Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dreams, Goals and Accomplishment

So I just watched this Korean movie called fly daddy fly, I must say I liked it mucho!! Saying that, I also have to admit that it was somewhat lacking(maybe that was just cuz I watched it on YouTube, I think that means I should buy it WuahAhaha!) But I don't really think it was lacking, I am just saying that because henry and lete are Stupid.. OK so it was lacking, The characters were a bit on the shallow side, and needed more depth to them.; the actuality of what happened is vague and is never said outright, so you have to guess what happened and why shes so traumatized. Me being slow and not quick to assume the worst just cuz what my eyes tell me, might not have put the pieces together if the certain uploader hadn't put in their little synopsis.

Anyway I like the movie, but would have loved it if the Guy(and other characters) had more story, its so Mysterious! anywho

The point, while I was watching this movie I decided something. I've figured out what to do with all my boring time (seeing as I am still waiting for a work permit HEEHEE didn't think this through much did I??? haha live and learn, or get stupid) So I am going to be doing Research! and planning, and All sorts of jazz, and I'm going to try and blog about it, treat the blog like a bit of a journal, because goals not written down are just wishes, and wishes Just aren't good enough for Life!

I have a fear of plans and goals and telling people about my plans. I HATe telling people what my plans are and stuff, I think its some sort of Spastic-psycho-retardation that i have acquired in my many travels (its crazier than just the plans and goals, But I digress). I hate telling people because from my experience Plans AlwaYS Fail(or take longer than planned, which is fail in a way); and the plans that we make are insane like "I'm moving to a country that's language is not English" or "I'm moving to another continent" and the like. So I tell people to give them a heads up so they don't cry too much, but with human beings you have to give them a time frame for some reason, they wont accept a simple "I'm moving", they want DETAILS! and so I give them some, and lo and behold they are flawed. After said details have long passed said people see me and go I thought you were moving..? and so I say oh not yet, and then I become self conscious and think they are judging me thinking to themselves "what a lie kid, just trying to sound awesome, what a lie face" I don't know why I think that, maybe its because I take their tone of voice and sceptical eyes to heart?

Anywho because of this I have no self confidence in Anything I do, and so don't tell anyone because I don't like sceptical eyes, and so It just gets worse because like i said a goal not written down is just a wish and wishes don't get accomplished.

SO (I digressed again haha, only slightly though (is that even possible for me?? haha)) As I watched this movie I got inspired and decided that I would Use my time better, and make plans, and fulfill plans, Irregardless of the sceptical eyes. Easier said than done, ESPEcially for me haha But I will Do My BeSt! FiGhting! hahaha that was a little homage to Asian speak hehehehe

..and so the post became too long and it was evident what was to follow


(until next time)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OOPS forgot to put a label title hooohoooohooo

wuhahahell now. Long long dime no see me.

SO lots of things have happened since I last blogged propah! (which is back in the Aus land) and so since that time I have traveled the world and the ... one sea.. Or rather Ocean muaha!

So I will talk about that some other time, all those exciting andventures and what not. Good times, good times! Well RIGHT NOW I am in Calgary Canada living it up canadian styles HAha.

SO... uh... I forgot what I was gonna do. MY BAD! hahaha its completely gone from my head... just -bloop- DELETED ... OH I remember now The Pride Cycle~!

Well I'm sure we are all aquanted with the Pride cycle: The Lord makes us to prosper and then we become prosperous and then prideful and then we are humbled and go back to the Lord and be righteous righteous and the prosperous and then the cycle continues!

well you see, I am the opposite. I'm basicaly a sin kid. When Life is good and full of amazing things I am righteous and greatful and righteous and all the good things. But when life loses its lustre and becomes a time when normal righteous people turn to the Lord, I don't, I turn away, or maybe I just dont move; Yeah thats it, not turn away but just stand still; in a dazed confusion wondering whats going on and how it all happened. Maybe that isnt the opposite to normal people but actualy the norm hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Sunday was Supa kood, As you all may have had the lesson in RS was on charity and service and what not. EXactly waht I needed, fascinating how that works huh? ahh, I am 20 Years old, Time to move outtttt hehehehahahahahohohoho

Well you see "normal" people have no right to Judge Me!!! for still living at home with my parents, because If I had moved out at the social norm ages like 17-19 then I would have been left behind, and all alone without a friend in the world. Not really, I would have had friends but no family, and then If I got married there(australia is where I was during those ages) my children would think they didnt have aunts and uncles or cousins or grandparents they would just have a mamma and thats the end of those relatives. And I would never see my family again because when you get married and what not, thats the end of Air travel!! from aus anyways because them tickets be expensive. Well Ok, I am going to go now and go to sleep


MoBo To the RESCUE!!!!