Friday, December 26, 2008

Mr. Gecko, You have Friends!

So There's a Mr. Gecko living on our screen door, and he always falls off at night to scare the crap out of wuss faces such as myself [HAHA I ent ashamed! by the by, if its found in these square brackets, its an aside of mine, HarHarHar commenting on my own thoughts]. So I was noticing the door was gaping open [it was about 12 am] and decided to go and see if my daddy was still out there, because I didn't hear a car leave, but I didn't think I noticed him come inside, and as I walk out Mr. Gecko drops at my feet and scares me, then I see three other gecko's climbing up the wall; Mr. Gecko Has Friends!

So today I went to the movies ALL DAY!!!! it was rather fun and exciting [minus the exciting, except for the rushing to get good seats, Mowing people down is one of the few things i live for (JUST KIDDING~!)] So We [the three youngest children] were to go to the movies at 9 a.m. ish, but at 8:30 a.m. ish [my alarm time for Every single day of the week, Ya!] I wanted to sleep an hour or two more, it was after all a holiday, and I hate to wake up early when I don't have to work hahaha. At 10 a.m. ish Toni Rocks up [our little homie G] and we all take about an hour to get ready, So we catch the 12.25 p.m. "The Day The Earth Stood Still" in cinema number FIVE[the largest screen in all of QLD]. After that movie we catch the 2.30[ish] p.m. Bedtime stories in Number FIVE AGAIn! our lucky day. The movie theatre has a free parking for patrons if you see a movie, but that is only valid for four hours, so I asked if it would be alright to watch the two movie and be good, the chick said ya sure but LEAVE STRAIGHT AWAY! so I go BOOya! and we watch that movie. Not wanting to push my luck I go validate my parking and park my car in another place across the road, [fideen dola fo 0-4 hour] Henry being my padna, and Lete and Toni getting the tickets.

Let me back track-

When bedtime stories finished me and Toni were quickly running out the seats and down the stairs to get out and validate the parking and get more movie tickets, with Lete close behind, but Henry being the weirdie he is goes out The other Way [we sat in the middle] and Up the Stairs to exit the cinema. Lete, Toni and Myself all comment on the weirdies behaviour and continue, not noticing that Lete walked back to get [or maybe she was just joining] the Weirdie, when we notice we wait a few moments and then think GEEZA LOU! what a hay! then we walk out and stand in line to validate parking so we can move car! We [Toni and I] see the two weirdies at the top of the stairs waiving frantically like crazy loons, so we start waiving like crazy loons back, telling them to get their hurry on butts down there! to get tickets! and then I notice what they are crazy Waiving, ITS THE MOVIE! Twilight was showing at 5 pm in a random little salur(isk) and there were only a FEW TICKETS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!! so I start frantiking even more for them to hurry, I give Toni my wallet and send her over to Lete and Henry, and wave for Henry to hurry to me so we can move the car!!!!! so I run out with Henry [parking validation complete] hoping Lete and Toni gets tha tickets! and I drive out with Henry, I then do a lap around the block just to make sure they got tickets, but I see [on a sign at the parking that is located across the street] that Twilight is SOLD OUT! so as I drive by the theatre again I see Lete and Toni crossing the road. Fearing the worst I slow and say You got tickets!? and they reply ya! and we all celebrate.

on track~!

I then park my car and me and Henry run back to the movies! we run up the steps and to the salur(isk) and jump in some seats near the front [but its okay because its a small screen so not really any difference where you sit in the Theatre]. We then relax to enjoy Twilight for the third time [shameful I know, but I gats ta make the dough to watch it hmmm??]. What a larverly day! I liked all the movies, Jasper the most [MAHAHAHAH] but Emmett is Super too!

So the Point, After watching The Day the Earth Stood Still I realized something, the Human Race is like Kath and Heathcliffe [I think thats they names, and I know nothing of the book, haven't read it yet, still looking for it after the move hahaha, but My knowledge is from Twilight, *BOOYAH!* I'll read it and be more accurate later. now, I be recklEsS] It is poo poo and disgusting, and should DIE, and not Be at all. But, It has another side to it [that's from the day the earth stood still, not Wuthering Heights]. Its only [imo] Redeeming Quality is Love [like Bella Saysd about the revolting couple], a Very heavy price, but it is completely worth it. All the Ugliness of mankind is washed away by its capacity [though sometimes very minute, But Who are we to Judge? Not a one at all] to Love. Even the evilest [to our thoughts and minds] of evil people can love, and I'm sure Do. Different lives, different people, we know nothing but presume we do. When we judge others, [most of us cant help it, its an automatic thing the mind does to handle the amount of information that it is receiving on a daily basis{stereotyping- to hard to remember every little thing about all the people you meet in your life, so you label them a put them into a box in your brain, Lazy? (learned that during my psychology stint, *BOOyAH!*)}] we are assuming the role of a knowledgeable being, and more often than not, We are not one.

This is Usually what all my favourite movies are about, They show how corrupt and debased the human race is, but then some one or thing shows the littlest bit of love (makes a huge-o sacrifice of some huge-o sort) and saves the erethang. The corrupt and debased is still there, but so too is the [seemingly sometimes wasted] Love and Sacrifice of the one [sometimes more] person. Lovely, gives my heart hope to think that there are other people in this world [aside from my family] who can imagine such things, Decency, love, humanity

One Day

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'll never Understand

In the extensive time I've spent in This world (an arduous 19 summers and 8 moons) I have seen very little of humanity, but I have known much of it. I've circled the globe numerous times (that numer being one); Tasted many lands and cultures (most being to the dislike of my tongue) and seen many ways of life. All that I have seen and heard (which could be seen as very much by most, but very little by a few) is both fascinating and intriguing, as well as disturbing and confusing. The Truth? Nobody knows, and they won't for a very long long time. Did you know that in this day and Age, the very 21st century "liberal" world that we live in, Racism is still very prominent? Everywhere. I can't grasp this at all, it simply does not compute, If I were a piece of machinery I would melt in the attempt of trying to .. grasp the... idea of it, it simply doesn't make any sense to a brain that functions on any sort of anything (obviously that's not true considering that there are brains everywhere that somehow rationalize and justify this idiotic idea)! The sad thing is I am not talking about the KKK and other such obvious baddies, I am talking about your every day man and woman, the randoms you pass in the street, the people you greet in the morning as you pass, that one woman that sits next to you on the bus everyday, that guy who is always walking his dog in the park. Sometimes Its ever so subtle, but its always there. It makes me very sad, but when I see it in action It enrages me, especially when it is a friend who is the victim. Racism is such a touchy issue with me, which is very strange considering I've only ever experienced it once, maybe its because I see it all the time and the injustice is just too much for my fragile temper (hehe).

