Wednesday, December 23, 2009

henzoparti tells a story

I was thinking of creating a new blog, and I will call it

yeah, that sounds about right! hahahahah i kid, henry is a ponk and said he would make a blog entitled that, he is so full of lies

So I've been doing some bloggspotting, and I realised i like computers. sometimes you dont want to write in your journal, but you need to get your thoughts down on something because they are just raging to get out of your head! hahaha thats how i feel sometimes, and i just now realized I can do it on the Here! I just wrote a lengthy insane piece of words that made some little and crazy sense once i "finished"(let some steam go and stopped writing hahaha) and read over it. I almost clicked the publish button, but then I realized it gets saved as a draft anyways, so there is no need to publish the dark inner workings of my mind hahaha the world is a sad and bad enough place as it is hahahah

I ended my brain raging with a little trip to, Thats an excellent place to go if you are having angry, sad, psycho, ragin, any sort of thought, It will help you see reason and probably answer questions. Great stuff I tell thee. I love conference talks, and I love having travel time (for work say) where i can listen to them, Great stuff

Well I am in Utah right now, I had a raging Long weekend in the city of Sin, Las Vegas. it was interesting, saw hoover dam, the grand canyon, the skywalk there, the Bellagio, the MGM grand, the desert, deathvalley, the beach, NEwyorkNewYork roller coaster (so cool) and lots of other raging tourist things, some deffinite recon for any family reunions we plan Hey?? Hey?? hahaha or roadtrips. cool beans.

It just snowed heaps today, and its so exciting to go outside and see the snow! and its Really awesome to be here with the Bakers (I'm not sucking up or anything, like Mele'Ofa is gonna read my blog or anything HAHAH I kid, Great Times All Around!) Miaya is such a funny little munchkin! she is such a little person! she has a personality, its so awesome to see. I am certainly enjoying my vacation. Its crazy to see all the little nieces and nephews growing up, and becoming persons, and not babies; and all the Sisters with their Families, and Henry preparing for a mission, ah time, it passes so quickly

I washed my air today, Utah always makes my hair crazy, so I washed it and ITS SO SOFT AND NICE AGAIN! more about that tomorrow, it is very early in the morning, and i dont know when dustin wakes up, so I am going to go and be quiet and maybe sleep a little (maybe a lot hahah I am bad that way), and try hide my bad habits from the bakers, Even though they will find out HAHAHA I can pretend ok???


and MErry Christmas to all, even those without Christmas Trees!

Merry Christmas! one and All!

This is something I never posted, but after a year on the shelf I feel like sharing hahah written on December 23rd 2009, I think I was in Utah with Mele'Ofa. I wish I knew what I had just watched. Oh Whale. WARNING; RAGING RANT LIKE POST TO FOLLOW

hahah the world is such a terrible place these days, bad manners and no morals are becoming norm, and they are getting special labels to say that it is in
Fact Not their fault. That its genetic, or psychotic, or some other dumb assery, and that they have no control over it.

To them I say!


I Believe that in Life we have choices, Oh so many in a lifetime. Some are to do with love, others are to do with behavior, and many many others more to do with various other things that we encounter and experience in life.

I just watched a video about a fellow who is a self proclaimed psychopath, and I am sorry sir, but you are just an Ass, a Man of much inconsiderateness, A Dirty, scheming, "me" and "I" bettering kind of guy. If you are this kind of person, OK (its not really, but you get me), you are, but the least you can do is ADMIT that you are an Ass, and don't go on about how you can't help it; long ago for some reason you decided to kill Jiminy Cricket, or at least bury him alive since he cant die. It made you feel better about all the bad things you did or felt (or that were maybe done to you, that makes the choice harder, but it is still a choice) and all the people you hurt, and with the gaping void in your heart and brain and soul you thought it felt good to do these bad things, when in fact all you were doing was feeding the black hole that consumes all light and only gets bigger and bigger and bigger and consumes EVERYTHING, first you and then the people who are unfortunate enough to be around you (or is it the other way around?).

