Friday, August 24, 2012

United Staters

Ask a Citizen of the United States what their nationality is, it's very curious and I wish more people would use it, and I do not mean "American" since the America's are actually continents, ask them to have a gander in their passport.

So a little bit ago I tried to have a road trip down to the United States, but I was denied because of a previous incident of staying longer than the allotted time of three months. I was very disappointed because it was an extravagant adventurous trip that had been planned for for quite some time, but I understood, I broke their law and so I must now pay the price.

There were more people than myself involved in this trip and so I asked the border people how I would go about getting this visa they said I required; They told me that I needed to make an appointment with the United States Consulate in Calgary. I replied with an "Okay, and what is the process involved?" the officer than repeats himself by telling me I need to make an appointment with the United States consulate in Calgary. I then ask how I might do that, they tell me to call them up and make an appointment with the United States consulate in Calgary. I was starting to see where our conversation was going, and was becoming less than thrilled to be chatting with them.

The reason I was asking was because I needed to know If I could send the party I was traveling with along and they could expect me later. and so I ask: "Do you know how long the process is for the visa?" You will never guess what the answer was. "You need to call the United States consulate in Calgary and make an appointment"

I guess I was becoming too rowdy and so Another officer felt the need to make his way over and add snide comments as if I were hard of hearing, or did not speak English, he seemed incredulous at the idea that I wasn't understanding how this officers replies were answering my questions. After realizing these men(they just so happened to be two men, I am sure the women would be just as helpful) were not going to be helpful at all I made my way back over to my party and told them the news that I would not be going.

The Authority of the party (someone married to a United Stater) is not pleased with my findings and so kindly agrees to go back in with me to ask the Questions I asked. I hope that they are just as helpful so that I dont look like a crazy hysterical young girl, but the Officers, ever obliging, answered all of her questions, in detail. They never glanced at me and ignored me as if I were not there (except the snide one, he kept his eyes on me).

My Lovely M was so lovely and called her United Stater Husband to help us out. He is Lovely too and helped us out a lot. After much distress and bother we decide that it's best for me to just return to Canada.

M went in to help another of our party fill out their papers, and as they were doing so the officers felt the need to let her know that if I did not turn left (back to Canada) I would be barred from the United States for ten years. this was unsolicited advice, I realized just how amazingly helpful these people are.

As soon as the helpful officers answered M's questions I felt no desire whatsoever to go to the United States. I felt offended, annoyed, disgusted and utterly dejected. I felt so terribly because some of our Party had not been to the United States before and because of me they would not be going now.

Fortunately we were able to sort out a plan where I was safely returned home and the party was able to continue on! No thanks whatsoever to the .. whatever they were.

After such a distressing ordeal I have decided that I do not wish to ever return to that country, not until their government changes, which I can't see happening any time soon.

I Hate being a foreigner.

careful what you ask for

I have a friend who thinks she could take on the world and handle every hardship. She is a Ninny. She reminds me of the Little Princes rose.

Once upon a time said friend asked me to critique a piece of fiction found on the internet, and so I did. I wasn't very impressed and voiced all of my opinions. I noticed said friend was reacting a bit wierdly and getting a bit defensive. Before she told me, I realised what she had done. She had written it herself and told me someone else had done it. I was displeased because it implied she didnt trust me enough to be honest had I known it were hers. I would have been, but it would have been toned down a lot because she is so fragile.

I wish people were more like me, and didnt ask questions they didnt want answers to, but then I guess the world would be a little less interesting, and people wouldnt be able to take as much offense.