Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo a Day!! even if I did miss a day! I didnt! I just didnt think of posting here XD

OHMGOSHIE! Mrs. ME is so much better at this than I am XD

So.. I saw this thing on pinterest (they changed their ToU, but it doesnt take effect until the 6th, but I have decided to have faith in them XD) and I wanted to do it, I have always been jelly of people who do it, they usually never share their sources, But I will!! and its Not too Late!!!!! .... hehehhe

So I am playing this photo a day game! its so fun! I did one yesterday and posted it on my twitter, I was just going to do facebook, but I saw Mrs ME do it on twitter and I had never done anything like that before so I wanted to do it there too XD

So anyways, here is my picture!!! for April 1st: your reflection

This is a reflection of me. I originally wanted to do a picture like Mrs ME, with a picture of something that was a part of me, but I couldn't find a shinee enough frame thing! Sooo instead I took a picture of my reflection with things that make me!!!! Me!!! so I didnt want my reflection to be the focal point, just another picture in the collage that makes me XD I'm not very photogenic so the best pictures werent good enough XD

Anyways.. On to day two!

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