Hmmm Thats what I think, but I really am at a loss for affectionless psychopaths, OOP not anymore, I just googled it to see how to spell it and read some informations, and yep, This is What I think

Concerning Love. Most people in this world don't think they have a choice in who they love,

To them I say!

You are Sorely mistaken! sure this science business of "hormones" and "ideal mate" and "genetics" and "animalistic" "behaviours" that seek out the "alpha male" seems to sweep away the idea that we have a choice, but Guess What! We humans have brains that allow us to "go" "against" our "natures"! meaning that we can choose to become idiots that follow Our Carnal sinful minds, or we can choose to be ... stubborn? hahaha and do what is better for us than to be animals, since we are conscious and have memories and usually morals and are not made to be like animals.... Anyways

Most Everything in life is a choice, Certainly there are factors that affect the choices and decisions we make That seem to take our choice away
(sickness death other such big things) but Guess what Bucko! We ALL signed up for this hahahah

And so, after all my unholy judging of the human race, I say!

Go on in Faith, and always remember every day we have choices to make

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Sorry, but I just HAD to! hahahaha

I had a Dream, it was a wonderful dream. Let me tell you about it! (hopefully as accurately as possible, in the dream sense, so it shouldn't make much sense, but it was so awesome HAHA)

I'm at a movie premier, I don't know the place in reality, reminded me of P'boro theatre though. There is a huge line to see some big movie, I am walking around the line looking for someone. The line is outside the theatre (thats how big it is) and I am simultaneously thinking "STUPID PEOPLE! YOU ARE IN MY WAY!" and "where oh where is he?". Im in a fancy purple dress thats all.. hmmm fancy hahaha

dream shift to inside theatre, I found the person I was looking for, and my dream self goes "oh, its Kellan Lutz" because I didnt really know who it was i was looking for (hahahaha).

We are facing each other and holding both hands, in a weird olden days sort of way (we are also dressed in said fashion). I say "this is boring, its too crowded" and he replies "please, its not! i promise" and I say "no, its too crowded" we start pushing out of the crowded movie theatre that looked like peterborough cinemas, me leading the way.

Dream shift to a restaurant with a setting sun, laughter and fun times. Dream shift to something else, we are standing there waiting for something and Kellan Lutz says "We should get married!" and I'm Like "WHAT THE HECK?? No Way" and he's like "Why Not? think about it okay?" and he walks off. I start to think " OH NO! WHAT IF NO ONE WANTS TO MARRY ME!" meaning maybe i should marry him cuz no one else will marry me (HAHAHA I dont think like that in reality, That is Absurd! who wouldnt want to marry me??? HAHA I KID! I mean its an absrud reason for getting married). So after a walk around and some hard core brow furrowing and lip nawing I change my mind and think "We Should Get married!" because of reasons i will not disclose... HAHAH ok, because in my dream I was like- Oh gosh, this sounds so sappy, IT WAS A DREAM OK??? its so sappy its embarissing for my immature mind to think about (in conscienousness HAHA)- but my reasoning was "I Love him, he loves me, We want to spend forever together, and it feels right." So I go off to find him and he says "Too late, I married your best friend Lucy"

I KID I KID! hahahah that would have been hilarious though huh? So in dream reality I just have a smile on my face like "yeah!" and jump in the air with a frozen pose of me doing VICTORY!- hahahah i kid about the frozen pose and victory- Dreamily (magicaly, but since its a dream its dreamily) Everyone know and Bang dream time its about 6 or so months later and the wedding is a day or three away and i am starting to get cold feet and thinking "I cant do this, I cant do this, I cant do this, I cant do this" etc.etc. walking around with a terrified look on my face.

