Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iceland has a place in my heart. UNFORTUNATE!

haha people are really terrible at trying to be less than obvious. huhu

So people tend to associate me with cooking and baking, im not entirely certain why... but anyways, so When I am in Iceland my home is (I can live wherever my heart is, which at the moment is where my family is! but sylvía is a special case, she is like family for me, don't worry, we will one day get some sort of connection to make it official hahaha) Sylvía's house!

so a few days before I left Mr. H (a friends blog references all people with letters! I think that is so fun, so I will do something similar keke) said "make me some food! for the last time!" something along those lines, so I was like "ok, but not now, some time later, BUT YOU MAKE ME A CAKE!" and he was like "do you suffer from a death wish?" and I was like "always!"

so then Ms. S jumped in and was like "what kind of cakes do you like??" and I was like " I don't like cake" and she said "... What would you have at your funeral than?? or uhm.. your last meal.. or uhm.." Where I cut her off and said "I LOVE BLUBERRY MUFFINS! AND RICE CRISPY TREATS!!! AND WAFFLES!!!!" and then I pranced around dreaming of those things, because I LOVE them!!

Anyways a day later when i got home Miss. S was like "UH *Not very smooth* LETS GO DOWNSTAIRS!" so im like ok hahaha than Mr. H comes down some times later and they are both just chatting with me, its not unusual, I juct have ultra sensitive spidey senses, and Miss. S is really not very good at sneakery.

Anyways, the next day after institute we have WAFFLES!!! (they do it once a month in Iceland hehe) and im like " I want me some WAFFLES!!" but then people are like "*not very good at, but doing our best to distract* HEY LETS GO LISTEN TO MR. M PLAY GUITAR!" so I'm like "*roll eyes*OKAY!" cuz he is super at that, its great to listen to him play! but then i became tired of the children trying to stall me so I jumped out the window of the Ætfræði room keke but then i felt bad and jumped back in and they let me go to the waffles.


they had made blueberry muffins, waffles, and choco/normal Rice Crispie treats! it was Great!! super super super! I was so pleased! they are the greatest! my favourites for sure (to an outsider being my favourite isnt very special or cool since i have lots and lots and lots of favourites, but to my favourites and people who know me, Its a Super Super Super!!! because I am awesome. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuh)

and the next day I left.

I am conflicted! Iceland always makes me conflicted. I go there and hate life and be miserable but its so Beautiful, and smells nice, and the people are wonderful in their own ways!! Iceland could have me if it wanted me, but I don't think it does, i think it just enjoys my company, and that simply isn't good enough.

Icelanders want me to live in Iceland, but the only way I would do that is if I were to marry a fluent speaking Icelander (has to be fluent in english as well), I am not willing to live there with a husband who also speaks broken Icelandic.

If I were to live in Iceland, I would live in Hveragerði, its so quiet and the neighbourhood is fun, the Gudnassons live there! they are a lovely closetomyhouse sort of neighbours!

Anyways, then I flew away and I dont think I will ever go back again, Maybe on my global trip of dragging my husband around to all the places i've lived, but otherwise I'm not gonna be going back, if i do it'll be to live. So I am really contradicting myself all the time, but I think I am really good at that.

Well... I will leave it at that hahaha


So I have a friend who is good at blogs, looking and writing, and she follows certain blogs about things she likes, and that is something that never really appealed to me, because I think its a bit boring a lot of the time.

BUT I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND! she showed me this one blog, and I was like "ooooooo" but it wasnt really my sort of thing. BUT I love cooking! so I thought, I am sure there are people out there who are super good at the cooking thing, cooking, baking, kitchening, all that sort of stuff. So I have decided that I want to go and find blogs that are awesome about cooking! it will be awesome! and I will become a genius cook baker chef type! it will be great, I am excited.