Obviously I am a very dramatic creature, so I try to only see the bad in people (this is just my dramatics getting out of hand, the truth is I cant help but assume all are good, and even when they do me wrong and bad I still can't admit they are bad, a bit like Jane Bennett, minus a lot of the goodness and silly stupidity.. so not like her.. HarHar). I wonder, maybe I am a hypocrite, maybe i am a hardcore racist, maybe i am the one with the closed mind that refuses to see anything of logic and sense(this reminds me of the saying "I am not a racist, I hate Everyone Equally")

I wonder, If my parents were not two very diverse cultures(but were indeed the same), and I had not been raised around the world, and had had a neighbor that was my best friend who I attended all the same schools with and one day our grandchildren got married, Would I be the small minded Racist that some weirdo who had been raised around the world with very different backgrounds from the very different parents was complaining about? Am I only so outraged by the idea because I don't fit into it? I shudder at the thought, but cannot defend myself. That makes me sad, the idea that the only reason it disgusts me is because I cant be apart of it, I do indeed wonder; I cant bring myself to say that "I'm glad I had this upbringing because now I am not like that", I feel that If I were to say that then It would be admitting that it is the only reason, and that thought makes me incredibly sad. But I am very glad that I am not like that, and I am very appreciative and thankful for my little life on this little planet, so many things I've seen, I used to be a rarity(along with my six siblings), but now it seems quite common to meet a fellow nomad yet to find their home.

One Day

A pot hole in the Rain

Hello My Dear Friends,

Have you ever seen a pot hole in the rain? I have never particularly noticed, not before its too late and I go Bump! haha that is a very funny experience. Pot holes are things you generaly avoid, because you know (or think you know) that it will be a rough bumpy if you go through it, and an unpleasant experience(I'm sure it can damage your car somewhat as well if its a big one haha). A pot hole in the day time you can usualy see how deep it is and judge wether or not you need to avoid it, sometimes your judgement is off and you go through with a thunk and a "CraP!" While other times when you fail at avoiding one you think will go thunk, and brace yourself for a "CraP!", you are pleasantly surprised that it was nothing at all. I, my dear friends, am like a pot hole in the rain. Not many people see me, and sometimes go right through me without ever noticing, while other times they go Thunk and have an unpleasant experience. But for those who do notice pot holes in the rain, they quickly make a judgement on wether or not to drive through the pot hole or avoid it. The smart ones avoid it because the rain makes it impossible to know how deep it is; The Other Ones dont care and go through it, sometimes pleasantly surprised that it wasnt a pot hole at all and other times Curse their stupidity. But, are the "smart ones" Actualy being smart by avoiding the unknown depth hole? If, say, the pot hole is found on a road up a mountain with a wall on one side and a cliff down the other, would it be wise to avoid the pot hole? And if its a busy narrow road? There are still some idiots who would Swerve onto the other side of the road just to avoid the unknown, but I say Brace yourself for a bumpy and go for It! you might be pleasantly surprised, or completely justified in your assumptions, the thing is you wont know until you have, and you'll never know unless you do

hmmm my hands arent good enough?

just a thought


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shocking Really

I am so full of Rage right now, its quite shocking. Nothing is doing what I want it to, that's very impatient of me, and bratty, but what can I say? I have a terrible temper. I'm so angry my throat has that angry feeling where I cant talk because I'm so angry. The Internet explorer is about to screw up and the computer is retarded. This is the second day of my angry rage, I don't know why I am so full of rage, I cant pin point the cause, which is strange. I guess it might be something to do with my very tiredness on Saturday that resulted in the loss of my licence and swipe card, and for the life of me i cant find them, that frustrates me so, dangerous anger. I'm so angry I could Swear, the silly ones like damn bastard hell hehe, still angry. I wish people would be more helpful. I'm so angry, and its dangerous because its a rational kind of anger, meaning I can be Really evil and level headed at the same time, the ultimate evil . Well Maliana informed me (through various means haha) Of a KOREAN ARTist! he plays awesome piano's I'm going to ask all my Korean friends if they know of him, that would be cool if they did, I am going to buy his CD, its the awesome Bella's Should be lullaby, they should have asked him to make one haha, that would have been super awesome, Bella's lullaby really sucked, unbelievably so, I was very disappointed, but more unbelieving disbelief, it was so shocking how it sucked so bad, it was supposed to sound impossibly complicated and such, it sounds like you could play the Whole song with one hand, but anyway. So I am full of rage and now must go to work, the rage is slightly dulled into an emotionless flat, a dull unfeeling feeling, need to buy some of that music

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where do I begin?

I love this remix of the song and could have sworn it had a weird video that went with it, some cartoonish cgi ish characters walking down steps, but I could be delusional? I want this song, but cant find it! I will have to look harder! YE!

I fell across this song as I was looking for classical musics for my ears, I had no idea that Beethoven made a song called love song and that everyone uses it... Maybe i am totally off the mark with this connecting of dots that i made, or maybe i am totally showing some REALLY blond roots here, but I'm not really care, as long as someone corrects me! Another song that i was reminded of as i searched for random things like i was doing that i love is Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang, its unbelivably awesome. Anywho time for sleeps!

HAH tricked ya with the thinger dint I?!?!


p.s. I JUST FOUND IT!!! I AM SOO HAPPPYYYYY (hahaha Get Smart I love that movie, its so cool, and funny, and not like the show, even though it was an awesome show i wouldnt have liked it much if it were completley like the movie, and its got ... The Rock, he is so cool, I can never remember if his name is wayne or dwight HAHAHAH I think its wayne though, I like his acting!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

watching Eragon

Melanie And Henry at the Beach
Now! with Marshy commentary!
(she gets distracted huh?? HJAHAHAHA)

WE WENT TO ThE BEACH TODAY! we only went because its my week off and i wanted to go to the beach, so I said lets go to the beach, then lete invited our little hombre Toni, so it was me lete henry and toni! we drove to the gold coast then found a random beach. We only went because we thought it would be raining and so no people, but the sky was BLUE as! with no clouds anywhere! so we went anyway and weren't cold, but there were some people there. Then me and henry went to the Water to see what was the haps there and this is what lete did, I mean she recorded our adventure to the water, but she only came like a HALF HOUR later, what a slow mofo hey?? hahah i like the simultanious Jumping, Well thats all for now, I am off to .. watch Eragon!!1 YEH!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Never Seen poly boys With such style!!

I am a Very Reticent person, I have finaly found the word that is BEST EVER DESCRIPTION OF ME AWESOME! you should look it up if you'd like to know what it means, unless you are a smarty pants who already knows what it means(MalianaHead!). Of Course it isn't Exact, but it is Quite Accurate. I don't like to talk much to people, because I dont like to waste my breath or genius on unappreciative homeless mofo's who would be completely incapable of understanding a Word I said (even those I do speak to sometimes(ok ALL the Time) dont understand a word I jus se!); that is why it takes me so long to actualy speak, or "warm up" to people. I don't like speaking when the person the words are for wouldn't really care to listen, Unless said person is a dear friend or family member, then I force them to listen(as much as is humanly possible, like repeating it over and over or making the words louder and louder hehe).

