Saturday, October 31, 2009

What WILL those Canadians come up with Next????

HaHAHA the other day I needed corn for the dinner i was preparing, soo i went to the store to get some. I wander down the canned vege isle and see:

*LABEL says Peaches and Cream whole kernel corn CANADA FANCY(I cant really see the canada fancy, but thats what it looks like)


(the can wasnt open, but i forgot to take a picture before i opened it hahaha)

At first I thought my ward was just being a child that mistook something for something else because I didnt look at the picture, I just looked at the label, but then I see the corn and I'm like HUH??? So I'm staring at this no name(thats the store brand, i am quite impressed with it hahaha) can of peaches and cream corns and I wonder if it was a MEGA BOOBOO on the factories part, Mislabeling and what not, because after working in a factory Myself I can see why/how they decided to sell it rather than throw it away (haha done it a few time me/ourselves hahaha, its a mega waste, evenm just the labeling), but then I see the jolly greens corn says peaches and cream TOO! so I start looking all over the veggies for corn that wasnt peaches and cream, and after looking at every canned veggie brand that had a picture of corn on it I grabbed a can of no name peaches and cream corns and asked another shopper if it was corn.

She was an older lady and she looked at me like i was daft as she said "Yes thats corn" then i pointed out the peaches and cream and she said "Oh... uh, its probably because its no name" and to clarify and be able to place blame(on someone other than me huahaha) if it werent corn I asked her if it was Corn for sure and she says "oh yes" and before she can talk anymore i say "okay Thank you!" and walk away as she gives me dirty confused evil confused eyes, because she started to ramble and walk away as she answered with the "oh yes *rambleramble* brand *ramble*"and im like, whata fruity person. I do believe she started rambling because she just looked behind me at the more expensive brands and they ALL said peaches and cream so her theory was Out. I figured she was most likely a Canadian, from her franco englo accent, and since it was a mystery to her I wondered what the heck Kanadiskur were On About!! not knowing they were eating peaches and cream instead of corn.. How is that even possible?? Wierd, boggles my mind.

AFTER some contemplation I wondered if it was maybe a Trick that the franco's play on the non french speakers, and maybe the French label tells the Joke? hahahahahahaha So here is a picture of the one and the other sides.

Now I dont speak ANY french, but doesnt Deux mean two???

If you meet a Canadian ask them if they like their corn to be peaches and cream, and if they look at you with "Stupid American!" eyes then tell them to go look at a can of corn in their SUperMArket!! and LOOK WHOS STUPID THEN! HUH??? hahahaha and mamma have a look at the stores down there, This is a Mystery that I would like to solve! its confusing and strange, makes me think these people might be a bit daft/dim-witted, since they dont notice what they are buying HMMM? Anywho, if you know, or speak french, let me in on the joke! hahaha

p.s. I think its a Great Joke! as if someone got bored one day, and so they started printing the labels like this, and all the other companies joined in not wanting to be different, Or maybe a conformity experiment, or maybe all the Companies wanted to see if people ever looked at the label, GOLLY this is annoying! hahahaha

P.P.s Happy Halloween!!! maybe the corn is dressed up too? hahahahaha

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Favourite Pass Time: taking candy from strangers

Sooooo I'm sure we all know I have a bit of a problem when it comes to Korean Drama's (wuahahahahaha) but I'm better than you Think SIR!!!! or maybe worse hahhaha

I Know when I have an issue of addiction. (you may disagree?? hahaha!) How I deal with it is I make sure that its not the only thing that I am doing, I make it into a reward for working Real hard, or something like that (sometimes not so hard cheehee). Maybe thats not a good way of dealing with such a problem but I think it works well with my Korean Drama's, Because I dont see them as bad, as long as I do other things as well, hahaha!

BAck in the days when I was watching Boys Over Flowers(REALLY GOOD I TELL THEE, TEH AWESOME, BeTTER THAN PRINCESS HOURS, WHICH USED TO BE MY FAVOURITE, BUT NOW BOYS OVER FLOWERS IS MY FAVOURITE, which makes me kinda sad because I can't look at Princess Hours the same way anymore... HOLY COW ITS GOOD! I need to buy it, so I can watch it any time every time whenever I Like1!1!!11!) I would wake up anywhere between 4 and 6 am (I am naturally an early waker type, but due to circumstances may sleep till noon if i felt like it ahahaha) to watch it hehehe.

