Saturday, October 23, 2010

Im Are Special!

Today, I went out to near where the presidant of Iceland lives, its a much nicer looking white house. But I went out to help a Friend of Sylvía's round up her horses, so I went að Smala Hestum.. or something ahhaha herding horses hahah Icelandic horses, I kept laughing because they run so funny hahahah and the missionaries came to do some service, it was Great! and there was a dog that kpet growling at the horses, must have been a herder dog.

So after the horse smaling, the owner of the horses was so pleased with our help (because usually there are only these three older farmer guys that herd all the horses, which are like 12) that she took us out to Pizza! we all got half a large pizza at Eld Smiðjan, apparently the best Pizza in Iceland, I think its only in Reykjavík though, because Pizzan of Hafnarfjörður is ten billion times better!!!!!!

But anywho the smaling was super fun! we all arrived on the scene and then we split up into two groups, one to herd the horses out of their fenced area and one to lead them into the pen. All the females were in the herding group, so we were all running through an Icelandic horse field (paddock?).

There is a reason why the Icelandic horses run so retardedly, and look so funny. þúfur.

I dont know what they are called in English, or even if there is a word for them. hahahah Iceland is the only place I have seen them, then again I havent seen much of the world. Okay, so I just googled it and some smarty pants english speaker said they are called Tussock or... tuft. But no way! anywho, so we were running along these things hoping not to fall between (some people did, and then lost their shoes hahahaha) trying to HUA! the horses in the right direction. and then sometimes there were suprise puddles that were little rivlets because we were right near the ocean haha

So we chased them onto the road that led to the little stable. The Missionaries and the farmers were there to lead the horses into the pen it was so fun to do and watch! hahaha! then the farmers took off horse shoes and clipped their hoofs? interesting stuff, and the one i liked straight away was the one that was a stubourn mofo. JOKES! but the lady who needed our help owned two of the horses and was moving them to a different stable for obedience lessons, and she told us that one of them was a stubbourn silly that likes to show off and the other was a scaredy horse hahaha but as soon as I got to the pen I saw a grey one and it was very lovely! and so it was my favourite, but it turned out it was the stubourn show off and the missionaries said before it went in the pen it did a little walk around the yard and some hind leg standing hahaha it was a mean horse, it kicked and bit the others, it was like it was the leader haha and I spotted the other one straight away because it kept all of the sudden jumping and running away ahhaha

Anywho after that we went to pizza without the missionaries because they are busy fellows. people stayed and chatted for a Long time, and they talked a lot of political blabla, about how Iceland shold be more independant. I think they should do more than talking and protesting.

Anywho after that the day was all but gone, and I was so tired, so I got out my knitting and did a few circles (im knitting vettlingar, this is the third time I've restarted them ahahah) but I was so tired I put them down and took a nap hahaha then I woke and did this Wooha! I'm a Real Icelandic Cowboy now! I dont have a camera so I dont have any pictures. blem blem blem, I will never have a camera again, my last one died of unknown causes, and its not something I am really bothered about.

The northern lights are out and its wonderful! Christmas lights and Music, northern lights and Snow! THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! unless everyone is a douche, than it wont be awesome at all. but I will do as Captain Picard and "Make it So!" hahahahah well

enough of my blathering for now, TOODLES FOR NOODLES!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday was Looking Up! and then I fell over

hahaha its too crazy, just moments ago I was starting to jafna mig, and everything was becoming ok! and then I checked my email and the world was placed on my shoulders again. seriously, I hate life...

nah jokes ahahaha its just odd how i was only just recovering from all the ... how am i supposed to do this? its so hard. what the Heck, gosh. rawr.

im probably gonna be a big fat emo for the rest of my stay in iceland, especially since its winter, and cold. but i see the northern lights. They are wonderful to watch. One day I am gonna buy a snow suit and lay outside in the snow (it hasnt snowed yet) and just watch the lights in the sky move.

well, Im off to have some nightmares, goodbye.

hahahaha jokes hahaha but really, my dreams are all nightmares lately, only in the sense that they make me not happy when i wake up hahahaha


Saturday, October 16, 2010

When life Gives you Lemons, Cut them up and Throw them at lifes Eye.

SOOOOO lately I have been letting the devil Trick Me!!! into feeling overwhelmed!! I've been nearly falling over with thoughts of heavy burdens, and too much responsibility, but during brief moments of Clarity I see that the burdens are Light! and that Everything is possible, and I just need to be patient and have faith.

ugh, im such a silly goose sometimes. I think I have aquired depression, or maybe I have had it all along but it was slightly dorment because of The Awesome Support Systems (a.k.a. Family) I have had throughout my life, but now that they have all visibly to my human eyes diaspeared, the once dorment depression Creeps out every now and again. Thats another thing I am being tricked with! I let gloomy, sad and terrible thoughts tiptoe into my mind and sometimes i can barely keep my head on my shoulders because it is so filled with empty.

I had a Really bad day some days ago, it was so bad I didnt care about anything, and wanted to just go lie in a hole and stop existing. Then I wondered if I was getting sick, and if that was why I felt that way, and I wondered if that was how Males felt when they were sick, and if so then I would allow them to act like babies all they want since it was such a horrible feeling.

Freakishly enough I can be Super happy one moment, On top of the world! for no reason at all, and then i'll feel this emptiness, bara tóm. and i'll be feeling unsociable and not like talking to anyone.

I'm just so melancholy sometimes.

But I feel like I just need to get my life in Order, slowly slowly I am getting there, one silly thing at a time, then I will get to the Important stuff hahaha

Toodles for Noodles


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where are the books of old? and scarves so fair?

Woooooo! today I was looking at the mounds of leaves that are piling up out on the streets, and I was like "woah! when did the season change???" because without any warning it is autumn!! how and when did that happen?? haha I only noticed a change in temperature, not the change in the plants and world around me hahaha crazy pots!

Well, iceland is interesting as ever, as I was walking home from the bus stop after going to an english class with the missionaries with a friend from work I heard a loud noise outside the parliament, and so I HAD to go look at what was going on, and there were a bunch of people hitting their big metal drums(industrial kinds) and making loud noises without their voices, interesting, It could have been an art piece. I have no idea what they were mótmæling (i think that means protesting?) but it was fun to walk through. There were coppers errwhere.

I feel like I have been slumbering for too long, as if I have just woken up! haha sometimes, (quite often, especially when I travel and transition,) I forget myself, and i go through motions.

I forget what i like to do, what I enjoy, my hobbies and pass times, my favourite colours, my favourite books, my favourite foods, even my favourite country!! haha I think i just have months of downtime, where my brain goes into auto-pilot like in Click, Wierd, and dangery, who knows where I will end up living life in such a way! maybe thats how my brain deals with such insane country jumping. hahaha

but during down times, i can have a hard time remembering what country i am in, and what house I am in, and all my memories run together and I forget where and when things happend (rather than splitting my life up by time, like saying "oh five years ago" I say "Oh, Australia" and so forth). ahaha although it is a little disconcerting, I think its fun all the same.

im a tired bunny, so i will go to sleep now.

toot zients to ya!