Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iceland, the Game of life

hahahhahahahhahah ahahahahahhahaha the title makes me laugh cuz its really weird hahahahahha

I really like it here in this very beautiful place, and I think its a place I should be for now, for now.

SO! my plans, for the moment, I am thinking work. but you know, I am a bit... societaly inept so I am not sure how to go about that, I'll figure it out I am sure hahahah But I am officially an Icelander again hahaha and a government lady told me she thought I'd get a job in no time because I speak great icelandic, YaY Me! hmmmmm hmmmhmhm hum+

Maliana is going To Germany tomorrow, and when she gets back from Germany IT WILL BE TIME FOR ME TO NOT BE A VISITOR ANYMORE! hahahah I will have to start lifing. Oh Bother, botherbotherbother.

So in the back of my mind i am thinking I will live/work in Iceland for a time and then go to school in New Zealand and study the anthropology stuffs i have been looking at. I wanna have a chat with Soane's wife, cuz she studied it so she knows stuff, cool beans

Laters YO

p.s. I will try be a wierdo with a camera, but thats just not in my nature, I will try though hahahah

p.p.s. I don't use the internets much these days, like on youtube and viikii(kDORAMA!), so I am pretty good at .......

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