EXAMPLE: When a person of acuantance passes you on the street or in the hallway they say "Hi how are you?" just in passing, not really caring for an answer, but rather merely following social protcol for what they assume is a polite and sociable way to behave. I personaly think its quite rude and impertinant(not really this word, I just felt like throwing it in because its a coolo Word). I think this way because its like Cutting you off, "hi how are you-" walk away, it So Rude! I normaly dont dignify such greeting with a verbal response, but rather just smile and sometimes say hi. This might seem Snobbish to you, but I don reall Cair Eh?!!?

this leads me on (maybe, might not though, I have quite a jumpy random thought process) to something else, Thats something being.... Oh yeah ( i just forgot, and then remembered HAHA) I have such a hard time expressing myself, mostly because I am afraid; Of What? I am not entirly sure, but when it comes to expressing something FEar Grips my insides and SQUeezes so hard that I just sit there in silence witha confused tormented expression on my face(okay, that might be a lie, but its a fun lie); I think it might have something to do with the reaction to my expression. The reactions on those few occasions I do express something are often bored, or distracted, like the persons do not care, and that I cant stand, so because no one seems to care I keep my yap shut and dont share my thoughts, Like Ever. You might think I do, but i dont. you know in Click when he fast forwards, and goes into autopilot(or watever) thats what happens with me, I think something, but dont share what I am really thinking, I share some auto pilot stuff, random stuff that will make the person go HUH?!? I AM SO CONFUSED, then I will go EXACTLY! and thats the end of that chapter!

And Finaly, to my point, THE POINT, A POINT, some random whatever...

I don't know how to comfort. Its so Funny, (in my head anyways, whenever anything happens I am like uh.. but Laughing in my head at how I dont know how to react) but when I see someone in need of comfort, I kind of just stare awquardly with big eyes, then avert my eyes at my embarresed ineptability. LOlerskates, and it also goes for lacking in being able to be comforted, Example:::
At church the day after my Grammy Ofa Died, a Tongan Boy in my sunday school class said, "oh melanie, when did your grandma Die?" (something along those lines (he said it in a way that suggests normal conversation)) and I replied "yesterday" and quickly looked at the floor because I started to cry. After church, outside on the bench that is located there I saw the tongan boy and his older brother sitting. As I walk towards the parking lot (the bench is located somewhere there) I hear the older one say ".. you faggot!" and he gets up and sees me and comes over and gives me a hug and says " I heard about your grandma, Thats no good". My Reaction was to stiffly accept the hug and say thanks with that stiff aquardness that is my own reaction to most things foreign to me. To be fair, it might have been because he was (and is) a totaly Handsome Mr. Man and I am(or was (getting better every day! haha)) just sucha nerd face oh my gosh a boy talked to me (ok not that bad) kinda gal.

When it comes to Comfort I guess I just feel a bit like I am watching it from a distance, and unable to react appropriatly because I dont know how to, it feels foreign and alian to me; Like my hombre Legolas in FotR, when Boromir is Dying in Aragorns arms, and Legolas comes and watches from affar, he looks on in an observant way because it is completely odd to him, not happened before, I love it. Oddly enough I have much feelings in my being, and i feel deeply for people, so my inability to comfort is a literal pain, It pains me to not be able to comfort others when they are in pain, or sad, or lost, or any other unpleasant things. Unnecesary heart ache, wish I knew how to cure

I'm think of charlie chaplan's words "we think too much and feel too little" That is the case with most people, but not I, I think too much and feel too much too, hahaha but who'd a thought? you cant really tell hahaha oh wellll. One last thing!

I was told about this group today, they funny, called Spacifix and I do declare Never Seen poly boys With such style!!


Monday, November 24, 2008


Soo I have a perdicament that is needing to be predicted accuratly, Sharpish!

So HEre it is

Do I Skip work and watch twilight as many times as humanly possible till I have to go to work again,


Not miss work and go the saturday after twilight is released to watch twilight as many times as humanly possible till I have to go to church (AHHHHHHHHHHHH THE ANGUISH OF MY TORMENTED SOUL!)

ok Let me Know! hahahah

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Awesomer than thou

Almost Forgot, I saw this Picture, I dont know if anything has been done to it, it sure looks like somethings been done, but its So Awesome, Like the best picture Ever, her Eyes are so Pretty! (like mine and my daddy's HAHAHAH! I dont have a fat head, I just love my eyes)

Here is one of henry hahaha

these kids are such posers, just thought You should all Know. I envy them that too haha such outgoing Fat Heads, And I say it in the nicest way possible




Friday, November 21, 2008

click click click click maliana got a really cool pic..ture

hmmm Grown up, I guess, in the sense that I dont think like a child anymore... well.. THIS is Hard to utskira harharhar. moving Along

OOOOO Henry Graduated from Australian 12th Grade on Friday! that was so exciting, and yet very boring. It was very exciting because Henry was graduating! and there was drumming and digaredo/!

the first video is some digeradoing and the second one is some more, you can hear the drumming start just at the end of the second video, but the memory card was full and I was full flipping out hahahah poor lete

I thought it was so Amazing! because I havn't really heard a digaredo be played, but this was so cool, and then they added the poly drums and it was so flippin Amazing! These little (12 to 15 yr olds probably) boys were playing their drums like nobodies business. Polynesian kids always amaze me, even though the means are usualy terrible, the outcome is usualy always Flabergasting; four year old kids reciting the first three articles of faith(or other long things) by memory, 11 year old girls dancing like pro's, young boys doing haka's and spear dances and drumming - K Moving on!

but then there were speeches given by a principle who didnt really care and 17 year old kids, So, Yeah...

I envy him(henry), and lete, they get to have something I won't have, Ever, Ever ever. Lucky Dogs!

So I've decided on a Date, The 26th of June, Three years after I arrived i will leave. I'm affraid of telling people, because Thats just how I am, not a spine in my body HAHAHA the lesser of two evils? I'm not refering to the voting, but the evil and spine.

I'm so tired, not in the physical sense, I just want to go home, where home is I know not, Maybe I ruined the world for myself with my thoughts, and overly high expectations of my fellow humans and their environs.. But I dont want to lower my thought standards, What Would that Do to mE and My ?!?

I just dont know anymore


Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Caught Myself

Down to you
you're pushin and pullin me
Down to you

But I don't know what I want

I LOVE ALL THAT IS TWILIGHT, AHHHHHHHHHH I was just about to go look at Miriam's recent blog, BUT just a few seconds before I clicked it I read twilight was so GOod, AND I EXPLODED WITH JEALOUSY!!!! I am going to have to close my Eyes and Ears for like nearly a month (three or so week) so that I don't cry and die and explode and fall over.. but considering that I will be driving, walking and handling sharp things with my eyes and ears closed All of these things are inevitable; BUT if these things happen because of my closed eyes and ears rather than my twilight's ruined, it will be much better, because my twilight's ruined would mean ANguish to my Soul1!! but the other thing is just my injured self... and others maybe, hmmm On to Other matters

I bought the soundtrack the other day and totally forgot about the poster thing, it was the lame poster of Bella and Edward, I should have gotten the Jacob one hehehahahah I've got this feeling that I am going to be team Jacob with the movies, I am not sure why hahaha he just seems better there, but books are definitely Edward. I'm just wondering, does Rob Pattinson play the guitar for the song he sang? that would be so way more impressive than him singing kehe.