HERE Follows my schedule for days of the BoF:

  1. Wait for dad to go to work (hehe) Then get up and do morning rituals (teeth clean face wash scripture read pray Shower, what have you).
  2. Make my way into the kitchen and do dishes and clean the kitchen and what have you.
  3. Calmly make my way into the living room and tidy up a bit there too.
  4. Casualy walk over to the laptop and turn it on, going to the kitchen to eat some brekkies while it starts up
  5. Check Emails and other such internet Jazz

The Daily activities would vary, Depending on who'd wake up and how long it would take me to do the different chores I set myself. Sometimes poor mamma would wake up at early hours (or not sleep at all), so she would be on the computer when I woke up, or Henry would come running down the stairs to try beat me to the computer (HAHAHA FAT CHANCE BRO, you shoulda heard the noise he made, GOSH) but he only beat me on days when there were heaps of dishes... (MAYBE HE MADE HEAPS OF DISHES BECAUSE HE REALISED MY SCHEDULE?!?!? SCOUNDRAL! haha just kidding, highly unlikely). So on the days where Someone else was on the computer/got to the computer before me I'd go back upstairs and read a book in The Corner until I was allowed to go on the computer (I'd ALWAYS(is this true mamma? hahahahahha I thought so, but my addict brain might be a liar) Ask mamma if I could use her laptop, not sure if i asked about the computer though).

I put an emphasis on the calm and slow of it all because I felt I needed to give other people in the house a chance to come and take the computer before me, Cuz as they can tell you, THAT WAS ALL I DID THE WHOLE DAY!! ahhahah I also felt guilty; thats why I did the cleaning too, it was more guilt than reward, I Felt I needed to do some mucho labours before I did the sinful thing of watching KDRAMA'S!!!!! I Also Did most anything anyone asked me to because I felt guilty about it hahaha (maybe they will disagree, but to my addict mind I did stop and do anything anyone asked, like the dishes, or sweeping or weeding, or garage cleaning or laundry; Sometimes mamma had chores for us to do, I would pick the hardest ones and if someone needed to do more, I would do more). I did my tasks slowly because I didnt want it to control me hahahaha If someone else got to the computer first, oh well I'd go read a book, Ya Get Me? This is also the schedule I had when I was a Diablo addict, that obsession was much less severe though, I would go eat food when I played diablo hehe. I'm not sure if this is admitting that it Does control me ahhahaha But I refuse to be controlled by Things, Stupid things and peoples! hahaha

Anywho, the point of this thing was That I am watching this one drama (pretty funny hahaha, kinda creepy, hahahah why are asians so liberal with their Thoughts?!?!? hahahha well the Japanese and Korean, I dont know much about the other countries in asia major) called Coffee Prince, its got some Great Music! in my opinion. I only watch it at night, after errbody has gone to bed (meaning their rooms rather than sleep, so around 6/7 haha early early), I grab my Wards(When I say Ward I am reffering to my Charge, the girl I look after haha, not the people I go to church with haha, same as with previous post lol) Laptop and slink off to my room. Before I Jump into my Korean Dreams (HaHaHaHaH) I make sure that I do some reading or writing for an hour, hour and a half. I usualy Read(BOM!) before, because I go into the wee hours of the morning... usualy hahahaha i was gonna say sometimes, but that would have been a deciet! Anywho I read in Icelandic, SUPER AWESOME! but what does Losnir mean? or lostir... Trying to find it but I cant, its Everywhere when I am reading and nowhere when I am finding out what it means hahaha and what chapter are you guys on mamma? hahaha just checkin

On the Other Hand

Monday, October 19, 2009

This is what happens when you drink Pepsi, but not Dr. Pepper

HAHAHAHAH I opened the freezer to look for some chicken and heard a funny noise, then a can of pepsi fell to the floor, along with a can top.

The freezer isnt normaly that gross, with all the brown stuff coating the walls and what have you hahahaha

So funny, the can exploded itself, the ends are both bulbous, and the top that should be inward is outward to the extreme! at least a cm! hahahah funny funny, it made an Paphooom noice when I opened the freezer, lucky it was me and slowly rather than one of the children and fast; tee heehee how to clean...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wuahaah Shocker! one after the other

Step One: Acquire Hideous, I mean Material

STEP Two: Use Patern for Evil, I mean cutting out the needed pieces

Step Three: Pin Pieces together; if you do not have pins than be creative (and districtive if you have delicat material) and Use Safety Pins!!!

