Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm a Big Kid NOw


So Yesterday Mamma and Henry and Lete flew to IN Zid for some good ol times, then Tonga said no, so the good ol Times continue over thur at In Vid

SO I am totaly feeling the pull of adulthood; after this stint call me child No More!!

Its strange, All growd up, with the house empty, Making my own food, locking the door, turning the light on, turning the lights off, cleaning things, having things stay clean; I should start cleaning hardcore, then the house will be all clean and it will be strange. I can get why single people eat take out and so forth, Food goes off if you dont eat it!! and its no fun cooking (or eating) on your own. The eating part is from experience, My friend and I always share our food at work, and its AWESOME, but when she isnt there I dont feel like eating, beccause there is no one to eat with, so there will always be left overs and thats a waste. Then I have this list of things to do, (I better Do THem!!! hahah mah Bad!) and places to go, its all very busy and exciting, Makes me think more, cuz I dont have mamma to rely on reminding me, I feel more responsible for everything. Before I didnt really care because stuff didnt matter, but now I am alone and I have to do it or there will be (possibly Dire) consequences, and only me to blame; So as I go through the day I think "is there something I need to do?" or "this this than this if there is time" its really quite fascinating, being responsible. But such things make a mature mind, mature minds make adult thinking, adult thinking makes BORING MOMO; being careless is fun and easy. Being responsible just pushes on the brain, the necesity of the situation is REALLy supressing on my brain. I dont want to say suffocating because thats a bad thing, but its like someone has a bag of air and they are smothering a part of my brain, and the brain is fighting hard, so the person with the air bag is struggling; but there is no death, its just something that has to be done, its not a bad thing, Its just the way it is, and thats just the imagery my brain keeps watching over and over, or maybe just continuously.

I'm getting nervous about leaving, I'm abig kid now, So I'll need to get a job and place to abode. Its the REAL unknown; we've moved a lot, into many unknowns but Someone was always there, going to take care of me, now I have to take care of me.. its Daunting. Alas, so is life, now I will get to see what it is that all there homeless people keep complaining about TOOLOO


awesomest ever in the life of me, WOO

I'mm too Shy Too Shy!

P.S. I've been on the YouTube watching some awesome songs, FROM NEW ZEALAND no less. It's been decided that New Zealand makes the Best music in the world, truly, I kid thee not, Of course I am bias, but Nobody cares, its still the fact of the truth.

Another thing thats been decided: BUY LOTS OF CD'S IN IN ZID

The ENd

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slowly but Surely

When I was younger, I HATED being complimented. I have always thought people are full of crap, So I dont want to hear them say "you are pretty" BEcause that would mean I am not, Like in Mean girls "nice skirt, where did you get it?? That is the ugliest Effing Skirt I have ever seen" (forgive my non exactness, its been a while)But today, as I was driving this Lady home from work She asked how old I was(because I told her it was my friends 21st tomorrow, or rather today) and I said 19 (she dont need to know I'm nearly 20 HEHE) and she said "oh, 19? you have your head screwed on Pretty well for a 19 year old" I said thank you because it was astralia Talk for You are quite mature for your age. She then went on to talk about how most people my age are retarded idot faces ect.ect. When she said it, I kind of Froze (thats my automatic reaction to a compliment, I think " WHy Are you saying that?? I dont want to Hear that! I dont want to know your oppinion") and had this little panic attack for lack of knowledge on how to respond, but then I was flooded with this peacfull feeling and heard in my head "Yes" so I said, Thank You. She then basicaly said You're Good People, I like you. I felt very flattered; not necisarily because of Her, but rather that it is noticable.
I then started to think about why I am good people and This is What I came up with:

My Heavenly Father, My Mamma
My Father

I write it in this order and way because It is my knowledge and love of and for my Heavenly Father that makes me the "good" person that others see me as, and the good person I try to be. Without the wonderful mother I was blessed with I wouldnt know all the wonders and blessings that I experience, and are everywhere, I wouldnt know where they all came from; She taught me well. Love, compassion, guidance, forgivness, patience all the things she shows and teaches me. My Precious Hard working father, he is special indeed. Without him constanly serving others without hesitation, I wouldnt have learned how to give so freely of everything I have to those I love, as well as those who need it (I could obviously improve on the last one) He taught me how to work hard, and take pride in what I do, do it to the best of your ability. He taught me that when someone is in need of something you can give(or cant), you give it to them, even if its your last one

I Love these Three Very Much, and hardly ever tell them so, I hurt them too, because I am Human and selfish. You Hurt the ones you Love because they love you more than you know, and cant bear to see you hurt, but you are stupid and selfish sometimes, and dont want to see the truth. I'm sorry

I am Grateful, and will always be grateful, For my Heavenly Fathers great Blessing of my parents.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strike while the Metals HOT!