OH NOO!! I am going to be all alone at work tomorrow!! (well obviously not completely alone) my crews all missing, minnie (LDS lady in my stakes ey) is away for two weeks or something because her daughter Shazbot(Sharlene, but you know how the british nick name people with the first letter of their name then add an az or ez or azza or ezze or whatever vowel they please, australians being close relatives of the british do similarly, so Cake(chika) calls her Shaz, and I call her shazbot cuz its cooler, but she doesnt know that HAHA) is getting married tomorrow, (or today) and shazbots away cuz shes getting married(Minnie's daughter, temple marriage) and Cake (Caitlin, my number one hombre) is away because shes an amateur photographer and shazbot asked her to take the pictures for her, and Ja (Rocielle, I have no idea about that one, its completely hers) is just wagging(sluffing, skipping, absconding, being in the wrong place at the right time) thats all the people i sit with at meal times, (except for saphire, but shes from pieces, and I am in marinating) so I'll be all a lonley


HAHA someone commented (I'm trying to sound all popular bloggy! haahhaha It was Maliana AlrIGht?!?) about me sounding all grown up or something, I am not sure if it was meant as sarcasm, because its just too funny hehe

Well, in keeping with what I was yammering about, (serious stuffs) I will blerg some more.. about my futures

So My big little disbanding family is moving over to the Canada, That will be very interesting and exciting. At first I was like meh, but now I am wanting to go too. So My plan, go to canada next year in the middle somewhere (middle of the year) like june or july, well anywho I need to go to sleep haha BYO for NOW


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My hair Curls in the Rain


it's been raining like Crazy for the past few days, (its rainy time!) and it was raining as I drove home from work today, like torrential Down pouring, I could feel my car flying over the puddles because I was going to fast hehe Ye!

Let me tell you a secret! I got Christmas prezzies for my little family here in Australia, I bought my mommy the wii fit thing because she said she wanted something like that (Maliana I am not sure you will ever get that back heh heh heh) and I also got the rock band world tour wii thing, but I am not waiting for Christmas, Thats silly, its too hot to do that.

I did something REALLY stupid today, I played knuckles at work, and I flinched three times TWICE! so now my hand is swollen and grossly bruised and I can feel every movement owwieee DANG IT! I will have my revenge, REMATCH AAAAAHHH

I did another stupid thing at work, I shoved, like Nine warheads into my mouth for four dollars (hehe I eat stuff for money because I have silly friends hahaha) and it was painful for my toungue, afterwards I couldnt feel my toungue, well it felt burnedish, but my teeth felt like chalk, the acid like acided them! and they still feel funny hehe.

OH and one more thing before I go do wierd things, the mechanic man came to fix my belts because the fan belt snapped off on friday and then monday my battery light was on so i gats tha mechanics to fix its, so its all better now! or something, I was sleeping hehe Okay Laters for now! STILL super awesome excited about Twilight, but there are other things that are might happen, like going to robinvale and going to dreamworld for koreafest, and Henry is graduating on Friday, thats super cool okay I fall now



p.s. I still have no flippin clue
idea about whats going on Here
hahaha the pictures! and the
other stuffs! bleh

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

YELLOW SOCKS! I dont have any, but, one day.. One Day

HaHaHa talk about suckalicious Day Yesterday! and then Totaly awesome today, What an interesting thing.......

Hey, this thing has spell check, like in word, and the red underlining is annoying me, so I am going to have to write grammatically correct ness like, or fear the wrath of my smash the computer for my o.c.d. and then everyone smash me for the smashing of the computer. HAHA it works! well I just got major distracted! ok let me ...

So The past few weeks I worked Saturday overtime, which is intense hardcore bad for ones body, and made me exhausted and sickly. The reason for the overtime was because this weekend that just passed days ago I got Friday and Monday off because some equipment was being installed, so Guess What I did! I MOVEDDDDDDDDDDDD HAHAHHAHAHAH I am laughing with insanity, because I am no longer in my mind, in other Words, I AM OUT OF IT, my mind that is. So, I am still exhausted and sore and tired, poor sooky me.

Anyways, So I got this email today, from Miriam, and she said she is might leaving Guam, so I think I might go to asia for a week or so, just for randoms sake, we'll see what happens hmm.

Since we (the family) moved down the road, this is the last time for a long time (probably not very long, but dramaticness is super fantastico) that I will be on the internets, so GOODBYE CRUEL WORLd hahahha its late and I am tired and sore, so I am not making sense, but I am trying to relay this message, We are getting the internets at some point, but the slowness of Australia(in more than just servicce HArHar!) means it will be a week or somehting before we get it, so.... BYO



Might go to some festivals and concerts because I am ever so bored and hate everything and oh yeah, Obama won, thats interesting, I didnt think he would at all. It will be interesting to see what he does with the place haha

I can't wait to see twilight, but im so... i wonder Ok BYO FOR NOW-O

Monday, October 20, 2008

my toesies are posies!

Lets seeeeee... the last title for my blog was for... Oh Mamma was tagging dad in some pictures on facebook and I was like WOW didnt even recognise him! (even though he was the only brown one hehehahaha) but then she said yeah the title of my last blog HAHAHAHA it was so random I had to share it with everyone who would look!

Another Expliting Day! Today I ... went to work, but I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the man to come and look at my car to give me the stamp of road worthy approval! but he never did so I had to do a lot of running to catch my bus and train to work, that wasnt cool, I had a sweat patch on my back because I had a sweater and a backpack and the sun was shining like a mofo, but there was a breeze so it was really nice, but you couldnt see my sweat patch because I had the hoodie on hahaha. So Yeah, Then at "lunch" I got a text message from mum/dad (not sure who it was dads phone though) saying my car would be ready tomorrow!! So I can drive to and from work! ya!yayayaya and then I got another message a few second later saying my DVD ARRIVED!!!!!! from Asia! that I ordered ages back! I bought Casshern special ultimate edition, its all BlingBling Shiney! and I also got Princess Hours (korean soap(drama)), Smile again(korean soap(drama)), ex machina appleseed saga or somsing(some japanese thing henry wanted), Make it Big(from taiwan, henry again), and millionaires first love, Thats a Korean Movie, it is so flippin awesome cool its just unbeliveable, well i Love it. So I just had to share that with the world, I GOT MY DVD'S!!! and then I told mamma about this deal I had with Mele'Ofa about princess hours and she said Thats Illegal, and I was slightly taken aback, because its my dvd's! I want to do as I please with them! hahaha oh well. I'm not very good with the picture making like maliana, She needs to do some to make good pictures and stuff, And then she was like High when she commented me HAHAHA.

While I was reading my time magazine at lunch time I was reading about the crazy recession and it mentioned how Iceland nearly went bankrupt because of it, I giggled and then was worried.