SO I am working on this thing for my ward, for her Haloween costume, Its not a required thing, I volunteered since i've got nothin better to do Ya Dig? hahaha anywhos I decided that maybe I'll do a show and tell like Miriam and melisa and MEle'oFA! not maliana though, shes too good to be cool like us Hey?? hahaha chokes, I'm not finished yet and I am not gonna tell what im doing till its done, You might have been able to Guess, Hopefuly not though, I feel slightly ashamed muahahaha but I am working on my seamstress skills so its ok

Anywho, its a saturday afternoon and this is what my Bedroom looks like, I am pretty chuffed about it hahaha I'm such a wierd ie Nerd Kid

Over this past week I have been chatting with Miriam nearly Everyday! its rather fun. In the mornings I hop on the computer and chat away with miriam till its time to pick up my ward from kindy (drop her off at 11:45 and pick her up at 2:30pm). Then I chat with Miriam about the recipe she has just given me for making dinner, ITs SUper Awesome fun, I reccomend you all join me wuahahaha! Anywho, I love doing it, Because Miriam helps me as i make it, Super! I NEVER REALISED that I had a problem like this But I have trouble doing things from Reading instructions alone. It all makes sense now, why I hated doing reports in school, why I hated most types of school work that was solitary or from a text book (unless it was math, I loved math and going ahead, but then the teacher usualy showed us(me specificaly because I was in a lower class but shouldnt have been) once and let us go about our biness).

HaHa! Thats something that has Always bothered me, Becuase I love learning new things, and I love writing, so why did I always have Torturous trouble with reports and such? CAn you say Agony?? thats what they were to me; The teachers always pushed me to do my work and pushed my deadlines to outerspace so I could hand in a paper, they knew i wasnt stupid but they never understood why I wouldn't hand in the papers (which were good, might i brag); In the whole of my school Career There has only been two papers I didnt hand in, One in Hummanities and one in Science, Both because it became summer break and I was too wuss to hand them in hahahah

HaHa this epiphany is terrifying. Becuase of this bother that I just mentioned I've always been scared of doing post-secondary, because I didnt want to waste anybodies money, or time, or anything, Because I knew I would do the same thing, Not Do the coursework= FAIL. Bloody norah, Even though I have now realised and have accepted this I dont know how I can go about fixing it

NOW I KNOw whyI was always in special classes, ever since my schooling began I've been in special classes, Bloody Norah, What a nuisance this thing is, I am going to cry... boohoo

ANYWAY, totally off topic. What I was gonna say is If there are any recipe's you would like me to try for you Pop on the Msn!!! or the facebook, someplace where you can chat with meeeee And we can have a gran ol time ! by the by Miriam, that beef casarole was Deliscious! the meat was alright in the end, very delicious, I didnt even mind the onions, they softened and melded with all the other flavours, ok!

On the other Hand

We Are Very Much Alike, You and I

HaHaHa! I just went to see where the wild things are, I personally think it is very Artsy! interesting, a bit much for childrens, in the sense that Children probs wouldnt really understand it, but i dunno, maybe kids dont understand any movies. I was REALLy Scared when they threatened to eat him!! they turned into monsters, just by altering little things about themselves, in their faces.

Have you ever seen the movie Englar Alheimsins? Or Benjamin Dufa? or Noi Albinoi? I havent seen that last one but I am sure its a good movie ahahaha. Thems are Icelander movies and my point or comparison is that They deal with Deep things, things that children wouldnt really understand and thats what i think this movie does; Like, ***SPOILER haha if you intend on seeing the movie and like surprises jump to the next paragraph, okay i dont know if its a spoiler, its more my view of what happens**** At first i thought all the Wild Things represented the People in Max' life, but as the movie progressed it became apparent that the Wild Things were different sides of Max' Personality, accept the buffalo one, I didnt really see him as anything. One of them has Anger issues, one feels Like no one ever listens to him (they dont ) and is always trying to get everyones attention, then there is the misunderstood one, the mean one and the nice one that does nice things for everyone and is never against anyone all quite interesting

It had an Independant filmness to it, OR! have you seen that one movie, I think its called Millions, its an English movie were there is a widowed father and his youngest has a different view of the world, because the mother would tell them stories about the saints (or maybe she prayed with them, all i know is its a bit on the catholic side or summing.. or do other churches have saints too..?) and she died and all he had left of her was the stories, so the saints came and helped him whenever he had a problem or was sad or angry, Good movie, a bit sad, good though.

Anyway, I liked the movie a lot, I loved the book when I was younger. I had so many ideas about how the story went, one of my teachers read it to me in school. When I re-read it a few days ago I was like WHAdaHAdA>?/ my memories were NOTHING like the story! I still prefer my version to the Original and Real one muahaha makes for more entertainment.

