Friday, May 21, 2010

The Ghost in Maliana's Toilet

So, for quite a while (as long a while as 2 weeks can be) there I was terrified of the ghost in Maliana's Toilet, of course I mean the english (or was it Australian) one.

So every time I'd go into the kitchen for whatever task I had planned to accomplish (examples, dishes, dinner, food, etc) after a few moments of being in the kitchen I'd start to hear a noise coming from the bathroom, it sounded like tapping, or possible hammering.

Once I was doing the dishes and I started to hear this noise. Since there is construction going on on the house across the street I thought it was just them hammering stuff, as people do when building a house, but just to make sure I turned off the water and listened; I could only hear the music playing in the other room. so I start to clean again a little wonderment going on, and then i hear the noise again, "taptaptaptap taptaptaptap taptaptap". I am starting to get a little spooked, but I still think its construction, so I turn off the water and listen again, this time I notice that there is no construction noise going on at all, so I go look out the window to see that there are no people out there. I go back to cleaning the dishes a little bothered now since I dont know what this noise is and its annoying. In my head I start making up stories and imaginings of ghosties coming to get me, and making the tapping noise so I will investigate and then they will get me. Obviously after a while I start to hear the noise again. This time I listen intently to try and figure out where the noise is coming from and I discover it is the bathroom. being Aussie, I turn the water off and go to the bathroom to hear the noise better, when I get there I hear nothing. I quickly get back to the dishes and try to finish faster.

When Maliana got home I told her my fearful tale of fear of the bathroom. When I first got here she had told me the bathroom was creepy, but I disagreed and thought it was awesome possum, now i agreed.

so days go by and I am terrified of the ghostie in the toilet, BUT! just a few moments ago I realised what the tapping was HAHAHAHAH

the tapping was the water pipes. whenever the hot water is running(maybe cold too) the pipes make a tapping noise in the bathroom, so every time I turned the water off to investigate the noise would go away hahahahhah so funny, I was scared of the room because I didnt know what the tapping was, and it was just creaky sumarbústaður house hahaha good times in the Iceland

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iceland, the Game of life

hahahhahahahhahah ahahahahahhahaha the title makes me laugh cuz its really weird hahahahahha

I really like it here in this very beautiful place, and I think its a place I should be for now, for now.

SO! my plans, for the moment, I am thinking work. but you know, I am a bit... societaly inept so I am not sure how to go about that, I'll figure it out I am sure hahahah But I am officially an Icelander again hahaha and a government lady told me she thought I'd get a job in no time because I speak great icelandic, YaY Me! hmmmmm hmmmhmhm hum+

Maliana is going To Germany tomorrow, and when she gets back from Germany IT WILL BE TIME FOR ME TO NOT BE A VISITOR ANYMORE! hahahah I will have to start lifing. Oh Bother, botherbotherbother.

So in the back of my mind i am thinking I will live/work in Iceland for a time and then go to school in New Zealand and study the anthropology stuffs i have been looking at. I wanna have a chat with Soane's wife, cuz she studied it so she knows stuff, cool beans

Laters YO

p.s. I will try be a wierdo with a camera, but thats just not in my nature, I will try though hahahah

p.p.s. I don't use the internets much these days, like on youtube and viikii(kDORAMA!), so I am pretty good at .......

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WoW! this Icelandic water sure does make my old bones feel spry

SOOO i think it has been a very long time since the dawn of time, or my last ... whatever this thing is Called hohoho

And since then I might have turned 21, i might have flown over greenland to get to england, i may have even seen heart shaped red lights in Akureyri, I may have taken a 5 hour drive from akureyri to reykjavik, there may have been a miraculous appearance of Brother and sister Koyle, I may very well have been franticly trying to use the retarded public phones at the raykjavik bus tour station, and then as sister koyle tapped me on the shoulder and asked if i was Maliana's sister I may have almost cried, And at that very same moment the pay phone may have begun to ring.

Who knows what could have happened during all this time that has passed:!ÞÞ!Þ as I search for the question mark key, you may contemplate these possibilities