Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sad but true Childrens

HaHaHaHaHaHah it makes me chuckle in an uncomfortable and discomfitting way(not really hahaha), but its true. I find its time to leave; Don't Mock ME! (ahaha my battles with inner demons, or outer?? lol what the hang)

So yes, the feelings of restlessness have overcome my sleepy form. Fortunatley (for the time being) I am to be shipped away for a time, It seems to be fate uwahaha.

I think it will be good for me to leave now (LoL) Oh to do mo mo Uhh.. anyway i'm trying to tackle the shake spears at the moment, or maybe the iliad.. I forgot what i was going to say, I just get this feeling...

P.S. I am going to write a novel about my life, it'll be great! but maybe a bit depressing, if you think about it... Its going to be quite acurate, but to inane and shocking to be considered real hahaha what fun

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is one bottle of Dr Pepper a Day bad for you? a 2Ltr one?

So, I was gonna write something insightful and inspirational, but Then lete poured Dr. Pepper Down my Pants, that was thoroughly discombobulating.

Anywho I found this entertaining thing that was a psycho thingy magingy <<<<Click iiiitttttt

it's great!!!!!! totally funn!! click it before you read ONN!!

With the Q thing, I got the self centred one, and the next one my pointer is like a cm longer, and the last one was my left thumb woohooo great fun

the site i set it to is the UK one, so just make it its great

without further ado

Saturday, September 12, 2009

he was like, My best friend

So, I have a playlist, I really like it. It's my random listenings/takes me back, Henry said its depresso, and as i listened to it I Realized it was depresso! hahahaah my bad, but (possibly unfortunately) that just Me, thats how I Roooollllll (thats right, all that butter). I got really self conscious about it so I went and edited it, so what you Are or Are Not listening to is my attempt at keying down (is that the saying? hohoho) the deppresso HaHaHaHa good times Ey.

We went to the Shaws house for dinner today, The shaws are the coolest older people I ever did meet in my life! they have grown up kids and lots of grand kids so their house is kitted out to cater. Their downstairs is a friggin awesome playroom/den type thing so its got in one room a pool table and a wii stuffs with a fridge and bar type area (for sodas you naughty people) and the other room has the computer and movie system thing. It's great. 

We've been over twice, but this last time the Mrs' were down in Utah so it was us dad and bro shaw, he's so funny and cool. We were all playing pool it  was intense, Lete was too tired to play so Henry and Bro Shaw were on a Team and I was the handicap cuz dad was too good if you catch my meaning HAHAHA 

Its sooooooo strange, Lete and Henry have a tendency to be good at the same/similar things; But I am no good at whatever they do so I often just watch;  then again whatever I do they tend to not get, I don't mind this setup at all its just sometimes it gets lonely being the only rhythmless (I was playing rayman: raving rabbits on the wii and I found out I am totally lost with the rhythm games, I was quite shocked because I never knew there was anything wrong with my sense of rhythm, but it does explain a Lot hahaha) unco one... sad do's But Like I said, I dont mind, its enjoyable to watch/listen; I'm sure on day I'll... fit in... hahaha  Or not, its always been my dream to go Hermit in some strange mountains where no one goes and live there peaceably by myself, I Kid thee not, When I was younger, like all through my younger adolescence I dreamed of living up on a mountain with a shot gun and lots of furs in a log cabin with a garden and a stream... Yeah that is weird, that explains a lot too HAHAH

oh wellllllll, For some reason my wiring isnt quite like all the rest, I know lots of people say that, but those people are stupid faces who grew up in the same place all their life so they had a solid continuous "boring" upbringing with their imaginary friends and life long "my grand mammy knew your grand pappy" and stupid imaginations about the world being Something other than what it is... I mean... Maybe I am just like them ingrates? hahaha well, you live and you hopefully learn, That is a bitterness that I need to overcome.   Maybe there is nothing different about me, and I just ostracize myself, thats something I ponder often, but somehow I just cant get along with the other kids, I dont like them ~! heheehhahaha Well now this is much more up beat then I intended haha

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dugalegur LOL Ima Boy!

today I woke up at a late time and stayed upstairs because Dad was home (hehe) because unfortunately for him he is getting to be an old man, and so much full of aches and pains. Anywho I stayed upstairs reading the book "the secret life of bees",

(as a side note, I dont much like it; its about a girl with an abusive father in the 50's or so, in the south, so its full of derogatory terms and racism. Dont get me wrong, I know there is racism in this world, and I am not one of those peole in denial that try to avoid mentions of it at all cost, but I dont see the point in harping pointlessly on about it, thats like saying "there is a war going on so lets make lots of movies and everything with killing and exploding and bloody guts and death and gore everywhere" But the truth is, there is too much of that going on in real life, so why go on about it in the fantasy world where you can make it however you please, a bit of a sick mind if you ask me. anywho, I've not finished the book yet, so it might still be good, but for the moment, it seems like a bloody boring nucance. I think my biggest problem is the depiction of the abusive father, We only see from this girls point of view and she doesnt think he deserves anything but rotting in Hell, Which I Hate, I hate how people have no ... compassion, they do not allow for understanding, or forgiveness. I absolutley Abhor the idea that people look at things and see the behaviour and label things into Abusive no good fella and what not. There is always a reason why people are the way they are, and people often don't want to know because to know would mean to accept that these are human beings, and so they deserve understanding and compassion, and so forgiveness. I just dont think any of us, irregardless of whats been done to us, has any right to judge another human being; We don't have the compassion or understanding to do so, so we shouldnt, none of us. I really hate this book)

