Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 30: something that makes you sad

The Beginning of the end. The second to last institute class for the Book of Mormon, we were discussing the end of the Nephites. It is just so sad, their fall from grace. It is so easy to fall away, one has to be careful to teach your children, by word and deed (and, you know, endure to the end yourself).

I Loved all the classes, they were so spiritual and it was just so uplifting and edifying, but this class, it was amazing. The teacher had us draw the parallels between all the previous wars, falling away, pride cycles, it was all the same, stuff that happened throughout the Book of Mormon, so what was different this time? why were they completely eradicated this time?

I'll tell you what the teacher helped us see. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but he asked us to read specific verses and tell him if we read anything that was familiar. It was all just the vicious cycle of pride, but there was something that was a little bit different this time. This time the people were not humbled, they did not turn to the Lord, this time their hearts became harder every step of the way.

So the Lamanites attack them and they win for a little while, the Lamanites attack again, sore battles, everyone loses many people. They choose great leaders(strong looking guys who were blessed and favoured of the Lord [thats not why they chose them, they chose them because they looked strong]), fortify their cities, gather their people in and prepare to live under siege for .. 3 years? Mormon rallies them to fight for their Freedom, Home and Family, and then the last stand, they gather at the hill Cumorah, they gather to higher ground to give themselves the upper hand.

The Nephites did all the right things (in a worldly sense), they did all the things that were tried and true, the things that their ancestors did in order to withstand the Lamanites, but they were missing one VERY crucial thing: faith.

The teacher brought it all back around to (in my head anyways) Elder Hallstroms (of the Presidency of the Seventy) Saturday morning session talk titled "Converted to His Gospel through His Church"

To me it was all a matter of, the Nephites were just going through the motions of what they had been taught, there was no faith or obedience in what they were doing.

They had lost their way, their lives were not centered on Christ, they wanted nothing to do with him.

It was such an amazing class, It made me shake my brain a bit to think about how I was living my life. Is the Savior at the Center of my Life? Was I wrongfully interchanging the words Gospel and Church? Was I, Am I just going through the motions?

And so this is something that makes me so sad, the thought of people being lost.... I'll just end with Mormons words,

Mormon 6:17-19

17 aO ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you!
 18 Behold, if ye had not done this, ye would not have fallen. But behold, ye are fallen, and I amourn your loss.
 19 O ye afair sons and daughters, ye fathers and mothers, ye husbands and wives, ye fair ones, how is it that ye could have bfallen!

there is just so much sorrow, and rightfully so, such a Tragedy.

Day 29: Circle

Its not what you think! unless you think its Dr. Pepper in a jar, than yes, yes it is. XD

I Love drinking from Jars, they are just too cool. WOOHOOO!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 28: 1pm

WOOHOOO!!! I went to the temple today, I am so reverent :O

we got there RIGHT at 1pm. I was pleased ^_^

Great day in the house of the Lord.

Day 27: somewhere you went

hehehe I went to there!!! for my birthday mmmmm I had bibimbap!!
 it was delicious, and hot, in every way XD

when the server brought it out it was crackling because its hot and in stoneware, I almost died of fright ahahah because I was just chatting along and then there were fireworks in my ears XD

it was deliciousoso!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 26: black and white

 I need to clean my room :O and then bake. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! in Australia!! RIGHT NOW!!!


Its also Daesungs birthday!!! in canada!!! so I guess its my birthday in Korea XD

Day 25: looking down

I cross a bridge to get to work, today while I was going home for lunch I looked down.

its dirty.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 24: Something you're grateful for

Open pianos. Without them .. the world would be quieter.

huhu you cant see everybody, but that doesnt mean they arent there!! XD

Day 23: Vegetable

My kind of Vegetable.

Day 22: the last thing you bought

I can't remember the last thing.. so I will say these, bought them last year some time, in Iceland. it was a BARGAIN!! 20 dala or something, probs like 30 or 35 or 25 or something XD but because of inflation only like 5 cents.

I didnt buy the dirty floor, I just left it that way XD

Day 21: Bottle

SO proud of me!! I bought this like... a week ago XD

But Wait!

XD huhuhuhu

Day 20: something you drew

We could all hold hands. and live on a little planet.

I drew this in 3rd grade for an art competition. I won. OH YEAH. and so I got to go to BYU to look around and eat donuts. I think H and M won too.

