Friday, May 27, 2011

If my voice will make you happy, I'll sing further and louder than seems possible

I just finished watching a movie that I have wanted to see for TWO YEARS!! haha

I've waited so long that I had little hope of ever seeing it. But I saw it!! and it was SUPER!!!! kekek its called heavens postman, I was gonna post a trailer, but I didnt find one that I liked, so I'll post a song from it! huhu

I didnt think I would like the movie, because it took so forever to see it, and the more I saw of little snippets, the less I wanted to see of the whole haha. But I Liked it!! very much! my only qualms would be her crying (I often dislike immensely the crying done by females..) and his shiny lips. WHAT THE HACK?? But he is (can be) a very good looking man (in my opinion), the main reason I wanted to watch this movie, him and the story, it was fun!

I didnt see what was going to happen until the last second before it happened. I am always like that haha sloww!! but my drivers licence tester said that isn't necessarily a bad thing, better in time than not. kekeke

fun movie! I just... felt like... sharing... keke Lete is graduating today! later today! thats Awesome! I should have finished the candy lei's, but I am a slacker face that forgets time passes and today arrives. O WELL, ill finish it when I wake up. Ya?

life is a

Monday, May 23, 2011


This is one of my FAVOURITE Korean words! hahaha its the Greatest!

This has become my new favourite dance! every time i hear the chorus I cant help but explode with.. explosions..

SOOOO I am in Calgary. I took a week off of life, (I know thats not possible for grown up mature proper way in life people, but that aint me, so I did it huahuahua) without telling anyone, so maybe there were some misunderstandings, as they like to say in dramas haha. Anyways, my little over a week holiday wasnt all slackery, I signed papers and applied for passports. I went to Vancouver! twice in one Week!! hahaha that place is one of my favourites! its such a great looking place, I'm going to go there for Real some time!

Anywhos. The other day I woke up, and my first recollections of the day were a Korean Drama that I have never been able to stomach/watch, since it was all about crying people. Its a drama that MAMMA WATCHED!! HAHAHA with Mele'Ofa! Anyways, I woke up and thought of the opening scene of that drama, the lonely man sitting at a piano on the beach talking about blabla.

seeing as I own a miracle that is the human brain, my mind quickly went through all the scenes of the drama (that I had seen), and continued on to the end that Mele'Ofa so kindly shared with me so that I could know what happened without watching it haha, anywhos, It was a horrible beginning to a day! the drama ends the way it begins, the man sitting alone playing the piano.

the thing he was bla blaing was his life story, so hes sitting there telling us (the viewers) his life story(bla bla bla fell in love with a childhood friend who became his step sister because his father died and her mother died, and so their parents decided to get married, because his mom was rich, and her dad was i dun really know.. drama drama drama can't be together, she is with someone else, she becomes terminally ill and their parents get divorced, for her last days they pretend to be happy.. I dont know how much of this is accurate since I havent watched it haha).

It ends with him saying something like "Now its her turn to wait for me, since I waited all my life for her (she was mean and selfish), now she has to wait all the rest of mine(and so apparently was he..)" (the drama is called Stairway to Heaven for those interested..)

anyways, this all happened in a matter of seconds because thats how awesome the human brain is. After the whole thing flashed through my mind i was like 시러! (bahahah thats another favourite ahhaha) It totally freaked me out, I dont know why, I was like "THATS HORRIBLE!!! WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT TO EACH OTHER!?!???" so i got up determined to not be miserable popos like them and I ran into letes room and was like "WAKE UP! LETS BE HAPPY!" it was earlier than she normally wakes up for school.. so i grabbed the laptop and ran out kekeke

So I am here for a few months (minimum!). I'm going to try be as useful as possible! and hopefully I'll figure out what I want to do. I may be getting old for a young person who doesnt know what they want to do/be, but i dont care, I decided that the other day, whatever I do, Its gonna be awesome! and I will absolutely do it! regardless of how much older i may be than all the other people hahaha Life is Great! we shouldnt care about what other people think of us, as long as we are truly Happy! (meaning righteously so!)

