Sunday, March 28, 2010


heheheheheh We just finished watching new moon, and it was my favourite book, and I think it will be my favourite movie, GOOD STUFF!

hahahah anywho, On my favourite dictionary website there is this bunches of lists of top ten whatevers, and my favourite for since I saw it is the top ten odd phobias (if you couldnt tell hoohoohoo) and I just read one (every now and again i go to and look at the phobia list, reading them one at a time, dragging out the entertainment, because in reality I cant be bothered to read them all at once HAHA) and it makes me laugh a lot because its funny looking, Have you ever seen it before??


HAHAHHAHAHAH it may have been on the simpsons, I never paid that much attention, that one episode where the school psychologist tells marge that bart is getting F's on purpose.. ANywho, its meaning!

An Abnormal fear of Failure

hahahahah did you even think it a little bit? if so you are one clever cloggs that is very clever! well Done!

the excellent site of merriamwebster also does this thing where it explains the etymology of a word (these top ten lists and the newsletters do, but if you just look up a word it wont, I dont think, it will just tell you Where its from, but the newsletter tells you what the words mean and all tht jazz, cool beans), kakorrhaphia is Greek for clever or devious plot or plan, derived from kakos, meaning bad or evil. Oddly enough the word cacophony shares the same roots! I would have connected the word because of the sounds, but the meanings are interesting.. ANYWHO!

laters haters (hoohoohoo)

p.s. If you are feeling bored go to google and type in "find chuck norris" than click "I'm feeling lucky" and read carefully what google tells you HAHAHA Great times! I was shaking with creeped outness(fear hahahah) for a time

Thursday, March 18, 2010


i needed to store this list,so i am putting it here, and i wont post until i am done with this list HAHA


Urin BigBang/we are BigBang

She can't get enough

*****없는 번호 Eobtneun Beonho/Wrong Number (there is an english version that I would prefer, its called So beautiful)


***바보 babo/fool

come be my lady

****I don't understand

****Crazy Dog

***Stand Up intro

*****착한 사람 Chakhan Saram/a good man



banjjak banjjak Twinkle twinkle/shine

Big Bang

together forever (english version of fools only tears)

*With U intro

****with U


**Number 1 Intro

****Number 1

*make Love

****remember (korean)


*****Bulgeun Noeul/sunset Glow/red sunset

**Lollipop ft. 2ne1

****Lollipop part2

***Top of the World (japanese/eng)

Until whenever



G Dargon
****But I Love U (possibly G Dragon solo)

**Strong Baby
****다음날 Daeum Nal/Next day


***My Girl

****아무렇지 않은 척 Amureohji Anheun Cheong/As if nothing is wrong ft. 지은 (Ji Eun)
****친구 Friend chinguel(or similar) ft. Taeyang
**Sorry- Gummy ft TOP


Drunken Tiger-

Epik High-




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Phobia Contd.

Haphephobia: A morbid fear of being touched.

I am a bit of haphephobe, I dont like people touching me, and if they do I stare at the spot they touched (say, my arm) and then back at them, with a look of " WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE" on my face. But its more when someone intentionally touches me rather than a huge crowd, or a mosh pit. like when people hug me (aside from family), i am very awkward about that and often wonder why the person felt they could hug me hahahaha If I'm not careful about this, I'll become a FULL ON uhh.. recluse? and all that jazz

have a good banana Recipe?

Monday, March 15, 2010

what a sociophobe

hahaha I was just looking up a word I came across in my Big Bang readings and I AM A SOCIOPHOBE! sort of.

I found this and it was interesting. its a slide show about what a phobia is and some categories that most phobias fall under, as well as the symptoms, causes and possible cures.. blabla They say acraphobia is a Phobia! WHAT THE HECK! falling off a tall height is not an IRRATIONAL FEAR! i have a fear of heights, not all heights, just most hahaha. ya see, the thing is, when I am at a very tall height my brain doesnt like it so it gets dizzy and then I become afraid of dizzying off the height, Ya dig? i dont think its a phobia at all, ITS A REAL FEAR! i also have a fear of losing my glasses as i hang over an edge, like in the ocean, or a tall building, or a lake, or a ride(but they tell you to take your glasses off usually haha), or a car.

