Thursday, July 15, 2010

lazy lazy, i just need to start sometimes haha

This is what I did Yesterday

So Cool! the Korean Alphabet is one of the most scientific writing systems! and yet it is Steeped in "Oriental Philosophy" like Yin and Yang, its such an interesting language and alphabet. Did you know the letters aren't just random? So interesting!

These pictures are just what I did yesterday, the consonants and vowels. With each letter I wrote out the strokes and what order you do those in and also the pronunciations, but the ones for the consonants are written in american, whereas the vowels are in whatever I thought was more accurate with my Icelandic and English, since I could actually hear them.

WOOHOOO! now that I have Actually started its a lot easier than i was dreading haha. I am gonna make me some Flash Cards! and download some other help things for the consonant pronunciations. MIRIAM! you are good at studying, Any tips for flash Cards? hehe

Im Off to see a Wizard about a horse