More Excitment! one of my korean Friends from work who went to korea for a couple weeks got back today!!! shes funny, and then my other friend who went to Europe, Cakelin! Suprised us all at work today!!!!!! she came after work to scare us all! quite an exciting day, Well I'm off to watch some korean something or other, TTyL!!!1

bahaha Sleeepy toims


one last thing, last night I totaly stubbed my pinky toe on my left foot on dads tool box in the living room, and I was like OWWWWW that hurt, but went about as usual because it was just a stub, if anyhting it just felt a bit numb, but later while we played mormonopoly (HAHAHA) I was grabbing my tow because it still felt funny and I realized there was somehting oozy on it and I look at it and its all bloody hahaha when I stubbed it (like i kicked the heavy metal tool box) it ripped the skin off my toe, but left it on if you get me, so the blood that had dried into a hard casing of a hill on my pinky toe was also keeping the slice of skin on, that was so cool, but it killed all day because it was squished into a shoe, not just any shoe, ma chucks ey. Anyhoo LATERSSSSS

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Actualy, looking at your dads pants, should be just before Miriam was born"


this week has been a very exciting week... ! But I have been sick and so very exhausted for some unknown reason, and so Instead of going hard core blogging I go to sleep HAHA, which reminds me, Yesterday I did some over time (I dont work on saturdays or sundays, unless we have a long weekend, then we get to work over time on saturdays to make up for the no work on the other days) and it was supposed to only be four hours, but it was four hours and forty five minutes(thats what i wish the weather were like, YA!) (HAHA) and dad came to pick me up because the train was broken for the weekend. Dad asked if we could go to this Liahona thing, I said Sure because he was nice enough to come pick me up. But then we went and were there for an ages long time (probably only a couple hours, but I was tired hehe) and finaly when the sun is setting we get to go. When we got home I went straight to my room and flopped on the bed to emphasize how tired I was and winge some, but I was so tired I fell asleep HAHAHAHA on my face hahahhaha it was so funny to me, when i woke up, I didnt intend on falling asleep HAHA.

Anyhoos, let me tell of my exciting weekkkk! /so.... Uhm, Well On tuesday I went for my driving test and I thought I failed so when we got back to the place and the instructor man was telling me this that and the other could be improved I was glumly replying yep uh huh, Believe It! then as I looked at his comment on the paper I noticed the sucess box ticked, and then I rudley and dumbly interupted the instrucer and said, "wait.. Does this mean I have my licence?!?" as I pointed at the success box and he replied "yes, I thought it was a very good drive, you are a good driver and deserve your licence" and after that I was like " Are you SErious?!?! I have my licence/!??" HaHAHA I couldnt believe it, because I braked hard when I didnt see a car at a yeild sign, then I did a Wide Turn, and I also didnt put the car into reverse when I was paralel parking and there was a car behind me waiting for me to move, then the instructor (after I did the parking) said when I put the car in reverse the car behind will know what I'm doing HAHAHA I was like, shame. But I kept saying thank you to the guy and he seemed pleased I was SOOOOO excited! so now I have a licence, but I havent driven yet bahaha.

Another exciting thing, that day at work I asked my boss for a week off to visit Miriam, that was nervous making for me because that is how I am HAHA. When I got home mamma told me about this Car that some tongans were selling for 600 dola, TOTALY! so the next day I go to buy the car, and now I have a car. thats sort of what it looks like, I would take a picture but lete and henry always take my batteries so I can never use my camera... Anyways, they always hate on my car But I REALLy like my car, because its mine, and it works, but the radio doesnt because had to buy a new battery and the radio has a security code type thing that I dont know so I'm just gonna get a new one.

So Very Exciting week for me, got my license, my first car, the first week of december off work to go see Miriam and Daniel and Alexader and Eva cuz my boss is cooler than I thought and la de da hoo ha, I am just so beat. all my muscles are ache, it feels so good to stretch but ya, Here is something random i found and like. OH YEAH! I read the host, my friend from work bought it for me because she thinks i am a super cool friend, I was sOOOO happy and excited about it, because I love stephennie meyers style, I think she is super cool, and I loved the Host! then this Korean chick from work gave me a book too, because she always sees me reading books, I was like Oh, ok Cool! thanks! hahah but a bit confused like. Koreans are so cool, there's a bunch that started working at my place of vocation and when they eat, its SO AMAZING, they get all the food and put it on the table in front of them then get their chop sticks and start eating all together, not on seperate plates, All Together! adn they always wave in that funny asian way and say hi HAHA its so cool, they are so happy and fun! anywho, I am better off to bed soon/now

One more thing! I ordered some dvd's and things from the this asian shop thing and its on its way here, GONNA BE SO COOL, but before they took my money they whole bank fails hapeened so it was a lot more than I expected,which was so not cool, but C'est la vie haha Toodles Pip!



cant wait

my car will be road worthy tomoz or Tuseday! haha at my spelling, i go sleepyby now


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


ok so i am SO TOTALY COMPLTETLEY OBSESSED! mmmm twilight, Maliana is so wrong, I love Edward, I liked Jacob but then he got all ... head over heels for dumb face i mean bella, and Bella JEEza lou! she was alright but then started to grate on my nerves!!!!!!! because she had edward (sort of) But Wanted JAcob TOO?!??! selfish selfish selfish die Die DIE!!! yep that was it, i really like jacob, but i hated how he just let her be selfish poo head like that! And she would winge and he would come, poor dear.

mmmmmmmm Edward Cullen HAHAHAH except... uhm,... not 17? haHAHA

I'll probably like Jacob and Bella alot more with the movies, because I'll see human beings rather than my imagined Whingey MOFO that is A little Argh

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH everytime I look at movie stuffs I HYPERVENTILATE!!!! hard..To BReathE HAHAHAH

Reading the Twilight Saga has really made me start to miss all the things in my life, it all reminds me of so much, maybe its just that I so happened to be reading twilight at this moment in time so I pin it all on twilight, But its all just got me imagining, remembering, remenising (ahhaha just wanted another word to add in for fun... BAHAHa spelt wrong much?). I havent really read a book in Years! literaly, which isnt usual for me and my wanabe nerd self. It explains alot though, Coming here to australia I thought it would be this wonderful new start, an exciting adventure and lots of coolness because I would be coming back to my place of birth, My home, I was sorely mistaken unnfortunately. For the past two years I have slowly, yet subtly, been drifting and getting absolutly washed out to sea, then stranded on an island thats only got frozen rocks on it, with some fingernail clippings. I'm not sure why I fell into this abyss of wallowing and black hole lostness, (probability being because of my hopes and dreams that were quelched on arrival then surpressed along with all the rest of the other things that i cant quite recall as a complete memory... maliana? HarHar) but reading twilight has been to me like a light switching back on, Reading a good book, using my imagination, remembering how to be a melanie, because that is all part of a melanie, imagination. Coming to australia I got lost, forgot who I was. I tried to fit in, (Im not sure why... Thats so unlike me, I usualy Shape things to fit mE~!) got lost and was in complete bewilderment this passed year; Totaly and utterly lost.
Twilight is such a good little saga, it reminded me of all the other good books i've read, took me back to better times when i was younger and would read to escape the miseries of everyday life that was mine. Remembering people, places, things; I've never been one for missing things, I just never have missed things, only things (people I should Say) that die, because there is a chance of me not seeing them again (this is al probably becuase of my upbringing and moving and sub conscious self defence mechanisms of the brain trying to protect itself from harms and saddness) But after becoming obsesed with Twilight I bought another book of essays written by other authors on stephenie meyers Twilight saga, that reminded me of school and how my enlgish teachers would always talk about my writing style and I never had any idea what they were talking about, Then there was the whole taking place in america, So I just started to remember all the good times, My memories are probably all warped and twisted, But I miss The four seasons, warm days, cold nights, Snowey Christmas', learning, schooolings, friends, family, strangers, libraries, autumn, winter, spring, Crazies, outdoors, trees, grass, sports, happy. . .