We just had the whatever reharsal (dinner? cuz there was cheersing and blablablaing and Mr. Lutz(groom to be) was speeching to the crowd(seated at table, likea U shape) and we were both standing and linked armed..) and after the final "cheers ok wahoo thats over" I briskly walk out into the hallway and nearly fall over as i hyperventalate and have a panic attack and do the "I cant do this" bit while holding my face as i breathe uncontrollably and slump against the wall. somehow i get to my room area while leaning on the wall and breathing and talking as i have said. the rehearsal was at a hotel and we were staying at the hotel and all the women were in one part and all the men were in another part that was the farthest from the womens quarters(some sort of tradition). Its this circular room with cicular areas that went around the main area, like a flower, but there arent any doors, or doorways, its all very open with drapey material (would make you think of a harum HAHA but it wasnt).

so some grandmother comes over and is like "poor dear, so .." cant put into words. I dont know whos grandmother she was, but she wasnt mine haha I guess that makes her his.

Dream shift to the next day, the wedding day. The grandmother takes me somewhere else in a van(there is a driver, she isnt the one driving). When we get there I jump out in all my wedding regalia and I go to the grandmother and hold her hands in mine saying "thank you So MucH!" near tears because my feet were so cold hahaha and I think she is letting me leave. she says "its ok" and I walk over to the house that we arrived at and walk inside. The grandmother calls out to people and I'm like "I wonder who is here..?" AND KELLAN LUTZ JUMPS OUT! SHE TRICKED ME! hahahahha I kid I kid, Then the Jonas Brothers boys heads pop out the windows and they are like "Hey!!" and im like "wtf(udge)" just kidding, thats what my real brain would thought, my dream brain was like "yay!"

So I gayly (this is the only word I can think of that would describe the way I went inside, the old use of course) go inside and plop myself on the couch expecting to be pampered and loved and allowed to forget all the wedding stuff. Kevin plops on the couch next to me (I KNOW! shockingly I know their names, the Jonas Bros that is.. ) and asks "Why so glum pretty lady?" (I may or may not have added the pretty lady hahahaha) So I go "Well..!" in the most pathetic "have pity and sympathy on me" sort of voice and ramble on about my story of whats happened. Nick was upstairs periodically showing his face from the balcony/banister that was above the living room asking questions and making remarks, Kevin was sitting on the couch next to me going "uh-huh" every now an again, and Joe was in the kitchen making scrambled eggs coming into the living room every now and again with the pan and spatula asking a question or making a remark.

When I finally finish telling the story they start asking me questions in earnest and making me rethink my thoughts, so i start saying "uh-huh" as Kevin and Nick Question me. After a time of doing this I hit my fist to my Hand and say "You're Right! I'm so silly! I have to get back to the Wedding!" and start to worry because I dont know how, but then the Grandmother comes in and is all "Ready to go boys?" and the Jonas Brothers all go "Yeah" as they grab instruments. And I'm Like " WHAT? you Tricked me?? OH Well LETs GO!"

And So Ended my Dream, Me sitting on the The Jonas Brothers couch with them convincing me to marry Kellan Lutz. hahahahahahaha good times

Best dream i ever had, better than the one about Rain HAHAHAHAHAH

I dont REALLY dream about Famous people, my dreams just plaster the famous face to the character. Cuz as Awesome as I'm sure Kellan Lutz is, I don't think he was Actually that person(seeing as I dont actually personally know him so cant say this or that about his personality). Who Knows? BUT the Jonas Brothers Were the Jonas Brothers if you skil hvad eg a vid

Anywho this was something I just HAD to share with the world(rather you guys, but you are my world so it Is the World! hahaha), because it was such an awesome dream hahahah But as I was typing this up I thought maybe I shouldnt post it. Thinking about it, I realised it would be really creepy if some random dreamt about me, its really creepy to have a stranger dream about you.... But then I realised it wasnt actually him.. i... dreamt about, ... I felt.. better about it?

HaHaHa oh well! better out than in! hahahaha