Thursday, May 14, 2009


wuahahah this is something I discovered today as I was sliding on the web. Its in Japanese with subs, but I am sure it also does dubs for those of a lesser constitution. One day when I am lazing about doing little of consequence and have the time, I will watch thems YA!

SOOOOO I am in New Mexico At the moment, for all you stalkers that love to follow my blog (as well as myself (HAHA)) anonymously (Wuahahah hahahahah I'm sure everyones Got ONEEEEE, So I can have one too q:) and its larverly down here, or up, whater. Its so fun here, Miriams a Busy lady, and I get to tag along hoohoohoo. Yesterday we went for a walk by the br... River that is located somewhere near albaquerque, I mean in. I am so black from that little twenty minute walk hehehe. When we got back to the house We started on one of Miriams fun projects, Sanding a table. Its pretty much the best job ever done in the world, you will find no wood nakeder than that table. Someday (maybe tomorrow) we will paint it or sumsing Ya?!

Well, after yesterdays sanding, my arms are Feeling the workout hAhaHa too funny, I can feel it in the vicinity of my Relief society wings Muahaha and when I woke up my finger joints were all achy, but not anymore. sure to keep your arms in Good Form!

Did you know that Hook Died happy because Peter Pan showed Bad form in the last seconds of His(capn hooks) Life? Poor Hook, I wonder if it was Really Good form of peter pan, in the sense that he was giving him what he wanted before he died.

Blue Foundation Are DANISH!!!! them Dane's, Scandinavia is just so styla fashionable, or maybe I just think that because I have the same taste because I am one wuahahah. But about the random Blue Foundation, I was listening to a song and heard this emiliana torrini type accent and asked mamma if she thought it was an icelander, and she said yeah, or an imitation wuahahah. So I google'd it, and it told me they were dane. I also just looked up this singer lady, and turns out she's a Norge! Her name is Kate Havnevik, shes a mix of instrumental electro wuahahah Crazy stuffs! you should hear it before you pass judgement

split second Decision!! I just made a paylist on entitled Scandinavia, and it will have all sorts of scandinavian musics that i like, I will post it up when it is half decent, at the moment it is quite unfit for public! okie dokie, I have started reading the Frankenstein book, not too impressed by the author, but I aint too impressed by JK rowlings either, TOOOLOO pip, I am off to somewhere! that'll be fun

until next we meet