I got lost, and now I am looking for a way back, need to find melanie. we'll see the outcome

bahahahah canadians, that is so friggin wierd ey HAHAHA

gimme some good reads, need to get back to my reading

Toodles Pip!



Tuesday, September 16, 2008


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! so I read twilight, after going to borders and little contemplation on whether or not to buy all three of the books that were there, just cuz what maliana and mele'ofa teld me about it, then I read the back of the book and Was like PIshaW! this looks dumb ill just get the first one and we'll see huh! So I started to read it, and next thing I know Its over and I'm SOOO IN LOVE WITH TWILIGHT!!!! then lete said something about mele'ofa's blog having clips from the movie and I was LIkE AHHHHHHH!!! so I went on mele'Ofa's blog to look at all the videos she might possibly have on there, and I was looking and looking and looking and almost decided to give it up because letes a lie mofo but I was looking at all the pictures and blog entries and Realised MELIOFA DON BLOG NO MO! thats poopie. So anyways I finaly decide to hover over the things from the youtube and THERE THEy Were!!! right in front of my silly face! so then I went on google to find it MORE!!!!! I love vampires, and I now love this book because its all a "good" vampire story book! (so far anyways) cuz you know how most vampire stories always go bad (pshh mofo's). but anywho when I was searching I saw Alexis bledel for Bella and I ALMOST DIED! that would have been a real friggin tragedy!!!!!!!
So Cedric digory plays the Gorgeous Vampire, Thats slightly odd, and then the animal vampire is played by sabertooth, thats alright, wish they had gotten more no namer people rather than nerd name/no name people GEE I sure hope I dont see cedric while I watch this movie! that would be so not cool, cuz I hated his character! ok so I love twilight and am going to buy the second one tomorrow, and probably the third too HAHA Ye! well its late and I am tired and need to wake up early and be awake tomorrrow, but I am sucking myself into TWILIGHT! everything! looking for it all cuz I'm excited ! the movie synopsis is a bit off to me, but i duess we'll just have to see when it comes out ey?!? Well I forgot to finish this before I went to sleep so It is morning now and I am soon off to my driving lesson and then to the book store to buy all the Twilight saga YA!!!!!! might be finished by this weekend HAHAHA ok BYO!\


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Dance

tired, sleepy, unwell, oh crap

I'm tired, soo tired,

going to sleep now

oh I am going for my driving test on the 29th, how exciting... Toodles


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cute, in a grubby little gremlin kind of way

So I have won the duel with great slaughter, But I feel no Triumph in my victory. My challenge was not meant for winning but to trick malianamofo into blogging regularly, because I thought her will to obliterate me would overpower her lazy.. or "busy" as she says, and so I have failed and it is no victory at all.

So Anyways, I've always wondered why people always want to travel the world. I think it would be a cool thing to do, but its not like a life goal of mine; and people always want to go to GAY aS Places like North America or Europe, or Australia, its like Whata Fuzz why dont you aspire to something awesome like Asia or south america, places with culture and history; Don't even try and tell me that white people have culture, ahah Ok I am being a silly racist, they do have culture, I just find it so bland and boring, ok so i am being racist again, I just despise the white culture type deals, how they conquered the world and tried to eradicate all but their own, well thats probably what all groups of people do/did but all i see (which isnt much and is very silly of me to base my harsh opinions on, but thats a racist for you) is what the white ones done, hmm anyways its late and im tired so im off to bed to sleep, crap i hate sleeping late


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, this blog is going to be my confusion at Guys, I hate guys, they Suck so much, it hurts

Maybe this is just the ranting crazies of a woman scorned, as they say, but I dont think i have ever been fully, full on scorned, just crazies in my head, so yeah crazies in my head. Anywho I shall begin

Guys are so confusing to me. My esperians not very much or good, but im like whatever.

So I am harrassed all the time by guys, Either them or their friends or my friends that they talk to. I hear all the time that this one that one or the other one likes me or thinks im cute or hot or pretty or blablabla, you get me? Over and over I am told so that it gets old and i no longer care or believe (I never believe people when they say stuff like that anyways because I have low self esteem and inferiority complexes galore) them.

Because of this lack of comunicating with me, I figure these guys are all jsut a bunch of jerks who are just teasing me, which is very not nice. i guess thats all I really wanted to say... whats wrong with me? why arent I good enough? in total this has happened to me four times in the past year, true one was me not really interested, okay two, but still! and its not that these guys are jerk faces who should die, (ok maybe two of them are, ok three, but number four is really nice and wonderful, thats what makes me so miserable) either, well im bored, tired and over this, gats ta gets some sleep, nightyo


lol i get so bored with these blogs q:

today was mummys birthday, so i bought her a printer (i think) and tomorrow will get her a harddrive(i think) and because mummy is so nice and caring and not selfish she bought some cake and yummy'ss for her booger face dependants, because she doesnt eat that junk! poor mummy, living with a bunch o selfish bumheads

this dude is funny and i only link it so i can find it again, cuz i sleepy times now nightnight

Monday, August 25, 2008

people say drop it, but if i do what will i hold onto?

So its the middle of the morning and i Am awake, Oh well. All night i have been looking at places To rent, and what not, and its like real bother. So many places and all that jazz, But there are heaps of places that only allow students, this is usualy shared accomodations, but who cares? It makes me want to study again, but not uni, that would cost to much and be abit useless doing it here, I miss learning. HAHa at maliana silly face. I am not dying (at least, thats what tehy tell me! they could be LYING!) just had a something or other, And I was spitting blood the other day! it was real cool, but didnt tell the doctor that, cuz it was nothing. So I'm not dying and im going to work tomorrow to infect the populations of australia(queensland at least) with my illness, those with weaker amunne systems will die, but thats the price you pay with having a week ammune system and living in society. Tara for now... I cant remember what I was gonna say Phoondogs


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Apikotturin thin

im still sick but im getting better. I hate doctors, they make me feel dumb, because im all hypochondriac styles I never go to the doctor, cuz im afraid its just in my head; on those very few occasions i do go to the doctor, the doctor asks me questions and i flownder and cant remember whats wrong or why im there, so then i feel like the doctor thinks ima retard and gget nervous, and in the end the doctor says you've only got this that or the other, not sure how but this might help, or you dont need anything but take some painkillers if you really want to. So I'm never really sick, and nothing is ever wrong, so i dont think a trip to the doctors is ever necessary.. HaHaHa! i just looked up the word hypochondria, and here is the definition:

extreme depression of mind or spirits often centered on imaginary physical ailments

hahaha people dont feel special so they make out that they are ill to get attention, Thats Me!!! but when i am actualy sick i dont like people to care, i prefer that they leave me be to run and jump and exude the fictitious energy i need to burn, being sick means staying home means free time means pretend energy means cant sit still means gotta runa round the house or clean like a nutter; its like Caffiene, i just run myself down more on the pretend enrgy i dont really have and get sicker, never getting better till i die! i mean cant move anymore and so must rest hehe uh oh!

so i just did an all nighter friday to sat watching ugly betty, i love that show, but i hate betty,
Shes so Normal and whingy! I love Henry and mark and christina and .......... the other secretary, shes so crazeh odd. well im getting tired and my throat feels funny, so ima go to seomethng now Toodles!