So I found this cake, I really like the idea, but after seeing how it was done I felt a little vonsvikin hahaha because it wasnt as magical and awesome skill as I had first thought. hehe but one day I will try it, it'll be great! mmm i love not chocolate cakes! I prefer the denser kind, I don't like the light fluffy kinds of cakes, too non substantial for me. Anyways, toodles for noodles! be sure to share any awesome blogs about cooking that you know of! unless you want to keep them a secret. hehe

Love from Pennsylvania!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am a crazy for the crazy

... So I am leaving Iceland in a week, and its like. YEA. all my stiff fit in my bag and it was a proper weight, but on Saturday we are having an activity called Pirates vs. Ninjas! and we are going to be playing a game called the cave game, sounds cool but i have never played it before. Anyways, so i needed some dark clothes that could be ruined, so I decided to go to Salvo's (salvation army) and grab a bag full of junk for wearing. there are two that are near by, and so we went to one, because they have awesomer stuff, but I had gone to another one the other day and they were having this deal where you can buy a bag of stuff for 2000 kr. So we wanted to check the cool one out to see if they had the same deal. To my delight, They had a TWO FOR ONE!!!! two bags of stuff for 2000 kr.! I was like WWAAA!!! but they didnt have as much awesome stuff as they did the last time i went there. but they still had some cool stuff. So I ended up getting one bag for me and one bag for another, we went halfsies! so i payed 1000 kr for a bag. I got four pairs of shoes, two dresses, and... uhm.... YEAH! oh, clothes for saturday. I am majorly chuffed about it though kekeke

but now I have to throw old stuff away. OK toodles for nau!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rain of spring

I shared this back in 2008, but it is so awesome I feel like sharing it again! In case you didnt know, I enjoy going to the past, and reading the things i wrote there. its so interesting to see how different i am, because I think I have changed very much, sometimes it makes me sad.

anyways, more about the image, I think it is just Great! happiness can be like a sunbeam, where the slightest thing can make it shadow. and adversity being like the rain of spring, life giving! helping to grow, its amazing. i like it a lot. forgive my incoherency, its late and i am tired hahaha

anywhos, I best be off to bed since i have to wake up and jog in a few hours. kakaka

flex and flexibility

Ok so let me show you something thats odd and hilarious.

years ago when maliana lived on the iceland, the YSA did this thing.

some years later the creator of that was the Young mens president, and so the youth did this other thing

apparently its something to do with Sense and Sensibility, but that is only Gossips I overheard.

But Ya, I like them, they are supa fun/ny kekekek and i especiallly like the musics. well, two songs i hadnt heard before. I like them!

Friday, August 12, 2011


i found this and it was interesting! i like learning about exercising and being healthy

but there is a list found somewhere among the pages called "perceived exertion scale", let me show it to you!

  • Level 1: I'm watching TV and eating bon bons
  • Level 2: I'm comfortable and could maintain this pace all day long
  • Level 3: I'm still comfortable, but am breathing a bit harder
  • Level 4: I'm sweating a little, but feel good and can carry on a conversation effortlessly
  • Level 5: I'm just above comfortable, am sweating more and can still talk easily
  • Level 6: I can still talk, but am slightly breathless
  • Level 7: I can still talk, but I don't really want to. I'm sweating like a pig
  • Level 8: I can grunt in response to your questions and can only keep this pace for a short time period
  • Level 9: I am probably going to die
  • Level 10: I am dead

It makes me laugh a chucklots, I personally dont like going so far as number 10.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

book of possibilities

there is a movie called last holiday, its pretty fun, for a once in a lifetime thing ahhaha I wouldnt choose to watch it again per se.

Anywhos! in that movie she has a book that she calls her book of possibilities, in it she puts all these possibilities that she wouldnt mind becoming realities. I really liked it. I want to do one! but I am a very strange person with all sorts of fears and what not. I have mentioned before that I do not like to make (at least known) plans, and so because of this thing of mine it is very hard for me to even think about making a book of possibilities. Plans are depressing.

BUT I AM A CHANGED PERSON!!! at least I am trying to change, I am trying to be less afraid of everything, and more not afraid. haha our lesson in relief society on sunday was on being a courageous. ... woman... I think.. thats what I heard anyways hahah

so anywhos, with my new courage, I am starting to see things differently, and do things differently. Unfortunately (but fortunately), I discovered that I am (was?) a very hopeless person, and so, Faithless! because the two go hand in hand, and if you dont have hope, its because you dont have faith! and the other way too.

