Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Do I Love Thee

blablabla the last blog entry was ten years long, sorry about that, i should blog better and not at the night time hahahah


i posted it on la facebook, but i want it here, so i can find it forever. Its a devotional at BYU february 15 2000, when i was like 10, holey canoli. anywho its called How Do I Love Thee by Jeffrey R Holland about how we should love. I like it very much, i want to love like that, the way the Saviour did, unconditionally, and so selflessly, not thinking about yourself at all, only wanting the best for the other

it even mentions my favourite play, OTHELLO!!!! and all the tragedy anywhos its here

toodles for noodles!

P.S. TWO SLEEPS TIL MALIANA AND ÆTOR GET HERE!!(one officially, according to time)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

you make me censor myself!


This is post number 124! the post that preceded was number 123! hahaha great number, now I need to post 1111 posts for a Real Exciting awesome number!!!

hahahah any whosals!

sooo, TODAY WAS THE DAY I TOLD THE WORK PEOPLE I AM LEAVING!!! the country, they were pleasant! they said oh, you wonderful daughter, going to take care of your mother! ahhaha jokes they were like "do you plan on coming back? no? didnt like it here?" hahahah people are so interesting ahhaha

so I told them may-june some time.. so thats when I leave this countries! oohhh its so boring here, thats my real problem, I cant function, its all a foreign language, Sure I can speak it, but I have to think in order to function in it. It makes my brain go "blerg blerg blerg" and I forget what language I am speaking, cuz I know some tongan and some korean so when I say some words too often I wonder "Am I calling that person a pig???" (poka, poki, puaka HAHAHA)

I think Iceland has been good for me, I left my comfort zone behind a while ago, I speak to strangers and what not, in Icelandic, so I'll have ten billion times more confidence doing it in English methinks.

I havent started reading that book yet, I SUCK! I havent even gone to get the book. I'm gonna have to cram it on a computer.. cookers.

Poor Icelandic, I slaughter it mercilessly, and the more I speak it the lazier I become in pronunciation and what not, I dont like it.

Another problem I have with being here (i think its caused by the language barrier) is I dont have any friends!! in aus I had heaps of friends, and if I was bored, I wouldnt be for long.... and I knew what could be done, and there were always people there to help me if I needed. I dont feel that at all here. Everyone is too busy to do anything, and I suck. HAHA

I realized that the other day, I can't function without family and friends.

The soundtrack of my mind the past few weeks has been

Dysentery Gary- Blink 182 (just the chorus part, where he says life just sucks, I hate you all, Wheres my dog, girls are such a drag, thats not the real order or way of it, but thats how I sing it in my head hahahah)

Losing Hope- Jack Johnson )the my chorus, depending on how im feeling hahaha)

You're Not Alone - Saosin

but these are sprinkled with random hymns hahah the hymns are my favourite!

soooo My plan for this year! this is an outline, I dont do more than outline, cuz that is wasteful methinks. huhuhu ...

Anywhos! my plan for the year. Fly to Canada, maybe visit europe on the way, maybe visit the United States on the way, and uh.. yeah. aww crap, I forgot all those things I was planning on doing. Well I was thinking of going to an immigration judge in the US, to ask for my greencard reinstatment, and then if that doesnt work, to just work a little in Canada and then go to Aus or NZ to do some studying. and uh.. yeah, uhm.. I guess the whole eternal spouse looking thing.. i need to get some priorities hahahaha

im planning on getting my licence while in Iceland, and maybe going to a dentist, and also getting new glasses. im getting blinder ahaha

im trying to cut down on my unhealthy, so for lunch today i made mesalf a cheese sammich, with a couple oranges, I left out the slice of marmor kaka in the middle of the cheese cake. ég var dugletg!! hahaha

I want to be more healthy, so, you know, I wont die and be ill. hahaha and can dance a move and do whatever I want! keke like the Word of Wisdom verses tell us hehehe

Favourite song from the shinee, with english subtitles for all you non koreans!!

VOte for #10 Wow Shawol!!

another great video!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I hate guys... No, I hate Everyone. HAHA

blegh. I was planning on doing a blog at least once a month this year. I missed January. Crapperjacks!

I'm becoming tired of Iceland. I think its because I am so self centred, and Iceland is too small to have such self centerd people as myself. I'm not sure I can handle much more.. I'm going to be leaving some time soonish? I think I've seen what I've come to see. done what ive come to done.


but I hate it so much now, so I feel like leaving is escaping, so I am trying to get over hating it here. hmmmmmm

I feel like its too cliquey here, everyone has their friends, and they randomly walk off alone and talk and giggle and have their inside jokes. I cant stand That! I dont care not knowing, but to be so rude to other people. I really hate it. it happens too often, I HATE IT. its so rude. if they are family I dont mind, thats ok, Family is Family, No one understands what the heck we on about, but when they are NOT family, and are just rude idiot faces that like to make inside jokes

so... I... am maybe jealous? I .. am not a good judge of myself and being jealous, and stuff, so that might be it.. But I dunno, they are so cliquey here. I just hope I never do that.

so heres a great song I like.

DEDICATED TO ELDER TOUTAI, ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Twenty Years old little Brother! I made everyone have some rice crispy cake that had the letters HP ET! hahahah happy birthday Elder Toutai! hahahahahha mmm mmm It was good. I hate everyone. HAHAH jokes.. but really.