End Note, The movie was a bit strange, There wasnt really an "Ah we all learned something!", ***sPOILER in my opinion anyways*** Max doesnt become scolded, and it didnt feel (to me anyways) like he had any realisation moment, no realisation that he shouldnt Explode at people, and bite them when he wants them to heel, or Destroy things when he is mad, then again maybe the idea is that the whole Wild Things island is In his Head, and him seeing what its like when people do what he did makes him realise its not cool, and when he decides to go home He is aknowledging that he was in the wrong? he doesnt say sorry to his mummy or his sister, Anywho I found the ending slightly dissatisfying; In my memory and my story of where the wild things are the Island is REAL!!! its not just in his head...

Anywho I figure the ending is just like the book, Empty threats and the Brat continues to Grow at a Dangerous rate, and will one day destroy society


p.s. it had some great Quotes like theres one something along the lines of "...and we'll build a Machine, that can take our legs off, So we Can Float!" and "Carol, That's Hateful" I was chuckling all through the movie. SIDe note! **SPOILS OF WAR** I think Max is Completely Justified in his destroying of the room, HOw could she betray him like that??? She is a stupid sister, muther effer i was raging at that kid, You never let People Mess with Your younger siblings, Only YOU are allowed to scar them, and it was so dangerous and he was crying! even though he wasnt crying out of pain, STILL GOsh, What the HEck Is wrong with her??? i'll never get over that, Thats something I cant Stand in characters from books/movies/shows An Older sibling that lets their friends Degrade their younger siblings(or family), Its just the worst. I would never let anyone talk about Henry or lete (no one ever knew the older sisters hehe) in any way, I would react as if the person had said something about my momma, I get the crazy eyes and the scary stance and boiling blood, Thems fighting words i tell thee; Everyone knew you dont talk about my family hahaha anyways, its late at the night and this keyboard goes tak tak tak tak tak tak just like a manga muahaha


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Aro certainly is Creepy, what with his Voyer like habits of staring at girls in their windows

Look at these

So these Pictures are all of my hair, if you didn't notice (and other things). The point is, LOOOK at it. For the past few months I've been not washing my hair and this is what it look like.
I got the Idea from Miriam, She doesnt wash her hair. JUST KIDDING HAHAHAHAH she told me about these Two women that stopped washing their hair for some reason, and they said after about three months their hair Normalized.
When Me and Henry went to Calgary with Dad, I was Mega bored and none of the Hair Care Products were being nice to my hair. So I got sick of that and decided to try the no washy hair thing. Let me tell you, It was Pretty Gross for a while, My hair got Really Greasy, I looked like a rocker, it was gross. After a little over three months my hair normalized. Its not the same as when I wash it, but its not All GrEezeh. It looks more like how my hair gets when I dont wash it for a few days.
Anywho, These are some of the things that I've noticed about my hair that are quite different:
  • My hair IS EVERYWHERE.

    If I put my hand through my hair three strands will come out, and that can go on for Five brushes (with my hand).
    I Think this might be because When I wash my hair I wash it like I am washing a dish rag in a river on a rock, Gotta Scrub Hard to get it Clean! and so all the hair would come out all at one when I showered or washed my hair rather than slowly whenever it feels like.

    My brush has a Layer of fluffies in it, WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THAT???
    When I washed my hair, like I said I would shake and scrape my head REEEAAl hard to make sure it was a deep clean, none of this sissy nice massaging bussiness. I think that might be why I am not Har Sar (Islensk), thats what my friends in Iceland called it, you can pull my hair and it wont hurt, it would just annoy me, but thats sorta how my whole body is, I dont really feel "Pain" just discomfort or annoyance from something that is bother me, or distracting, or a Shock, like a slap. but I can't really say I've ever felt much physical pain, EXCEPT!! Excercise, like running or sitting on a wall with no chair; lean on a wall and lower yourself into a sitting position, hold for a slow count to ten than slowly raise youself and have a little rest, Repeat Five times GAlly Molly this is murder hahahaha.

Thats just about it, My hair is more Malleable, but my Hair has always been that way. You can only make it do what you want when its Dirty, if its clean it'll pretty much BoiNG right back to its natural crazy and not let you do anything with it, so I can put my hair in an easy pony tail now! hahaha! (My life long dream finally comes True! totally serious)

Something that MIGHT be, but probably not, caused by the no washing: I am Very Shocking, touching electrical ports, light switches, metal, Other People, and what not I get a REAL shock. Your average static shock times by at least 5, it was super funny in calgary because I would go touch lete or henry and they would get Supa Shocked! haahahah But its not cool here, Because at night I have to switch the light off before I go to bed so I try to touch metal before the lightswitch, I get a little tiny shock form the metal, but Then the light still Zaps me, oh bother. I think this might be due to the Way I walk, or the blanket I use, or the clothes I wear or a combination of all of the afore mentioned things.