So after I found out about my hopelessness I decided that That just isnt good enough, how can I ever find happiness if I have no hope for it? and no Faith that I can find it??? what a wild goose I was, but now I am working on that.

So back to the book of possibilities! I have decided that I am going to make one! (are you allowed to tear out pages and burn them?) but I can only start with silly insignificant things, and I will work my way up to not silly haha

anywhos My First thing ever in my book of possibilities will beee.... drumdrumdrumdrum


this is a lot easier than i thought it would be, so I think it will help me a lot in realising what I actually want in life

Good Day to you!

(here is a fun song I like)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I can't be your crutch anymore, I have to be my own.

I've got my heavy heart to hold me down. Once it falls apart my heads in the clouds!

hahaha I really love the newest Panic at the Disco album! i think its called Virtues and vices or sumsing?

So on monday I had the interesting encounter with the police, That was actually an answer to a prayer, because I didnt want to walk home, so the police gave me a ride! hahahahah I am so fortunate!

Back to my story! So on monday, my future went BLANK! New Moon styles, bella swan hanging out with the shape-shifters styles, but its ok, its good to start with a Blank piece of paper! I think that is what my problem has been all along, I always had too many distracting scribbles on my Paper, but now It is blank and I feel much better.

I'm making new plans and new starts, its great!

Iceland has an amazing smell that I never noticed before, but i noticed it on my walk on monday, It a very lovely smell, that might only be smelled at night and in the Hraun.

OH MY GOSH, monday night i totally saw some Hidden people!

I was walking along the beach when I saw this white dog run from the water to the rock wall that i would later sit on, it seemed to sit there next to this blanket looking thing where i assumed its owner was sitting. Not wanting to bother other people(especially if they are homeless and trying to rest) I walked a little further and then made my way to sit on the wall. I sat there for a while watching the people out of the corner of my eye. I finally decided to leave, but I wanted to see the dog closer so I nonchalantly skipped, hopped and walked along the rock wall to the place where the dog had run. When I got to the place I couldnt see any person or dog so I moved closer to the edge thinking they were REALLy close to the wall so I might have to look straight down. I stood on the edge, but still couldnt see anything so I lost my nonchalance and gripped the wall and bent down on my knees to find the dog. There was no one there, only some white rocks. I was totally awesomed out!

I am one hundred percent certain i caught some Icelandic hidden people having fun times, and so they turned themselves into rocks like the white witch so I wouldnt catch them more.

Iceland you are Great, you have given me soo much, but I think it is time we part ways for a while, if not a lifetime.

once again! So long, and Thanks for all the Fish.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I make things awkward... Intentionally!

muahahahaha ó !

hahaha let me tell you an interesting story

wow this is interesting hahaha I am using the keyboard commands! kaka its fun!

Back to me story! AHH the COmmands are going crazy wild! please stop!!

so yeah, I had a wold encounter with the police of iceland the other day... UGH I have said it sot often that i am like sick of it. But I can tell it once more ekekakak

So anyways. Monday I was like at the YSA Family Home Evening and then I was like "laters Yo!" and I walked out the door on me way to my abode, and it was all nice and what not because Iceland is a lovely place that has great scenery, I'd say the best in the World!! but I am Icelandic, so maybe that a bit biased.

Anywhos, the sun was setting and the weather was too nice to miss, so I decided to go for a göngutúr!! where ever my feet would take me! and it was fun, I walked all through the neighbourhood of the chapel, in the general direction of the ocean, and it was all like going all osrts of wild ways and I was like "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME LEGS?"??"?!?Ð"?"

anywhos, I finally hit the ocean, and walked around in it because I had stolen (with permission) some wellies!!(gumboots, wellingtons, stígvél, rubber boots... some other stuffs?)

so i was on an adventure! there were many many seagulls, and they were like ugh, ugh ugh ugh ugh! crazy, like they were wanting to attack me all the time and i was like "eww go away!" and would walk in another direction, are they very Territorial isnt nesting time over or something?? thats just WILD.

so anyways, not knowing why the gulls were so freakin crazy I followed one, going on the assumption that the gulls were protecting mysterious nests at this mysterious time of year, and so were leading me Away from the nests. So I followed a couple and they led me out of the Hraun! hmmm I often wonder if english speakers have it wrong, and that lava is the word for Hraun, and magma is the word for lava..

so I continue my walk all th eway through the hafnarfjörður beach lines. I see some mysterious cars and people, and try to quickly pass them, I also see some awesome fisherman shacks that are totally cool and worth visiting in the day time!

