Monday, April 19, 2010

Hallo Hallo!

WOW I just pushed enter and it posted this thing with no words but a title HuahUaHuaHua~!

So I just spent the past (nearly) month in Canadia with the parents and younger siblings, the month before was spent in North Carolina where I had lots of awesome times and drove a lot in a sweet Ride (huahuahua) with Melisa and Tuimana and Victoria and we went to the beach and on the way toured the ... North Carolina? was that what that ship was called? kekeke Well, it was totally awesome

So now the next upcoming month I am planning on going to spend the summer times in the Iceland that is exploding at the moment. I (or maliana rather wuahahaha) bought my ticket to the Iceland for the ...7th? let me double check that huahuahua okay I fly on the 8th to Gatwick and get there at around 630 sunday morning, then fly at around 11 am to iceland arriving around 1 o clock

Well, the volcano erupted again and grounded all the flights that are flying places near there, so I hope Iceland calms down enough to let me fly there, so I can get there HAHA

So I would like some help dear family of mine. for my future occupation/career I would like to help people, I dont really care for the money aspect of it all, I just want to help people.

So I was wondering what sorts of Occupations came to your minds when you think of .... people... help. Do You understand what I just .. tried to ask? heheheahahha

Since I am not sure What I want to do I was thinking of getting a BA in anthropology either in New Zealand, England or Athabasca (a Canadian distance university thing) I figure that is a good stepping stone to.. helping people

Henry was telling me I should go be some sort of reservation(native lands in north america) person, I am not entirely sure what, but something to do with that.

So lets hear some Ideas ! People! hehehe it would be much appreciated by me, since i am not very good with articulation of thoughts and words and sense making, so my brain has this idea but isnt sure what exactly the idea would equate to in the "real" world that is outside of my head.

Let me give you the backstory of my wishes
the main reason i want to help people is because I read an article about suicide in Korea. The Article said that there is an average of 1000 suicides a month, that is about 36 suicides a day. To me that is just too sad, and most likely could have been prevented. Its such a waste, and for someone to be that sad and low in life is just too much for my soul to let be. So I want to help people. Don't get me wrong, I dont particularly want to save the world(and I am not one of those deluded people that wants to go and save the world), I just want to do something useful with my life, something that has the possibility of Helping people, easing the burdens of other. It is the least I can do with all the blessings i have had in my life

one idea that i was being thrown around in my head is working for the church in some way, that would be interesting

anywho here is a nice video that you think you might now, BUT THERE IS A TWIST! wuahaha

and dont forget to tell me what you think of when you hear help people