Friday, August 24, 2012

careful what you ask for

I have a friend who thinks she could take on the world and handle every hardship. She is a Ninny. She reminds me of the Little Princes rose.

Once upon a time said friend asked me to critique a piece of fiction found on the internet, and so I did. I wasn't very impressed and voiced all of my opinions. I noticed said friend was reacting a bit wierdly and getting a bit defensive. Before she told me, I realised what she had done. She had written it herself and told me someone else had done it. I was displeased because it implied she didnt trust me enough to be honest had I known it were hers. I would have been, but it would have been toned down a lot because she is so fragile.

I wish people were more like me, and didnt ask questions they didnt want answers to, but then I guess the world would be a little less interesting, and people wouldnt be able to take as much offense.

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