So I end up sitting on a rock wall that they have here in Hafnarfjörður to warn people that there is ocean beyond. I am sitting there enjoying the ocean (to be fair it was like 1 in the morning, but this is Iceland, and I have been out at 3 in the morning before..) listening to the ocean and the occasional car go by, but i here the one car go by a few times, it had a different sound ya?

so after a few drives by they slow down and stop and say "er ekki allt í lagi?" it sounded like a male, and I was like UAH! SCARY AR FULL OF MALES LATE AT NIGHT!!! soI replied ".." turning slightly to help them hear.

I decide its time to Go home, so I start ta walking, im only about 20 minutes from abode. As I walk I see a cop car drive by, and as they drive by they shine a really bright light in my face, the kind taxi (and i guess cop) cars have to see the street numbers. So I'm like DUDE, what tha hang! but I continue on my walk and as I cross through a tiny parking lot I hear a car pull into the parking lot, I am like DUDE! what is with my luck? so I start walking out of the middle of the parking lot so i am not in the way when this cop cr comes up behind me and then parks in front of me and im like Dude, what a rude idiot faces?

then the cop lady says really fast in Icelandic "mind having a seat in the car?" I couldnt decipher her words the first two times she said it, but then the third time she actually slowed her speech and spoke properly. My replies will be in [these]

So Im like "..sure..." and i get in and they say "Good Evening, you can speak Icelandic? [yes, well, its ok] we received a call from some concerned girls in a car, they said they were concerned about a solitary female who was unresponsive by the ocean, they stopped and asked if everything was ok and she didnt reply [Oh, really? thats weird..] so we came to check it out. What were you doing there? [just sitting, thinking, i went for a walk] Are you depressed or stressed, or having a hard time? [uhm.. no, not really.. I was just watching the ocean and thinking..] Do you have any sort of Identification [uhm, i only have an Australian drivers licence] That will do. *takes licence and puts it on his little notepad* Where were you headed just now? [I was just on my way home, its just down there a little] Can we offer you a ride home? [..sure..] Whats the address? [address] Ah yes, ok. *car starts to move towards destination male officer starts taking down my licence information, i wanted very much to ask what he was doing, but I do not feel comfortable enough to ask* Do you live alone? with Family? [uhm.. no, I Live with my friend] I see. How long have you been in Iceland? [I was living here for about a year last year, and only came back a month or two ago] WOW your Icelandic is really good [oh, I lived here when i was younger], oh I was gonna say, you must be some sort of genius to speak such good Icelandic within a year. Do you have a phone number to be contacted at [uhm, yes, but i never remember any] thats ok, a home phone, mobile phone, whatever you remember [...uhm... let me look in my phone {SINCE I SAID I DONT REMEMBER THEM} its *phone dies* {UAH!} uhm... 774.. numbers numbers *I hope its right* numbers] So thats numbers numbers bla bla. {yep..} you're Icelandic is very good. *arriving at destination* Can i see your dwelling licence? {I'm Icelandic.} OH, Your an Icelandic citizen, ok good night than {good night, and thank you for the ride..} Of course of course! Icelandic pleasantries."

and so ended my weird encounter with Icelandic Police..

I personally felt that he was too aggressive in his manner, if they really were just checking if someone were ok, I personally think they should have been less uh, I cant think of a good word for it, they werent rude, but they werent polite either. I felt like he was insinuating all sorts of things the whole time! but that might just be the defencive racist in me

Anywhos, that was a really odd experience, and makes me want to not go for walks, just so I can avoid th hassle. But I did get some good Ideas on how to deal with this should it ever happen again

such as the chorus dance of this song. OH YA!