when dad called me down to ask me to drive him to his works office (thats how injured he is, he's thrown out his back or something, so he cant drive, and I had to help him get up, poor dear) so i did that and when we got back I started to make Bread! ahaha Yeah! go Me! and also planning dinner, but then I always murder bread when i knead it so I got Henry to finish making it HahahaHa but yeah, I will make the dinner! hahahah but i just felt like i was productive today. I also drove lete to seminary, bloody nora its cold in the morning, poor lete! anywho, So I am off to start dinner, and then I will maybe do some writing, I have a very important and big project that i am working on, it'll be great. Today vampire diaries is starting so I will be watching that HEEya hahah I'm really interested in that show, I wonder if it will be any good

TOOLOOO for nooooo

Monday, September 7, 2009

Twilighters are stupid, I mean lacking in IQ, no, more like Brain power, or capacity, Maybe they are Just Ninnies?!? well, all of the former

GOSH ALL THESE STUPID TWILIGHT FANS, sure you can love twilight (I do.. Or Did, I dont know If I CAn anymore?!?? I need to read the books again huahaha) but COME ON!

I think they're lines of Reality have blurred with fantasy and fiction, Holey Crackers! Delusional Freaks, Why can't they let people BE?~?!?!?!?

Unfortunatley (for my sanity), I was looking at some fan movie site thing and Gosh those people are spastic. I can see where the Edward/Bella, Oops! I meant Robert Pattinson/Kirsten Stewart rumours came from hehehe. See what I did there? I just did a spastic Twilight fan mistake (no need for concern, I was merely ACTING as a spastic twilight fan, I don't get twilight lines of reality blurred, my reality blurring is much more imaginative and fun). They dont see that the people playing, or acting, in the movie Are indeed PEOPLE and not ficticious Characters from a story or movie, and to imply that they are is to insult them by saying they have no talent as an actor, because that wouldnt be acting, that would be BEing.

Poor Twilight actors, they have Hordes of spastic fans, but not as actors, they are REALLY the twilight characters to them, Freakish wierdies, no they are too dumb to be called wierdies, weirdies are Great!

So yeah, All I saw all over this site was "oooo Jacob lautner! Robert Cullen! Alice! Bella ! !!" (some of these unfortunate performers dont even get their real names in the delusion) And let me tell you, You can't defend this by saying "people just pretend on the internet!!" the only people pretending on the internet are Peadofiles, and they're catchers (FBI and the like). If anything the internet is where People become the most "Real"; they let their minds go and all their inhibitions and what not, They let their Real thoughts be heard because they think no one will ever KNow!

But I know who you are... LETE!!! HAHAHAHAHAH just kidding, letes not a spaz like those .. unmentionables. So anyways, I hate those pretensious psychotic twilight fans who ruin twilight by getting all twilight fans labeled as spazdoe's, as well as just ruining it all in themselves;

To me it is like someone talking about how delicious your favourite food is while doing the most Vile Disgusting thing that you have ever seen or heard (I dont say what the vile thing is because we all have our own viles, Like mine would probably be killing an animal and then skinning and cleaning it and what not while making me watch for some inhumane reason; I faint when being forced to witness such things, cool Huh? I thought so, it was totally cool hahah I had to sit down or fall over hahahah it was Great! anywho.. back to the point).

I feel like I am being one of those lamers from when I was younger that were all "Punker then thou" but I don't really care, if you havent noticed I Don't care at allllllllllllll what people think about my thoughts and self, well Certain peoples opinions matter to me because I trust them not to be stupid and insipid, I trust their brains. I won't mention names, cuz they might be ashamed of my hating huahahah but some how, I dont mind; and I respect (a form of love) them so much that I wouldn't want to taint their names without permission ahhahah

And so, my twilight fans Rant is Ended

DID YOU HEAR?!?!?!?!? THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE NEW MOON STUFFS AT BURGER KING, AND BURGER KING IS GOING TO BE IN THE MOVIE TOO!!!! WAAAAAh Two of the best things!!! I am going to get it ALLLL but I dont know if they have Burger king here, I know its a ludacris Idea, but its very probable. And another thing, The Aus Dollar is 8 cents off the Canadian one, I dont know if the Aus dollar is getting suprisingly good, or if the Canadian is in the Crapper hahaha but its good for ME!!!! wuahahah

last thought, I have been spurd to be a nanny Hmmm, I say spurd because the tax Madur Might Na i mer hahaha shhh dont tell! I am waiting for a working holiday permit. If I nanny for this lady I will move up north to stay with her, and the farther north you go the colder it gets HAHA I need to get me some winter clothes, it feels as though water could freeze at night NOW, so I shudder to think.. Good point: I COULD SEE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! oh how I've missed them. I hope they look more like Iceland than Alaska, I dont like the alaskan ones, they are strange


Thursday, September 3, 2009


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this picture made me laugh a Whole Lot, Makes me think BunDeh! hahahahahah ah ahahahha I just felt the need to share, its from some chicks blog, and then the whole "Let's Go Trick-Or-Treating in Forks, Washington" HAHaHAHA who Says That!??!