I took some pictures in Germany, but they are still in Germany hahaha I took some pictures in Vancouver, but they are still in Calgary ahahaha

one last korean word! 멋있어! kekeke

Saturday, May 14, 2011

No One can be replaced by another person. that is why farewells are always difficult..

WAAHH!! as per usual, I didnt sleep last night... this morning... whenever you would like to call it! hahaha wild potatoes! because, I am about to begin an other leg of my journey, the one from germanland to canadia.

so I havent been able to sit and concentrate on thinking yet, but my flight is 7:30 sunday morning, and i arrive around the same time in Vancouver (8 or so hours maybe?), and then I take a very long bus ride to calgary. I get an Extra long sunday this week hahaha, but its ok! I downloaded and burned the whole of last conference, along with a couple extra talks to fill in the space. hehe its gonna be AWEOSME

One day I am gonna try that form of travel where you rest before you begin a long journey. Until then!

One of my Favouritestest!

사랑해 Tabbi!

oh yeah, i have been exploding my brains with korean stuff, like music and dramas and movies, I found a great new song! through lete, its Miss A's Love alone!

I watched a movie called secret reunion, SO AWESOME! I have been wanting to see that movie ever since I heard it was coming out. Its a great movie! and really helps one understand that the "bad guys" arent always bad.

I finished cinderella's sister with maliana! and then we started watching boys before flowers haha great stuff. I also started watching the drama hana yori dango, thats japanese, its soo... interesting, its closer to the manga, but its some wild acting haha.

OH! I finished my princess, that was pretty ok! Lasterday I started watching Secret Garden, I LOVE IT! the main guy is a complete nut job, reminds me of someone..

haha anyways, enough of my korean ramblings. ONE MORE THING! Eyþór has a bunch of koreans in a bunch of his classes, and he told one of them about me and she was like "I would like to meet her!" or something, and so I went with maliana to Eyþórs organ concert (which was SUPER AWESOME, I enjoyed it immensely!) and then after she came up to me and was like "are you... me...." and I was like YEAH! MELANIE!! haha it was so awesome, Koreans are my favourite! we chatted about here and there and everywhere.

But then Jung Ae (malianas german class) gave maliana a burned music CD to give to me! SO AWESOME!! I Love koreans! I havent met an unpleasant Korean! Ever! haha I am so fortunate in my life, I really am, I get to do super awesome things, even though I dont really do super awesome things to deserve super awesome things. and so the repetition of insane tiredness begins, and thus i bid adieu

Love ForeVer!
Melanie in Leipzig

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still being harassed by a Mozzy!

oh oh oh, I was gonna add this to the previous post, but it was getting too long (this is really long haha)

today I went to malianas german class with her (I only went to the second half, because the teacher thought it would be too boring to go the whole time haha) and it was great fun. after some chatting about how to use before in German the teacher asked me to sit in front of the class and talk about myself in Icelandic, so they could here the great language. So I'm like Góðan Daginn! ég heiti melanie toutai og er í heimsókn til systir.. yeah you get it, and then the teacher was like, What are your hobbies? Interests? Dreams? hahahaha I was like.. uhm.. hehe but I said I want to study! and I want to go to South Korea one day! hahahahah

Now, in malianas class there just so happens to be a Korean lady! her name is Jung Ae. Jung Ae asked me where I wanted to go and I said EVERYWHERE!!! then she asked who my favourite singer was and I said Big Bang (after some shy "I dont want to"'s), the german teacher than asked (according to maliana, I was speaking Icelandic and maliana was translating for the class into german, and the class was asking me questions in german which maliana translated into Icelandic.. uhh...) who that was and if they were good looking, and Jung Ae said they were a boy band and not so much HAHAHA!! that makes me happy, because I am a selfish devil hahaha ohmy.

Jung Ae then asked if I liked shinee, and I was like.. so-so. hahaha (Ajumma fans galore lete! hahaha) what a great day! oh but then jung ae passed two 1000 won notes for the class to see, and then she said I could HAVE THEM!!! WOW!!! SO AMAZING!!! i was so happy hahaha

anyways, the weather is great, and im off to bed. Toodloo!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can't wait, for tomorrow

Im being terrorized by a mosquito!