Friday, August 22, 2008

shad up Ey

HAHAHA I was sick on wednesday from work, then thursday I went to work and felt worse, and nearly went home cuz i felt so terrible, but didnt cuz there were heaps of people off anyways and the work was easy. But I went straight to sleep when i got home that was not fun and when i woke up i just went back to sleep and grumbled as mum asked questions. And so I went to the doctors because I was hocking up blood ey? haha so the doctor says I have a viral infection, flluuu; hehehe what a sucka weakling; hehehaha. and now (BASTARD! this mouse is so sensitive) its 8.30 am saturday, and i've been watching ugly betty all night, chatting with some homies and esses (LOLERSkates) since about... 11 pm, hahaha I just wanted to know what it was that everyone was meaning when they said UgLY beTTy!!! after a few moments of looking at me and trying to figure out who i remind them of. So I'm like SCrreW You BaSTARsDS@!! At first I thought betty was coo, but then the show progresed and she a dumb face, they all silly. I think my favourite is the scot, and the little boy. Well now, I am going to concentrate on something or other.... .... BYo

im tired hehehe


p.s. HAHAHA at the Boylesque HAAHHA and Henry is my favourite character, Henry and the scot, and thats why i hate .. I mean dont like Betty HahaHa poor Super Accountant, I'd love a nerdikins like himm!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I can't see it

I can't see it. Can you see it? If you say Yes I can, I won't believe you, You're just a liar, what do you say when you are facing the other way? I can't believe you, I won't. I know it's terrible, I'm sure its my fault.. but I don't know why.. I will never know the truth, I can't trust you, your words. Who will tell the truth? He would.. But I can't ask him, I'm afraid of the truth, I dont want to know, because i feel i already do.. no matter what the truth, I'll only believe my own mind, irregardless of how warped it is, poor momo, can't love me..


I could blame someone else, but it really is my own fault, cowardice is a terrible thing, the worst in my mind, and what i suffer from. I smile because i cant find a reason not to

but in reality i dont like to cry in front of anyone, i smile so they dont ask questions.. questions call for answers, answers always bring tears


Sunday, August 17, 2008

hahaha henry is funny, he kept wanting pictures taken of himself so i decided to record him waiting for apicture to be taken, the poser

and this is lete skipping, she failed, a few times and i got bored of the failing hahahaha

i did some skipping too, and henry, but i was too cool for uploading HAHA I was just a bit bored on a sunday, wanting to go for a walk but no one would accompany me... I'm sad again. I am not happy


Thursday, August 14, 2008

flashing -lights

I dislike Kanye West Right? but I love this song of his, flashing lights, messed up video but interesting song, i think it might just be the orchestra noise i like, but oh well.

OH CRAP, I have to finish Wild Swans by tomorrow and I still have HEAPS to finish! or maybe i can read it this weekend.. Crapcrapcrap, everything sucks, ugh, i hate my life, everything sucks all the time, Poop. have to do m y tax, have to do my stupid lesson, i hate everything, all the time, alll the time but really im probably just a bit sick (look at the picture and see if you can Guess Waht kind of Sick bahahaha :P) DIE YOU! haha funny picture diee.... cry

hahhaha chattin wid da loostar, She make me feel better hahahah I go shopping! poke tongue


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And then this old guy, Right?

HElloHello my Little blogspot. How are things????? HAHA I ask a website how it is going blahaha how silly. Well it is nealry 2.15 am in the morning, and i got home a few ticks ago, ok maybe a while ago and i was just being an internet nerd. Anywho, I was gonna shower and sleep because I need both, but found the blogspot and COULDNT HELP MYSELF, now that I am here typing, with all the funny little retard events of the day fresh in my head, haha, I feel the need, strike that -Want, to continue. and so i shall

Last night I got home at some time and went straight to bed, in my clothes and everything, well I went to my room and laid down for a few ticks (and as the story goes i fell asleep, but let me continue). I started to text JayJay to say thanks and goodnight and hope he didnt die on the way home (cuz its late and dark and tired). I didnt think i was tired but next thing I know im waking up and its 4 in the morning and i didnt finish the text message, I laugh at my face and finish it then send it hahahah insane, i know, but that just how i Rolll (ok I just nearly got completley derailed by looking for a thats just how i roll picture, so I dont think ill do that anymore.. HAHA(OK so I just got derailed by music, I'll stop that now too.. HAHAHA)) so where was i.... ah yes. Moments later I wake up at 10 to my phone alarm, moment by aiden haha I let that snooze itself(much to lete's annoyance muahahaha) like Four times, actualy five, and on the fifth time I hear a knock at the door and hear Sister Woods Voice(my driving lesson instructer person) I fall off my bed (sem er i alvoruni bara sofi BAHAHA poor momo) luckily I fell asleep in my clothes so I jump up and put some shoes on and walk out the door HAHAHA only remembering its ekka holiday cuz lete gets up same time i do, so the bums are home mehe.

After a terrible driving lesson cuz I was disturbingly tired for a very mysterious reason that will never be known irregardless of how much people pay to research the reason for ... my odd sleepy.

So when I get home I'm thinking henry the fofo didnt even run this morning; as I was contemplating raising the topic of henry not running and that, just because he didnt have seminary doesnt mean he can not run(put a long pause between the can and not) HE says "Dawg didnt even run this morning (something like henry talk, I cant quite remember)!" and I exclaim You didnt even Wake Me! and he replys I tried and you wouldnt wake up. So I stop and think HOLY CRAP I DONT ReMEMBER, thats never happened to me before, someone trying to wake me and failing, (if you've "failed" it means I was pretending not to be awake) I always remember my wakings, I was completley mind blown.

And thats the end of that story, After the mind blowing my memory is shot- So dont ask anymore HAHAHAH jsut kidding, ask all you like I care not

In the four AM txt I said somehting like hope you got home safe ... more words cuz I am long lettered hahaha... and can I have a hug tomorrow. he didnt mention anything about it all day and just as I was about to get out of the car, (cuz he drives me home cuz he's nice, believe me people he isnt double agenda'd or minded or whatever the word is, I so Wish he was HAHA CHOKES eY! but really.. UH Anyways, HAHA) he says Didnt you want a Hug, and I go Aww Yes! so I get a hug and walk to the door chuffed as a dude playing his lost air maracas that he just found

thats all I really wanted to say ha ha ha is funnyoso you should add the star signs just for fun Maliana and MeleOfa, on that pretend quiz your making, but really you just wanted to know all my secrets so that you could kill me and take over my life cuz its so amazing

tooloo I go to shower sleep and then hopefully wake up on time to go to work darn it!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So, I'm like, on the bus right?