For the past few howeverlongwe'vebeeninthishouse I've been trying to sort out all my stuff, and its a lot, let me tell you hahaha and I love it All! And so with this in mind, I also think that there is a perfect Place for eveything, and that I just have to think hard so that I can figure out where that is.

The room layoutage of the house at the moment is This: Henry has a room, Mum and Dad are in the library/study (a big room), lete has a room(the other big room), and I sleep where ever(usualy in Spare Oom thats currently full of empty boxes and other moving stuffs) while my stuff lives in Lete's room; and then I decided not to go to Olds, that changed the siduashun.
So Mamma's plans are thus: Mum and Dad will move into the packing stuffs room, Henry stays where he is, The Lyberry/study gets to be a lyberry/study and I stay in Lete's room. The funniest thing about this whole siduashun is Lete's reaction to the news, She was slightly outraged (HAHAHAH) and I was thoroughly shocked (by her Reaction). I was shocked because she has the biggest room, but is the YOUNGEST, meaning she has not lived long enough to EXPECT such privilege. To be fair I am old and should move out of the house. (BESIDES I am a WONDERFUL .... roommate! hahaha, ok so I can pretend, but its not like... ok I;ll just stop now HAHa)

ANYways, So the sorting business, Its really hard because I don't know Where to put stuff, I have Idea's but I need to think Harder to solve the idea's! lol I've sorted my books and DvD's and am about to sort my shoes; My clothes are Nearly sorted, my trinkets are becoming sorted as everything else gets sorted, but while things are still in Sorting its a bit messy. SORRY lete!! hahaha but it will get there one day!

My shoes were really aggravating me because I've got two average sized moving boxes full of shoes and they just spew and squash and go Everywhere! then as I passed the shoe/entry room I saw the filing cabinet in there, and I thought Perfect!!! so I asked mamma if I could have one of the drawers and she said Yesh! so I'm psyched about that, but I need to alter the space to make a shelf in it so that I can Use the space to maximum .. usage.. or potential, Whatevs. I'm so excited! because its the size of a File so my boots will fit in there too woopie, woopie so great.
so with all this spare time and boredom I've had recently, I've been concocting many little plans in my head. It's great, some of them are Quite Grand, but highly acheivable. A lot of it is writing, and some of it is sorting, and some of it is reading, and some of it is Helping lete with her movies, and some of it is traveling. Laying plans and foundations, its great. The creative stuff is real fun, makes me happyyyyy makes me feel fiiiiine. Anyway, do any of you write? if so lemme know, I have a request muahahah

I'm not going to give any details right now because I took all of your advice and now I write down my plans in little notebooks, which is also great because I have HEAPS of notebooks/pads that I never knew quite what to do with, so I use them as my plans and ideas holders! woohoooo

so yeah THE END

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Special People

Tricked Ya!

hahaha just kidding, I have no idea if I tricked you or not... Anyways, This might be slightly incoherent (when is my writing Not So? huaha) as I am currently inebriated from a night of no sleep, and sometimes when that happens I really do not feel like going to sleep even though I am tired, because ITs like no way dude, so I Usually just shower then go about the day and crash at some point or Other HAHaHa YeaSH!

GOsh! quite destracting me! (yes, I did indeed mean to say Quite, and not quit, it was not at all a slip of the Brain)

So, today I was thinking about Special People. With all the moving, and what not, that we've done There are certain people that stay with you, in your mind, even though perhaps you don't conversate with them any more, or you lost contact (for obvious reasons, the internet wasn't always around, and tele chats across the sea still arent Cheap HMmm) anywho, I just felt like making a list of all the people who stuck in my brain that were Special to me, I bring them out every now and again and it usualy makes me sad because they are not there anymore (physically anywho, which is ..)

So I'll do it chronologically, and that is the only order (eg aetl'a setja eitthvad stjarna vid su sem eru ekki eins spes, thu'ist hahaha)

one more note on my list, I never count family when I talk about People, because I think my family are better than that, sjalfsogd so to speay (goes without saying) and also these people were in the shape/place of Best friend therefore the ones my mem'ry clung to, the ones that stayed in my heart

Little Polynesian boy who was in my class (we had Ramen with Ice, and jumped on the trampoline together, those were some good times), sadly I cant remember his name
and the girl who was his friend

Thats just about it, A lifetime of people right there. the farther back I reach the less they remember, I am but a Memory to these. C'est la vie

trundling along

by the by if you cant tell, I absolutley L.O.V.E. (Like overly very Eh-much (the - is for helping to understand the pronunciation, mine that is)) exploding dog!!! its just so awesome, I could look at it allllll day!