Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Lifeless bee that's lost its sting and flower

Thats henry's (day) Dream flying sequence background music, well just the beginning


This is Mine!

well, just the piano that plays throughout all the time. I like to close my eyes and ride the bike and then let go and start flying.. JUST KIDDING I would crash and die because my eyes are closed and i am not holding on.

What are Your flying in a dream musics?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Anyway, What's Wrong with having an Unrealistic Dream?

Here are some Great Quotes! from Mischievous kiss! (a Korean Drama! keke)

"A dream is just a Dream, be yourself"

"Well, as for dreams, the harder to achieve makes it all the more meaningful, right?"

I Love Korean Dramas! there is so much awesomeness about them! my favourites are the hilarious things that come out of their mouths! hahaha they make me laugh so much! wahooo. Same with Anime's, but they are not so awesome full, they are more scary full and "can't look away from the disturbing image" full OMO! ITS A REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL
REAL NERD GEEK SITE! the kind that only make sense to itself!

Apparently astronomers are soup luv, no i mean super nerds! hahaha they all discuss the stars and the sky and the countries that have cool things like lights out for an hour (apparently Iceland did this in 2007 for an hour). I am so envious of such weirdies who have fellow weirdies to discuss nerdness with!

I'm kind of like the pilot in the little prince, I show people a little bit of what I am really about, and depending on their answer I become an adult or a REALLY COOL ME!!!

Today I went to the cemetery! the one located by the pearl, its really nice, one of my favourites in the world! Karl (mamma's Bro) was buried there, along with their younger brother Hörður Karl Levi Karlsson. I went to make it look a little nicer (because it was like a wild bush land), I was very not prepared to do any real work, but I did my best with what I had (my hands keke) so now my hands feel very used! and blistered, it's Great! feels like i did some Real work! keke my hands are so rough keke

So I ripped all the extra branches off, I hope the bush doesnt die of shock, I hope the bush doesnt hate me now. I made a friend while i was there, it was a bird! it likes all the tiny bugs that were being unearthed by me, it was fun!

Anywhos, here's an awesome ender!

"I accepted the lunchbox in fear"

HOOPS! oops caps hahaha

hahaha the beginning of my last post makes me look a bit crazy, i may be crazy, but I make uhm... Well here is what I was talking about!!! make yous kids learn the dances!! its AWESOME!!! lekekek

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iceland is like a Potato

This song makes me laugh and dance and cry (with laughter) everytime I watch it! or listen to it! I LOVE the dancing! its so awesome hahaha I especially love the "SOup" part and the "oh oh oo oh oh oo oh oh oo ohohohoh" and the jumping part and just every dancing part! hahahaha makes me happy

blablablalbalablabla I am still in Iceland. stuff happens, I went to watch harry potter, the newerst one. I really hate harry potter, but I love snape, so I watched it TWICE!!! HAHAHAHA OH YEAH!!! I Always loved snape! and I was always super sad when he did things that seemed to be bad in the books and I would always be like "WHY HWYHYWH JKROLLER!"

I'm such a sucker for unrequited love! hahahaahahaha sorry for ruining the movie for you, since that is the highlight of the movie (kekek I didnt care about anything else in the movie keke oh except that... someone dies, someones many). Its why I went twice. *sigh* I <3 Snape! FoEva!!

He is my Favouritest fictional character ever! which is a pretty amazing feat! since I dont like to like fictional characters, since they are fictional and all.

Uhm, I ride a bike a lot, I really like it. I've been riding from reykjavík to hafnarfjörður for various reasons, back and forth its about 22 km. the way I go anyways, its super fun! I try not to stop, but since I am new to it sometimes I have to walk up a hill hahaha

Today I am going to a codependencies anonymous meeting. I dont know what that means, but we'll see!

Oh, on tuesday Betty and Courtney invited me to go with their family on a sight seeing tour thing, we drove down the southern coast to the Glacier river lagoon ahahah and we ate some glacier pieces, it was cool, and tasted Amazing! I am pretty sure its because its really old that it tasted so good kekek. we saw a seal and some arctic terns (kría's) they have the world record for the longest migration. they come to Iceland for the summer from antarctica. i think. for some reason i cant remember.

I am planning on going to North Carolina in August, around the 16th, I'll be needing to talk to betty to figure out when and what have you..

why oh why am i in Iceland again??


This song is so mellow for how hardcore these guys look ahhaha

I Love Potatoes! they are my favourite! but sometimes I can't stan'em!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nice Guys Finish last, just like Nerdy boy swaggers!

Not cool enough for Kpop! bahahahah nerds can be so pervy.

I am FWEEE!! to run amock. and so I am doing that.. hahaha So I am free to go wherever whenever as soon as I please. So I need to figure that out. pronto ish! maybe I'll escape while they are all away! they wouldn't be happy with that, but I would be laughing all the while! but they would be sad... HMMMM

Anyways, just really think this song is hilarious! hahaha

another great song for awesome times hahahahah

makes me laugh so much! especially the other video, by KevJumba hahaha

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make your life interesting. Be Happy and make others happy

I really like this song! and its even awesome acoustic! The weather is bright and warm, it was rainy and windy the beginning of the week but it is warm and bright now!!