I am a Super human with the Ability to Shock You all! hahaHaHah Ask lete man, Its Super shocking, or mamma. Its a powerful zap I've got here, It worries me a little because It might effect my nervous system, you know, like I might not be able to feel with my finger tips in a few years if this continues or something, You know how the body runs on tiny Electrical currents and what not? and the Nervous system is a complex web of little electrode feely things.

ANYwho, this is way too long, and I really love Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street The Movie, but it is REALLY bloody and gorey, which is something I cant handle haha I wonder why, But I love it none the less. So sad! and crazy! and insane! and the music is SOOO Good, I love singing along with it, I need to buy me the CD, been meaning too since I saw it! I have the Hairspray CD, its Great GOOD MORNING BALTIMOREEEE!!! hahah imagine that being sung REALly off and loud hahahaha, My favourite part in that movie is the march, I nearly cried hahaha great stuff, Good Song too! ok Bye Fo Reos

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Forest of toothpicks

SOOOOO the great day has Come, I have left home! (for a time at least) I am now located in the Great City of Fort McMurrey! it might be murray, I am not sure, I have to clarify some time hehehe

Well On the long drive up here after a certain point all we saw was Trees trees and more trees, IT was pretty amazing; Before this point was farms farms and more farms, quite entertaining.

Everyone I mentioned this venture to said that all they could remember from anything about this place is that once you pass the last gas station its trees trees and more Trees, I never take anything anyone says very seriously because we all tend to exagerate, but when we passed the last gass station, There was nothing but Tree's trees and more Trees! it was quite amusing

So when we were about Two Hours away from the city The trees changed. They became forests of toothpicks, it was beautiful, and yet sad in a way. It was beautiful because it was just amazing, all of a sudden all the trees are black and its a forest of toothpicks, not really any branches, and not green, it was really cool; but it was sad because it was caused by a forest fire type deal, so they were all like dead (but to my morbid mind that is totally awesome ahaha) It went on for a long stretch, and then stopped for a little, but started up again With blacker trees. These trees burned this year I think, whereas the other ones burned two or three years ago, Crazy huh? still black. Silly my I dont have any pictures, but I didnt want a blur, I only wanted a picture if it were focused and to my liking, Next time hmmmm

Anywho thie Place is Real Nature-y, it Gorgeous, with a river and trees and icelandic weather, its really nice. Aparently there are Bears(black bears), and cyotes(I dont know how to spell that haha) but they say if you see a bear to just walk the other way and it will not maul you, I sure hope they are right.
wEll! we got here saturday evening and basically had dinner and went to bed watching saturday morning session. On Sunday we watched saturday evening session but missed sunday morning session and then watched sunday afternoon session. Throughout sunday I unpacked my things (or was it saturday? haha I cant remember) and mamma helped me put them away, there are these nifty tings that can be made into shelving unit types, and all my stuff and my room looks like I'be been there For Years! its so great and organized, I feel quite proud of myself for being so organized, but if mamma weren't here It would probably be a mess and Every night I would cry myself to sleep because my room was messy and I couldnt clean it huahaha How fortunate we are, or rather I am.

And then today I went to the Liberry and got a card! woohoo! it was easy, all I had to do was show photo ID and then they would send me the card in the mail as proof of address since I didnt have any, Smart huh? I reacon more people should do it hahaha! Stupid poo heads in calgary! anywho I will upload some pictures and then go to bed, its late and I am tired and I need to make a better impression with my sleeping habits hahaha

Goda Nott, Sovdu Rott, i alla nott!

This is mee closet! cool huh? its just got my hang up shirts, cardies, heavy sweaters/hoodies and coats as well as shoes (as you can see) and my socks in the white wire box thing

This is the little thing next to my bed, its messy because thats how I have my things, I make sure that Should I need something, it will be there, the over preparer if ya get me hahaha

This is my little library and my closet, all the books and DVDs that I brought with me, aparently I need them, I guess I'll see when mamma Leaves hmm? hahaha

and thats the end of my bed, and this story. This is Really Great! so goodnight for now, I'll try be intersting with the fort mcmurrey newsies


P.S. This is Mamma helping me make the shelves SHHHH its a secret, Ok?? and i still havent been able to assess the book storeAge/capacity that they have here, I sure hope they have a book store, otherwise, I will be out of my mind, fo reals