I thought the end was kinda really poignant, because he finally realised what he wanted to do with his last moments (be happy with this new found love than die happy, having found love, because he spent his whole life thinking he was in love with the person(different relationships) and then they said "this isnt working" so he always thought after that that it wasnt love, but infatuation and that he was always just deluding himself (I Agree with this ideology))

So he was doing that, throwing his career away to do something for the person he loved. Then the doctor called and said "... uhm, you just pick your nose too much". and so he rages and goes crazy at the doctor and the hospital (totally awesome how it doesnt go aww i am so happy and can live on forever now") and then goes.. soju-ing (as they always do kekeke) and then this scene happens.

This womans been a part of the movie the whole time, but not really, shes a character thats been there from early on, but she isnt a part of the story,, So She murdered the guy she "loved" and said she was going to kill herself too, but the police were looking for her for murder.

He was raging about how he had planned it all, fell in love, threw his career away and then was now ready to die, but the doctor was wrong. and then this end happens, he meets the chick who had the same plan as him, love and die... sort of I guess.. but its really great.

hahaha I really like it! I love the way Korean movies do things, Hallyuwood(I may have just made that up right now) is as outrageous with storylines and drama as Bollywood is with singing and dancing at random times, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

so to make it nicer, He realizes that just because things didnt go the way he had wanted them to, or planned them to, Doesnt mean its crappy, but in fact, it is a lot better than he had planned, because now he gets to live and be happy with the one he loves rather than die happy... uhm... yeah...

cool movies heheh


This is just so I dont forget this............ Uhm.... Name HAHAHA its the Italian form of John! Giovanni, its so flippin cool, its unbelievable~! hehe I like names, especialy in different languages, like Tongan and Icelandic Like Tomasi, Lisiate, Sione (works in both, but hte icelandic is sjonni)

originally done 1/3/09. 4:23 PM WOW AGES AGO!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~~Misterí Misterí ~~

woowooowoo! I haven't blogged in a ... I'd like to say week, but I don't really know how long. It's been a week (and some days) since I have wanted to post something, But I didn't! because I wanted to surprise Iceland! but. that didnt work, those nosy bums. hahaha jokes. So I am in Iceland! being an emergency nanny! or.. more than a nanny, I am the main care giver! pretty interesting stuff.

Let me tell you a secret. I don't like people. Maybe that's not a secret... But let me tell you another secret! I don't like children. Maybe that isn't a secret either... I don't like animals either. I dont like creatures that require attention, because I am Lazy and selfish, so I don't like the idea of putting effort into others hahaha. Oh what a Devilry I am! but I figure a lot of my life has been Heavenly Father Punishing me for my misdeeds (or thoughts hahah), that's how I enjoy seeing it kekeke.

hahaha I am such a sinner, the previous paragraph makes me laugh a lot. BUT I know that in reality my life is just a bunch of learning experiences, but to people with closed eyes learning experiences are just useless punishments, but I don't want to learn these lessons yet, so I will just continue to ....hahaha

Being here I have come to realize it would ABSOLUTELY suck to be a single mother, and I really feel for all of them, how do they do it?? geee, see I am watching the kids, cleaning the house, cooking and all that house hold stuffs, I am not even working, but I think its hard enough as is! haha Mothers are amazing!

But I don't think it would be hard or unpleasant to do with an other! I figure that is what Heavenly Father is trying to show me. Ya see, I've not particularly had the desire to get married hahaha So I think Heavenly Father is trying to get me to see the awesomeness of it all so that I will have more a desire to do that all, since not having a desire to do something means you probs won't do it hahah

Anywhos, I really Love Korea! it makes me happy haha its inspiring to me! all my weirdness for Korea... But thinking and watching and listening, it makes me want to Do stuff! Korea is like, My Muse! hahahahaha

GEe I bore myself, so sorry.

Anywho I'm going to leave you with Two Songs!!! the first is the first korean song I ever Heard! I didnt know it was korean, at the time I only knew of the countries China and Japan, I had no idea there was a place called Korea, and that Asia was a Huge continent with lots of countries (dude, thats what happens when you move around a lot as a young un, your education get fractured and .. you think you make excuses like this keke)

I'm not going to mention the year... its a bit embarrassing.... Buts its totally awesome! the Artist (sometimes group) is Drunken Tiger, the song 8:45 its a song he wrote for his grandmother, after she died. thats the time she died. This guys real cool!

And then this is a fun song! hahaha the video makes me laugh because all the guys want the chicks that want the guys next to them haha and its a fun song too! I am making these little ones love kpop and stuff kekeke


Melanie in Iceland (again?!!?Æ"Ð''"#PL?ÐÆ'Þ;L=)Ö)/)