Saturday, January 28, 2012

woooo ooooh!

Sometimes I forget that I speak/understand a foreign language. hohohoho It certainly is foreign! ahhaha

So I figured I should post something, because it was a goal at first, but now its an OCD thing, to post at least once a month!! and January is nearly over, SO I BETTER GET TO IT!!!

So my M (hahahah I really love this, using a letter instead of a name or somehthing hahaha) handed me a stack of papers and was like "this is yours, and since you are old you can have it" (thats not what she actually said, but I see the world differently, and people don´t understand that a lot of the time, so when I say weird things like that they feel the need to comfort/reassure me, as if what I said/how I understood things is bad/wrong, when its not, my brain just works differently, I don't think being old/aging is a bad thing, I want to grow old and get gray hair and wrinkles, I think they should be worn with pride, time isn't something to regret, Waste is!!)

so I was like "booooriinngg" because I thought it was this old boring stack of boring papers that i look at every time i get anywhere near my things. After a couple days I finally go through the papers and find out that they are things from when i was in Kindergarten! hahahahah so awesome, I am as vain as the next kid so I really enjoyed it!

I just wanted to share this thing with you guys, Its totally awesome.. Or Disturbing..

hahah so anyways, apparently November 16-21 1998 was National Childrens book week, I was nine. For school I guess they had the children write stories in book looking thingers, so here is my story, prepare yourself!!

The Story of the old wooden house
Author Melanie Toutai

(page one)
Once upon a time long
long ago there was a man
named eddie. He went for
a drive and he got lost on a
dirt road. He saw an old wooden
house. He went to go knock on the
door. He saw a ghost coming at him.
He ran to his car, but it would
not start. He kept on trying
and trying, but it just would not
start. then two people heard
his screams. But they were too
late eddie was dead. the two peoples
names were Rabeka and Todd.
They went inside and saw something
they had never seen before. they
ran out of the house as fast as
they could. they ran back to the
and went to sleep. The next
morning they thought it
was a dream, but it was not
a dream they saw policemen
sorrounding the old wooden house.

(page two)
They asked the policemen what
they were doing there. The
policeman answered there
was a murder here last night,
would you happen to know
anything about that? It
looks like he comitted suicide.
But Rabeka and Todd knew
what had happened that
night Eddie did not commit
commit suicide it was the
ghost. Todd and Rabeka did not
say anything to the police for
they were afraid that the
ghost of the old wooden house
would after them. So they
did not say any thing to the
police. They lived there for
many years to come trying
to forget that night of
Eddie and the ghost and
the old wooden house.

HAHAHAHA OMO, I was kinda scared after I read this, worried about the mental health of the writer of the story, then I remembered it was me and I was like "WEEEEH?" because I dont remember it, I do remember writing a ghost story about a wooden cabin, and a car.. and people... and scary stuff happening, but that was on our awesome windows ninetyold, and I made a picture for it and everything, I had finished the first chapter, but never got around to continuing it, since my co-writers (Messers HMT and FMT, maybe even MHT) didn't continue on with me.. hohoho

So Anyways That was really interesting for me, I read over a lot of my teacher reports and self school journal things and apparently I liked to write, and draw, and read books, I dont remember that. lete says i was ocd at a young age since i coloured within the lines.. but it would be ugly otherwise, i was very careful not to go outside the lines.

hahaha Happy 2012 World, Next year is my year!! I will be turning an Awesome age as well!! I like the number 24, not so much 23, I don´t really like the number 3. hohoh

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