OH CRAP, I am in a free time moment where I have nothing to do, So I decided to come and write a blogspot entry, and I had all these interesting things that I was thinking about yesterday, last night, just a few seconds ago before I started typing, today, and its all just blithereyd away so... this is kinda..... uh.... OH WAIT, I'll recount the events of yesterday, some of them anyways.

Yesterday while I was on my way to work I got a text message, and that text message was from Henry. HE text me asking if id get him a Guitar (an electric one) and i asked why, whats he gone do for it, and he replied that he would run with me everyday for the rest of this year after seminary. I said OK, cuz my lazy bum siblings never want to do things like that with me. I myself did not have faith in my little bro, cuz he a bum hahahahah but then this morning just after seven (I got home from work at about... 3 ish? HAHA) henry comes into my room where lete is already being loud and getting stuff and words thrown at her, and starts saying COMe on Melanie LEts Get Ta Runnin! and I wrap the blanket around me some more cuz its really cold in the house, especialy my room, and say no I sleep. hahahaha! after a few more failed attempts to get me out of bed, Henry says oh whats this a message on your phone?? and Im like NO you liar, and then he says, oh its from Who? JayJay?? and I'm like You Lie! but he insists and says here I'll read it to you, by this time im quite awake and realise they wont leave me alone, so I start to get up and henry and lete both laugh at me cuz they think thats why I got up, but just to make sure I check my phone hahahahah and it was a lie! am I so SeeThrough???????????? thats why i sorta was unsure if it was a lie or not, cuz why would henry say JayJay? I must be transparent......... .. .. .. . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .. .; . .. . .; ;' '/ /;.. ,, l ;' /

Anyways time is getting on, and I always miss my busses, luckily JayJay picks me up on those days HAHAHAHAHA cuz He's nice, and silly, and odd, and CONFUSING and agrovation argh... hahaha linked hahahaha anywho, I'll write a blog about JayJay some other time... Maybe... hahah oh yeah, mamma doesnt know about the buss missing and jayjay Picking, But I dont Ask! he Asks! so im like Shweet! dont get any twisted ideas people, He is completely not like that, I'm the one thats like that HAHAHAHA nah, sall good, we friends, understand blablabla grr (mehehe)

BAR! makes 1 atmosphere on anything it rests on, CRAP I MISSED MY FIRST BUS! ><
Dumb JayJay! makes me miss my bus! hahahahah im just kidding jayjay, if you ever have the misfortune of finding this blog HAHAHA


Sunday, August 10, 2008

eeeee ooooooo eeeegh ooooo eeee

thats Right, me feigning DEATH, by MALIANA, So yeah, ims a ... TERRIBLY not well, I wonder if i shoulod shock my mommy with things i would never tell her, nothing BAD, just... uhm, oh things im , dunno, things i would like her to know but cant tell her for some reason or other..- WEll thats enough of that train of thought.

So, I'm reading this book called Wild Swan by Jung Chang, its a book about her grandmother, mother, and self, which takes you through the recentish history of china, from kuomintang days to the present commi ones, concubines and foot binding traditions and commi brainwashing, its Quite fascinating and revolting and shocking and insane. Another book I started to read was the boy called it, i got about half way though the book and didnt want it anymore, I feel no need to read about the disgusting acts of human beings, I know the world is a bad place so im not going to finish it.

would you like to know a secret???? if i tell you, you cant tell anyone, its a very sad thing, and cant really be helped, well maybe it could, and now your all (if anyone at all reads this mehe) thinking the worst things ever, well your WRONG haha poo heads, anyways maybe next time hm? hahaha :P


p.s. Maliana your kablowy was a not vere goo, HAHA how do you do your magical picture clicking?? ITS SO MAGICAL, and where do you get you pictures? mehehemahahaha

p.p.a. hahah i mean s.

I'm a floundering, Dont Leave me! stttaaaaayyy wiiiithhhh meeee cigarettes and open air hand in hand so i say Sttaaaaaayyy wiiiithhhh meeee,
but we dont smoke hahahahahah :( blahahaha

ppps oopsie daisy's! I didnt know the posts were supposed to be awesome.. HAHAH I will lose than, NO! I will make it better, SALApu Miriam!!! hahahaha shhhshshhshhshhshshhsh ala lala la

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The BAttle Begins

The weather today was TERRIBLY awsome, I hung out the washing as mamma washed, and it was just the right temperature outside, wonderful! then i backed the van into the driveway, like a pro (on hash HARHARHAR).

A few nights ago as i was walking out from work a chilly wind was blowing, and was cutting all who dared to brave it to the bone. A couple nights after said wind was cutting everyone up(last night... friday night) another wind was blowing, but this wind, it was terribly forboding... (SHADAP about my spelling Eh??) it was the ushering in of summertime, sure spring is supposed to come first... but this place is a back ward so it does its own thang irregardless of everythang else. This wind was warm, felt like we were in a desert and the wind was blowing... But it was night time and the night before we were all being frozen by the other wind that blew, and the beautiful day today, with the larverly warmth, I knew summer was coming. I didnt think i could handle another australian summer, but today... I knew I was HAHAHAHA

This blogy is still confusing to me, I dun undastand it! whats the friends and the clicky pictures?!?!? oh well

Friday night after work I went to a chinese resaurant with my friend JayJay, he's a boy. It was fun, we ate with chopsticks and neither of us really knew what we were eating hahah, and there was this one thing that was a bit smaller than my fist, it was white and looked like some sort of
i dont know what, and we weren't sure if we were supposed to eat it with the chopsticks or what, so finaly JayJay decides to stab it with his chopsticks hahahah it was very entertaining and filling! anywhoays its real late and im tired and have to wake up early and go to church tomorrow, so kidays foa NoW!

hahaha ask henry about the boy who owes his life to WoW LoLoL


(maliana, prepare to be obliterated, into Song! ... {: )

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


LOL i R confused, this bloggers blogy is bum head like :6 harhar retard. Anywho, I started this blog because I was jealous of everyone else and their fancy foosball games, but really I am just DUELLING MALIANA, I think we will both EPic FAIL because i am tired lazy and she is just lazy bahaha I kid.

Today is the day before Lete's 15th, and i was sick from work so i went and spent some money on some foods that she chose so we could have a "party" I ate a whole large (australian large, so extra small everywhere else in the entire fricken world) hawaiian.... pizza by myself and i am full, I cant imagine eating a real large all by myself, but I could do it when i was younger, no wonder i was a "fatty" HAHAHA stupid world

And now the beginers blog fo Reo!

I am Melanie Toutai, not many people know my first name, and when they ask what my middle name is they say "your name is Melanie Melanie... WIERD!" and I reply "yes, yes it is you clever mofo you" shockingly it takes them a bit of time to realise that melanie isnt actualy my first name, slightly entertaining. I'm numero FIVO!!! amongst the chillens in my famili, then there are two younger, a boy and girl. The ones older than me are all girls, and live off in other places around the world with their own little families, except for THE MIDDLE CHILD harharhar. i speak two languages fluently and can add numbers together! My family has moved around during my lifetime so... im better than you. I love my God, my faith, my family, and others important to me, they dont know who they are, and wont eever hahaha anywhoays BYO for now!


bahahaha about me in the first blog, ohhhhh welllll im new :p