Monday, August 1, 2011

WARNING! This Blog is big, long and Ugly. very ugly

soooo My plan for New York is OUtta Here!! This is what the plan entailed! I would apply for a job at this old folks home, and work there until unnur was flying to New York and then go to new york for a week and then go to melisa. BUT! most vital entailment is that to work in Iceland I would be staying in Iceland, and If I dont like it here, How Can I stay?? haha So I have decided to leave whenevs bro, I guess I should really get that in check. Oh Shiznit, there is lots of crap I need to do. oh the day is too short.

So aside from K-Pop and stuff, I Totally Love Panic! at the Disco! their new album is totally appropriate! and I personally think its because the one guy who was Bi left the group, and so now they are only two, a mormon and a drummer. But I used to hate them because their musics was so catchy, but it was bad, but this new album is a total awesome! no swears or nothin, and even the content is pretty good. So I have been listening to a lot of that lately.

HaHa Iceland is so weird, I am never going to understand it... its so beautiful here, and I Love the people here, but something about here strangles and kills me! or seems to try :O

Mamma often mentions how someone once said they feel very much for the Young Women(young women as in women that are young, not the mutual program for females) of Iceland, since there arent any priesthood holders, or something. But I completely feel the same way, for different reasons. some of the fellows here in Iceland (most of them, but obviously not all) Are inconsiderate idiot faces and are always harping on about how there are no females in Iceland.

Lets see, this happens all the time, so it also happened when I was here last. How inconsiderate! because there were obviously TWO females, one being melanie and the other being an other female. Inconsiderate Fools. I dont really care because I can jump to wherever whenever, and so I am an aloof type that pretends not to care, but most of the time i really dont(read as do) care, but what about other female? she has to be stuck on this rock, with these Jerk guys who dont seem to want to acknowledge her (or myself) as a female. Seriously, guys can be so moronically stupid. Idiots. Jerk guys in Iceland are stupid jerky. Really they are. But then I guess that might just be how guys are in general, everywhere around the world. No, I didnt really get that vibe from my friends in Aus, but i guess every place has their quirks.. I think the eyes of Icelandic males are too small (hahah this statement totally reminded me of Dad :O

blegh, I sure hope I can wash my hands of Iceland this time around, I can't handle it. I really didnt want to come back, really really really, when I was asked my heart sank and I became sad, very sad, and I wondered why mamma wanted to send me away, I was sad all the way to Iceland, and then when i got here it was FREAKING COLD (like 3° C) and windy and I couldnt find the car. Even my want to surprise everyone didnt work, because somehow everyone knew..

I consoled myself by pretending some hot asian guy would be vacationing here and bump into me and we would be good friends. obviously this shallow thought didnt console me at all, but it helped me to be silly and laugh rather than cry.

Oh Iceland. you are too cruel.

Iceland is the worst place to be for a female who needs a confidence boost, or anything at all really.

This time, I REFUSE to come back to Iceland before I am married, thats what i said last time, but this time i am serious, you cant come here without some sort of Moral support

But! I have still learned things here in Iceland, I keep becoming more independent. I left on a fast sunday, and I sure am glad for that. Lete's sundayschool teachers wife bore her testimony, and she told a story about how sometimes we do things and its working out perfectly, and then something horribly not according to plan happens and we flail a bit because we are like "WHAT I WAS GETTING A GOOD FEELING, I THOUGHT THAT WAS WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING..Ð!?"Ð'Ð" but then when we allow ourselves to calm down and feel the promptings of the spirit and do as they say, something miraculously better Happens! but if we had tried it just a few minutes earlier, it would not have been there. Sometimes it takes times for things to be ready, so we have to have patience. Thats one thing that I will always be having to work on.. my patience,

oh another thing I learned is that sometimes you have to do things you dont want to, you really do, you really dont.

blegh blegh blegh

I like this song, I speaks volumes to me! I think its very much me! hoohooo