HEY I went to Leipzig some months ago! and there were some pictures taken. I had my 22nd Birthday there! keke I sure am getting up that number ladder known as age! keke

Brainless woman= frivolous woman= REpulive to me!

OH NO!!! I AM A REPULSIVE TO ME!!! kekeke I am watching a drama called playful kiss, pretty slow, but that might just be because my brain is on another plane (and totally wannabe goong, minus points for try hard, plus points for funny).

Iceland is like a brainless woman! (kekeke) it is repulsive to me! keke I am a bit of a major league flake, and I think there are a lot of things in life that should just be dropped! when something is over, ITS OBER! and my time in Iceland is OBER! it was Ober ages ago! or so I was hoping; apparently not hey....

I am done! I've only been here for like a month, but I am done! and caffeine really really doesn't like me, it give me killer head aches, caffeine and suger. blegh. but I really like the flavour of dr. pepper.

my Brain is becoming brainless! I want to go to school and study! I like to study. Its hard work though! but I am better at it than I was when I was littler, oh what a silly i wasam!

I just cracked my neck and it tingled through my wrists hahaha thats mistery misteree

So I want to study. Australia is my fallback plan, US is my see if it happens plan. I am going to see if they will give me back my "go to america for free" card, if so then I will stay, if not I'll be jetting it (after a year, seems silly to leave when I'll need to be here in about a years time) back to brazil. and of course I mean Australia.

Enough ramblings of crazed crazy! I'm Out!

p.s. i used to enjoy so many things, and then I stopped using my muscles, and they got flabby and so now I have to work them out again!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I tHINK!! I think I think I think, I am looking for something that doesn't exist for me!

so I never thought of myself as a silly useless chit that thought too much about stupid things, BUT I WAS WRONG!!! I think I have subconsciously(or was IT?? I think nooooot) been looking for something that doesnt exist for everyone!

That's right! the stupid idea that a prince in knighting armour will appear and say "I've been searching for you all my life, MARRY ME!" I don't REALLY want that, but I seconsciously am looking for someone who will say "I want to give you everything in the world, you don't have to do anything, just breath". Like I told maliana that I really like the proposal that the chubby boy makes in cinderella's sister (korean Drama), he says "I'll give you everything I have and support you in everything you want to do.." and so on and so forth, even going so far as to not care that she didn't love him that way haha I know its really selfish, but I like it! haha but not REALLY, just the idea of it, having a lackey who would do anything you wanted.

Alas! I am such a person! a despicable girl! who uses all the people who bring it upon themselves, I personally think thats how the world goes around, people love people and they do all they can for them, even though the person doesn't reciprocate. I like to think that's how I live, doing all I can for those I Love, wanting only their happiness and nothing more in return (lete and henry don't count keke) Here is one of my favourite stories that always comes to mind (along with a bunch of scriptures) When I think of love, and when people say strange things like "They will be paying you right?" or talk too much about money and material things

here's one for the germans!

and one for others (bleach music and allll)

and one for LETE AND MELEOFA!! kekeke WEIRD

And One for Elder Toutai!

OK I got a little carried away with one of my favourite Manga's...

But isn't that what love is supposed to be? Giving All, and wanting not in return. but a happy marriage is both people wanting that for each other keke

stormy weather

p.s. I totally got side tracked, the thing I was talking about when I was talking about being a silly chit is the whole "the first time I laid Eyes on her, I knew she was the one" you know, that sop fictitious sounding stuff, the typical drama/romcom/movie story how the guy becomes besotted by the girl and follows her around annoying her to death and you watch it and you're like "I WOULD SO NOT BE ANNOYED!" because he is a super good looking guy with lots of money and a pitiable story, What i'm meaning refuses to come out in sense. Anyways.

thinking about it, I would HATE that, I cant stand people actively trying to win my affection, I prefer the edward style, where you dont even know if he is trying or not (I watched eclipse for the first time the other day, still prefer New Moon, AWesomer musics!). Well, ya know, like an animal I don't like to be forced into things, coaxing is the best, thats what edward dids (I still don't know if he was sincere on the mountain, where jacob accused him of playing the game better...)!

May I ask you a rather forward question? ... Have you had lunch?

Today was fast sunday! but i didnt go to church. I was ill. I woke up rearin ta go! but as the day wore on I became less and less mobile and more and more immobile and now i feel wretchedly ill. What eh Twist!

haha its hard to be sick while watching children! I would droop into a sickly stupor and then i would hear some screaming and squealing because someone is sitting too close to someone else. hahaha children are quite interesting.

Yesterday, I realised I WANT TO BE A HOMEMAKER! it'll be so fun! but first I have to learn some good life skills so I can not be a homemaker If I need to.

I watched a movie (korean keke), about a househusband. One night he went out with his male friends, and one of them started calling him a pansy and stuff and he started ta putting the beat downs on him, then he left and the guy who got beat started calling him a pansy again and he came running back in and started beating him again.

I thought he was doing it for his pride and face saving, but as he came to put the second beat downs on him he said something like "Homemaking isn't easy! It is a very respectable occupation! and doesn't get enough credit at ALL! Show Some respect! its better than what YOU do all day!" I thought it was totally AWesome!! He didnt even care about what he was saying about him, but he cared that he was degrading the wonderful thing of homemaking! haha Great stuff! and in an Asian movie! haha


I read it for the article. kekeke