Saturday, November 19, 2011

Judgey! hohoo vampire diaries... oh im such a sinner....

So I went to see a Breaking Dawn part 1 at midnight with Mrs. W. it was totally awesome, i loved it, but I am a sinner. Let me explain why!

so it starts all lovely and fun! wedding and what not. but oh my goodness, the movie was rated pg 13 according to my ticket, but there was totally a sex scene. Yucko. It put a huge dint in the movie for me. I have read the book, and know what happens, but Come ON, better ways of doing it sir. I was totally uncomfortable, but like i said, i am a sinner, so i was like *rollingeyesandgettingheadaches* and then recovering for the rest of the first half of the movie, but like with all sin, I feel bad on my insides. So after that, I dont know if I will be going to the next one, GOsh,

but i am a sinner, so I really liked all the rest of the movie, it was so like my memories of the book, and creepily(on my part) it felt like i was experiencing it all! like i was one of the characters, or it was an old friend! hahah so weird, it was very weird, I guess the twilight characters are more ingrained in my brain than i ever could have suspected. so during all the appropriate parts i was very happy and very sad and shocked and all that awesome stuff.

oh. but this world is such a sin place, there is bad stuff in EVERYTHING! so you really have to be careful what you allow your kids, or yourself, to be exposed to. Like most songs on the radio are disgusting or perverted or all out bad in every way. The horrible thing about that is the song will sound so lovely or have a great bouncy beat that makes you want to dance around candyland, or there will be this feeling of goodness, like the words that jump out at you will be something like "love you so much its a miracles i found you" "i dont disrespect myself like that" but then the things they are actually saying, the rest of the song, is all about drugs and alcohol and clubbing and trying to forget stuff so you throw away all things good.

Its just such a horrible culture the world has made for itself, so disappointing and sad.

I often say I dislike people, and that people are stupid, but today I wondered if I just had super major rotten fortune, and that the majority of peole were alright, and just those few idiot made me dislike all humans. silly me!

here is a nice song


I wonder if billy was ever envious of the wolves, and also I am really hoping they make the Host, and make it AWESMEO!MDE and the next post script is a spoiler, so just stop reading


SPOILERS!!! fo reos, you may have read the book, but this movie is in two parts, so this will spoil it for you

every now and again i stop waht i am doind and say "OMO! BELLA'S A VAMPIRE!!!" it just seems so unreal! like it would never really happen hohohoho im such a dork, but i dont mind, it makes life interesting and fun

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Invisible Man

quite amazing! I stumbled upon this blog post about a Chinese artist (these are all assumtions, since I havent really read anything..) by the name of Liu Bolin, maybe you have stumbled upon this name yourself?

he is known as the Invisible Man. Totes amazing.

so here is the link to the blog post, i liked it a lot, and after i sleep for a time i will fer sure go and look at stuff by and about him. for now... i ...


I really liked this. so much I want it to be here, for EVAR(or as long as internet/blogspot/blogger/stuff exists)