I am a complete sociophobe hahaha it explains all of my freak outs, that I have, for no reason, when in a crowded area, yep. hahahaha

oh my gosh this is fun, you should all try it! naming your phobias! I have always wanted to do it because my phobias are weird and unheard of (to me hahaha) and slightly innumerable. This is one that I have had since forever, and recently it has subsided, but that might just be an "out of sight out of mind" thing: Apeirophobia, its the fear of infinity, I think thats what it would be. when I was younger I was terrified of the sky/space and the ocean, because they went on for ever and ever. It was so bad that once I had to close my eyes and I knelt down and dug my fingers into the grass to hold on so I wouldnt fall off (the earth, into space) HAHAHA. I'd often turn away from the ocean or avoid looking up for too long.

To be perfectly honest thats the only REAL Phobia that i've ever had, in the sense that just thinking about it made my breathing quicken and my muscles tense. I avoided thinking about them and when I did I'd have to close my eyes and calm down as well as distract my thoughts.

my cow/butterfly/any other fear that i had/have only freak me out when I am presented with them, so if there were a cow in front of me I'd scream and run, (not really i'd just shake in my boots too petrified to move, losing all strength in my muscles and starting to shake then a possible faint) but if you were to talk about a cow, show me a picture of a cow or me thinking about a cow, It wouldnt do anything. its the same with heights and butterflies(sort of butterflies, they are bugs so they are gross), i can look at a picture(not butterflies) and be fine, but if you put me on the pinnacle, or in the butterfly house, I will be shaking in my boots, and bemoaning my life hahaha.

there is one more thing i'd like to mention, I do have another phobia, i dont know what it would be called, or ever how to describe it... hmmm I'll do my best! I cant look at or think of it, without becoming nauseous or disgusted, uhm.. like caviar, a bunch of little circles all together, or insect eggs, or little round insects in herds, or wallpaper/pictures of many circles bunched together. its really hard to describe, because marbles dont bother me, and the white styrofoam balls dont bother me, and polka dots dont bother me. I cant talk about it anymore, I am getting really sick thinking about it

anywho on a more pleasant note

its abandoned but I have a

Sunday, March 14, 2010

daylight savings times

Last night I had a dream that Miriam and Daniel were living on the border of Canada and the US, near a river, not small, but not terribly big. There were big storms and commotions on the way, and all the Americans were, like, Povo (an aussie slag word for ... shortening of poverty, implying someone who has no money and probably isnt clean because they cant afford a shower, but povo is icky and an insult) but miriam and daniel weren't. So me and mamma and henry and lete and dad were on the american side of the river visiting miriam and daniel and we were all trying to get over to the canadian side, like wading through the river. There was a little girl that was miriam and daniels, she looked like eva but she wasnt eva, she was like my little companion, telling me about how things go and what not, she was funny, not in the haha or clumsy sense, just how serious she was hahahaha. so we all go through the river and climb up the big river bank, its like a refugee scene, we are all shabby looking and wet and struggling to get through hardships hahaha. its raining profusely. We all then change our canadian monies over to american, since we are on the canadian side of the border(thats how it worked in the dream). We find ourselves in a bank place, where there are many people being frantic and end of the world-y. we canadians find ourselves these automated money changer machines, like atms but for changing monies into foreign currency. I put in my 32 Cdollars and it starts to changing my money into american and it says 56 dollars. The machine than flashes that there is some sort of scam going on and the machines steal money, and that if i think this has happened i should push the button for assistance. I figure Might as well, so I push the button. this jolly fellow comes over, he looks like a stereotypical english butler type, and says "ah yes, let me just.." click click click ".. because of the *something i dont rmember* the machines arent giving the correct amount, there you go" and he shows me the machine and it says $562.34. I am like WOOOWWW, because it looks like a lot, especially fr the amount i put in. thinking logically now the only way the money would mean anything is if the canadian dollar were like, better than that dinar henry told me about, but he said that something else is better now hmm, Anyways, in the dream it was a lot irregardless of how inflation it seemed. After we change our money we start to make our way back over to the american side and we are over there and that is the end of my recollections.