Thats the saying right? hehe
So, I contemplate writing, the idea is super fun. I like to share my thoughts, and I have lots and lots and lots of them, but I cant share them unless I am thinking them fresh and NEW right at that moment. Strike while the IRON (thats the word isnt it? or is it metal...) is hot, thats the only way I can write/share at a satisfactory level(my satisfactory that is). So I like to have my nifty awesome notepad and awesome coloured pens with me at all times, so I can write down anything interesting, like sometimes I see something or get a thought and think, "it would be super awesome to read something like that" and i write it down to hopefully piece them all together one day, and it will be a super Awesome reading times. One Day

People are so different, its sometimes amusing; and other times its completely aggravating. I being human cannot help but get angry and annoyed at times, Especially at work when I am working with someone who is working like a dermis. That is what my one heading is about, "just because I'm Awesome, doesn't mean you can suck" wuahaha, Big headed you might think, But oh gee gosh darn! I work at a fast pace because thats just how I roll(unless there is not m uch to do, then I might go slow) but sometimes(or rather, some people) whoever I am working with is working really slowly. I often wonder if it is on purpose, so that they dont have to do much work, thats what it feels like sometimes. But I am sure that it is not always the case. On the Other hand, I cant be sure because I do not know their thoughts. BUT on another Hand(HEy That little girl in India had heaps of arms, and arms usually have hands, so I am having as many hands as I like! i will name him Jefferey) I can tell the hard workers from the slow workers, from the slack arse', from the lazy mofos, from the people who just weren't made for manual labour, from the people who try but shouldn't, and the people who are just dumb arses. This is part of my SUPER HUMAN AWESOME POWERS GO!( I renamed it to SUPER HUMAN AWESOME POWERS GO! rather than SUPER HUMAN AWESOME SKILLS GO! because power is cooler than skill, YA TRICK!) It's like I can see peoples Essence'(hey English professionals, help me out here, I am confused as to whether or not I add an s, or an es or just the ', or leave it as essence Hmmmm. I moved to a non English speaking country during the pivotal moment of my English grammar education so I was always am a bit retard with certain things; I sometimes pity me in the third person, as if I were a different person, looking at someone who was retard with grammar, then a Schloop back into myself and I feel not a thing because I'm in denial about my ... disability haha not really but I do go Aww Poor Person! as if it were not me, cuz I am just awesome. .) See who they Are, see their true colours, so when they do something that shocks everyone, I am not surprised. The more I get to know someone/come in contact with the person the easier it is to see their essence. My first Impressions upon meeting a person(I never tell anyone my first impression of a person, because its usually not at all what they would have thought) are usually quite accurate. You might think this a silly impossibility, but I think maybe its because I see with a different set of eyes; Or maybe because I think with a different set of thoughts. An innocent naivete with unassuming cynicism galour makes for interesting thoughts.

Maybe you have this SUPER AWESOME HUMAN POWERS GO! too, I wouldnt be surprised, I think it comes with the moving and seeing we have done.(peeheee I write to YOU my sisters, because thats all this blog is for muaha)

Ah HA! success!

What I wanted to mentions tonight(or this early morn) was the discovery of an elaboratingness of my SUPER HUMAN AWESOME POWERS GO! (haha I reworded it because I am tired heehee) BUt I couldnt out n out Write it down, it didnt feel right. So I grabbed the thought I had about how I couldnt elaborate on things that weren't here Now in my mind, and let it keep going until Viole!(I think thats how you spell it..) It came out all on its own, PEEHEE I am pleased

Now I go to sleep with my noblanketbecauseletestoleitbecausesheisjealous for a couple hours and then take mum to the hospital and then Party Like a Rock Star

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

HAHA one day when I have the time of forever, I will read his work Hmmmm interesting irishman.

Plans for MoMo

Stay in Aus for a little yet while longer(few months)and save all the pennies i can (not very likely for me, I suck at the not spending mauhahaha)
and flying (still unsure about errthang) to Iceland for a couple months, might fly through England or Canada(mamma says the one is cheaper than the other, hmmmmmmmmm) most likely Canada. Then do the Maliana Thang, then ... go back to Canada and freeze my butt off AHHHHH! and have my Australia friend for christmas(that is why I was asking the family about the christmas times, it would be super COOOL(but she might go to her cousin mahahah)) Oh when is the family reunion thing hmmmm? that needs to be booked into the plans of momo Get at me family, BYO

i am supposed to go to sleep now

Monday, February 2, 2009

RB Vale

So last weekend I went down to Victoria with my fams. That was super cool.

The End


So I was rather excited about going back to my home towns, because it is always awesome to do such things. I Love Flying, its so fun, I especialy love looking out the window during take off COOOOL

I nearly slept the whole flight, its was only Two hours, but still, I dont sleep on planes (HAHA maybe a bull crap?) its unpleasant.

We went to melbourne to see the zoo, thats all I wanted to do! it was cool, I love zoos and animals and plants they are all just so fascinating.