Thats the Eurovision song for Iceland"!!! I love it much! at first I thought it was a jolly one that was fun, but now I think its SUPA AWESOME!!! because I keep listening to it hehe

But anyways, its a great song I think. Its got a bit of a sad story though, the guy who created it, and was going to perform it, died a few days before the Iceland tryouts (when people try to win the spot to represent Iceland in the competition), so a bunch of his musical friends (they are all music people who all icelanders know, and are talented i guess, I dont really know) decided that they would perform the song in his stead, and that he would have wanted it that way.

Iceland chose that song and so it went to eurovision! but anyways, he wrote the song and its such a lovely song, but really sad considering the lyrics and what happened. He had four children with his wife and was only 36. The performing group named themselves sjonni's friends, the guy who died was sjonni brink, or sigurjón brink, Sad story. But Iceland placed! so they will be singing on saturday. such a lovely song.

I hope Iceland wins!!! wahoo! that would be Great!!! cuz its a great song!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Today is mothers day! the sun is shining and its very nice outside! i got a rose at church in Maliana and Eyþórs ward haha coool beans.

i had a sunday nap, it was great!

I went on facebook to look at stuff and saw this, I like it very much. it made me very happy!

I love it very much! its so great and wonderful! its inspiring.

Something I got from this video is that in life we need to share, we have to speak, say what is going on happy or sad, good or bad, and give people the opportunity to sympathize, to understand. We cant just live in our heads and expect everyone else to understand. Sadly enough thats how i have been living my life all this time. I just dont trust people enough to tell them how i feel, thats something else I got from this video, we need to also listen. We need to share, but to listen in turn. If you want to love somebody you should listen to the things they have to say, who knows how long they have been holding on to their grief or pain, we need to have open hearts and hands, ready for people to trust us with their lives.

Like it says in Mosiah 18:8-9

Thats one of my favourite Scriptures! but scriptures are like colours for me, I like them all!! depending on how i feel or the day, this one more than that one! I like them alll, all the time! hahaha

and so I say to my mamma and all my lovely sister and all the mothers and potential mothers, Happy mothers day! you do the best work in this whole world.

Make sure you watch this video! its shockingly wonderful! it makes me happy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


just looks differently like that...

wuuahh! so im in germany, left iceland about a week and nearly two ago... haha i am not very good with the keeping track of things and remembering stuff, if i remember correctly, thats my fault, because I dont care enough about things to remember them. I should be more concerned with what is going on around me! Thats what i recall from my short psychology times haha i like learning stuff, but i dont like how schools and people think they can assess how much I have learned just by telling me to recite what they think is good enough. poo poo poo on you!

So I know i have got issues, (who doesnt, only fools who think they dont) but I have major problems with people thinking they have the right to judge me. I am just a fool, but I can be a crazy fool all on my own, in my own ignorant world.. I think... haha maybe i am just a failure and this is my way of being in denial about it.

Anyways, this is silly and majorly off topic. I just wanted to share one of my new favourite things! its in korean, with bits of english. Its sung by a fellow i think is very lovely, he is called Daesung! in korean, his foreigner name is D-lite (hahaha they all make me giggle! foreigner names that is), but it is a delight to listen to him sing i think. He is a member of a group called Big Bang, I love them very much! they are my favourite all time forever! Daesung is my nearly favourite member! he is tied with TOP. I think they are both very handsome (most people think daesung is ugly, but i think they are just ugly! hehe joke.. but fo reos ;P ugly souls NAH JOKes oi, this is a bit...)

anyways... i justed thought i should post something in may before it disappeared and i lost my chance to do so, but i dont know if i care much about that anymore.. hmmm.

im watching a short drama (16 episodes i think?) called my princess. its funny so far. I know how its supposed to end (apparently all k-dramas are predictable, but i am always in denial about that and never sure if it WILL end the way it looks like it should/will hehe) But I Dont Know!!! hehe i am a simple being with simple pleasures.

life is grand.

Listen to the song! its probably totally lame and what the heck like to you, but i love it very much. it makes me a sort of happy sad. its probably really weird, but i love it, and things i love i feel the need to share!

I think..