Wednesday, July 23, 2008


LOL i R confused, this bloggers blogy is bum head like :6 harhar retard. Anywho, I started this blog because I was jealous of everyone else and their fancy foosball games, but really I am just DUELLING MALIANA, I think we will both EPic FAIL because i am tired lazy and she is just lazy bahaha I kid.

Today is the day before Lete's 15th, and i was sick from work so i went and spent some money on some foods that she chose so we could have a "party" I ate a whole large (australian large, so extra small everywhere else in the entire fricken world) hawaiian.... pizza by myself and i am full, I cant imagine eating a real large all by myself, but I could do it when i was younger, no wonder i was a "fatty" HAHAHA stupid world

And now the beginers blog fo Reo!

I am Melanie Toutai, not many people know my first name, and when they ask what my middle name is they say "your name is Melanie Melanie... WIERD!" and I reply "yes, yes it is you clever mofo you" shockingly it takes them a bit of time to realise that melanie isnt actualy my first name, slightly entertaining. I'm numero FIVO!!! amongst the chillens in my famili, then there are two younger, a boy and girl. The ones older than me are all girls, and live off in other places around the world with their own little families, except for THE MIDDLE CHILD harharhar. i speak two languages fluently and can add numbers together! My family has moved around during my lifetime so... im better than you. I love my God, my faith, my family, and others important to me, they dont know who they are, and wont eever hahaha anywhoays BYO for now!


bahahaha about me in the first blog, ohhhhh welllll im new :p


meleofa said...

excellent. i love it. all you have to do is do one more blog, and you win your duel! hahahha. awesome

Maliana said...

babhah shame how dare you take sides i'm so blogging tomorrow so as to circumvent your victory

Maliana said...

lol beginer you man beginner? loolololoolo

MiriamR said...

ha ha, I didn't know you had a blog Melanie, but I am pretty sure Maliana just poked you in the eye with the glove and then stabbed you in the hand with the sword because she just wrote another excellent post on her blog. You better get working.