I sleep Really well here, I LOVE IT! i sleep so well I am back to my normal sleeping habits, the kind where I wake up early(ier) and sleep early(for me hahaha 11 12 hahaha) and I Dream, dream well; dreaming is something that i havent done for YEARS! or remembering them hahahhaha i like remembering my dreams. the other day I had a dream where I was following a friend around somewhere for the day, and then all of the sudden they were at this concert, and it was a BIGBANG CONCERT!!! when I found out it was BIGBANG! they were just coming off stage and my friend was like "yeah this is-" but my brain did that BEEEEEEEEE white noise thing and I was just staring and totally open mouthed, and seungri (member of bigbang) was staring at me and wondering if there was something wrong with me hahahaha Great Times!

today i went to melisas future ward, and its a partial spanish speaking ward! hahaha cool, I have never been in a partial ward before. I say partial because its like it was in Iceland, how the missionaries translated for the english speakers, ya dig? the missionaries translate into spanish, COOOOL. Well, I assume its melisas ward because its the sanford ward, and that is where melisa lives, but you never know, she might be in the other ward. WELL

goodbye for nau!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Hello. I am in North Carolina, hooohoohoo its so lovely here, Its nice and warm, and Melisa and Willie are/were awesome, and Tuimana and Victoria are Wild hahahah so funny

well, today we went shopping! YaA1! it was so good, I bought three pairs of shoes and a sweater. AWESOME, I lovvvee it here hahahah

Ok then we went to Wendy's for lunch and everyone was all fatigued and energy-less because it was lunch time. We all ate our meals and then I'm like "lets have Frostys!!" so I go get some, and I get me a strawberry frosty shake, because I like strawberry, and might as well try it. so I finish mine and everyone finishes theirs and we are just chatting, then henry says something that was funny as I was drinking some Dr.Pepper and in my head I am thinking "UH OH better spit this Dr. Pepper out before something terrible happens" but of course I laugh before I can spit it out onto the tray, but as I open my mouth to spew the Dr.Pepper nothing comes out because the laughter has made the dr. Pepper go somewhere it shouldnt(im not sure where...) and I am having a hard time breathing, after a few wheezes and no air all of a sudden, I AM THROWING UP STRAWBERRY FROSTY! alll over the tray!! (because I was thinking "better not spew anywhere that'll make a mess, the tray is best") (HAHAHAHA) it was very gross, I am sure, but remembering it makes me laugh hehehahaha. I felt kind of bad as I was throwing up all that frosty, bad for Mamma and Melisa and Henry and Victoria, because they had to witness it and it was a public place (kekeke) and it just kept coming and coming and it was hard to breath, but I wasnt heaving it was just going "spewspewspew uppkastuppkastuppkast" there was no breathing going on, just regurgitated strawberry frosty milkshake, and it was coming out of my NOSE AND MY MOUTH AND IT WAS JUST like some sort of gore/horror/disgusting movie where you are like "WAH EWW WHAT?!??" hahahah it was funny in my head, so that didnt help the siduashun, because I would laugh and it wasnt helping hahaha then henry would comment on the siduashun and that didnt helo either because it made me laugh more and the Vomit just kept on coming! but afterwards I was looking around to see if anyone noticed, and no one was staring or anything, it was very odd. then I wiped my face of all the strawberry goo and went to the bathroom as Melisa suggested to wash my face and hands.

My face was Leaking (classic Line), no Joke, my nose and eyes were just leaking, pink and clear hahaha hahahah it was a very shocking situation, because I didnt feel sick, and ... i dunno, Maybe it was because I couldnt breath and my body's reaction was "clear the Airways! VOMIT IT OUT!!" and since that wasnt what was blocking the airways I just vomited the last thing I had consumed, The Strawberry Milkshake Frosty. and that didnt help since it just made it more hard to breathe, hahahah poor body. well, I dont know what happened, it was very odd, makes my head cringe, afterwards we went to a thrift store (mamma had wanted to go to one) and I wasnt feeling to well so I just sat in the bed(is that what you call it?) of the truck feeling the warm sun rays on my face. It was a very nice day today, very nice, and toasty. I like it here very much, a lot of it reminds me of Australia, but that is mostly because the plants are all sleeping, so everything looks dead hahaha and the dirt is very clayee here, so it reminds me of Victoria(aus)

Ahh well, good times, hilarious memories hehehahaha What do you think? have you ever experienced/heard of this? hahaha I don't think I can eat fast food anymore, the thought of it makes me close my eyes and say "no thank you" but who know, tomorrow is another day


p.s. Melisa's house can house the WHOLE FAMILY! its gigormus. I already figured out the rooms(heheheahhaha) we fit perfectly, unless someone gets married(me, lete, (YA RIGHT HAHAHA)or henry, but henry might be on his mission HeyHey?) by then. And there is good golfing, and we can make ( I have no idea about any of this, its my foreign "they're in the same area Right??" thinking hahaha) a day or two trip to Nauvoo, and alll those things

anywhos I Really Love it here in the Wiley house, Great Times! woohoooo I love visiting the sisters, and all the husbands fit them perfectly, just one left to see hehehahaha Okie doke