Wednesday, December 15, 2010

c : a piece used to cover or fill in a space between two parts of a structure

Wahoo... Its winter time, ferrymen and whine!

blegh. This is My first Christmas alone, or sans fjölskyldu, and so I dont want any company. I'm dramatic and emo, but I don't care, I like doing things my way! but they dont often go my way hahahaha

So. Life is interesting. I like not working, but having a Job hahahah

So I've been wondering about me, and what im doing/going to be doing, and why the heck im in Iceland..


Okay. So While I've been here I've been imagining a future in Iceland, and what it would be like to get married and have children and to live here for life. I was able to imagine such things.

I don't think Iceland is my life. I think I am here for the beginning of something Marvelous that is to come to pass, but I won't be here for the fruition, just the budding huhuhu so I have to do my best and a good job! I cannot be the weak link!

but then these musings bring to mind the questions of when will i be leaving? and where will i go? to me anyways. Before today I was always thinking "should I stay or should I go?!" but then today i thoughted, "i will be going".

that made everything finale, and so i stopped thinking "WHATS GOING ON???" like a whiny kid and started thinking "okay, now I must get my affairs in order, that i may be ready to go when I need to" and it all of the sudden became okay to leave, i am no longer afraid of what will happen when i go.

Now to discover when and where