Fun Times (all my people are different colours..)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 19: Orange

I like Oranges. woop woop!

Day 18: Hair

My new best friend that lete never should have left behind. He is mine now. his name is flóðhestur. Hester for short. I have become freakishly attached to him. freakishly. I feel like a child, its disconcerting how comforting he is to me XD

if he were real he his hair would be very soft!

Day 17: something you don't like


I dont like alcohol, I dont like mean girls, I dont like stupid people who think its cool to be a mean girl, and I DO NOT LIKE SNOW!!! its snowing.. ... T_T

Day 16: Flower

hmmm Its still winter here, so I am posting an oooold picture (from last year XD) Do you know what kind of flower it is? XD

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 15: Sunset

What is the sun? I do not know of this concept in Calgary. SO I decided Nostalgia will be my day 15 XD this is the sun going down on my last flight from Iceland. it was a sad flight. it was a beautiful flight.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 14: how you feel today

Oh Yes. SHUPA!!!! warm and tastey XD with a bit o LotR (TT to be precise)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 13: Something You Found

I found many things today!!

Green Grass!!

a weird alien in my tomatos >:O

THE SUN! it was amazing. warm. hot. it will probably be lost again tomorrow XO

Day 12: stairs


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11: where you ate breakfast

HOHO my breakfast/lunch is still there!! XD

Day 10: cold

waiting for the bus...
waiting for the train...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9: younger you

I have never seen a picture of myself as a baby.

I know I haven't aged a day, but this is actually me 20 years ago! Haven't changed at ALL have I? XD

Day 8: inside your wallet

I am pretty sure I would be died if a mugger told me to give them my wallet, I would be like "NO! HERES ALL MY MONEY!!" and then they would knife me and take my wallet anyways... XD

Day 7: Shadow

can you see the scary monsters that roam the Calgary train tracks??

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 6: Lunch

hohoho Dont worry, its a meal drink!! XD ( I cant remember what its called, but its cheaper than Milo XD)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 5: Tiny

This is my tomato planter!! or Mamma's, she put me in charge of it. When they grow to be 5 inches big I can hang them upsidedown outside!! but for now (I planted them yesterday) they are TINY!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

HAHA just joking!!! BigBang makes me happy, but not to the extent that I would have them as this picture XD


HAHA ok just joking XD

there is a little place below the crab apple tree that is hollowed out. On cold days This hollow is filled with a Hare. The hare makes me very happy, it is so CUTE!! its called "mamma's hare" HAHA great name. Unfortunately Mamma's Hare wasn't in today.. even though its snowing and cold. I took the picture anyways because I had already decided on having this be the picture for today >.<

Day 3: Mail

OOPSIE DOOPSIE!! I was too busy being busy yesterday, so I missed it.. But thats ok, I will do two today XD

Thats our mail box, it ghetto and rusty, but I Like it!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2: Colour


LOLOLOLOL I Only WISH I were there to take a picture :O

ok for reos

HAHAHA okokokok

I actually took this the other day, But I Like its colours!

L is nearly the girl with five colours in her hair XD

but seriously, I love the bigbang Pictures, TOP looks like.. I dont know, makes me think of Willy Wonka XD

I also love the white picture of bigbang. (I got both pictures from !)

I Love this

Photo a Day!! even if I did miss a day! I didnt! I just didnt think of posting here XD

OHMGOSHIE! Mrs. ME is so much better at this than I am XD

So.. I saw this thing on pinterest (they changed their ToU, but it doesnt take effect until the 6th, but I have decided to have faith in them XD) and I wanted to do it, I have always been jelly of people who do it, they usually never share their sources, But I will!! and its Not too Late!!!!! .... hehehhe

So I am playing this photo a day game! its so fun! I did one yesterday and posted it on my twitter, I was just going to do facebook, but I saw Mrs ME do it on twitter and I had never done anything like that before so I wanted to do it there too XD

So anyways, here is my picture!!! for April 1st: your reflection

This is a reflection of me. I originally wanted to do a picture like Mrs ME, with a picture of something that was a part of me, but I couldn't find a shinee enough frame thing! Sooo instead I took a picture of my reflection with things that make me!!!! Me!!! so I didnt want my reflection to be the focal point, just another picture in the collage that makes me XD I'm not very photogenic so the best pictures werent good enough XD

Anyways.. On to day two!