Saturday, August 2, 2008

The BAttle Begins

The weather today was TERRIBLY awsome, I hung out the washing as mamma washed, and it was just the right temperature outside, wonderful! then i backed the van into the driveway, like a pro (on hash HARHARHAR).

A few nights ago as i was walking out from work a chilly wind was blowing, and was cutting all who dared to brave it to the bone. A couple nights after said wind was cutting everyone up(last night... friday night) another wind was blowing, but this wind, it was terribly forboding... (SHADAP about my spelling Eh??) it was the ushering in of summertime, sure spring is supposed to come first... but this place is a back ward so it does its own thang irregardless of everythang else. This wind was warm, felt like we were in a desert and the wind was blowing... But it was night time and the night before we were all being frozen by the other wind that blew, and the beautiful day today, with the larverly warmth, I knew summer was coming. I didnt think i could handle another australian summer, but today... I knew I was HAHAHAHA

This blogy is still confusing to me, I dun undastand it! whats the friends and the clicky pictures?!?!? oh well

Friday night after work I went to a chinese resaurant with my friend JayJay, he's a boy. It was fun, we ate with chopsticks and neither of us really knew what we were eating hahah, and there was this one thing that was a bit smaller than my fist, it was white and looked like some sort of
i dont know what, and we weren't sure if we were supposed to eat it with the chopsticks or what, so finaly JayJay decides to stab it with his chopsticks hahahah it was very entertaining and filling! anywhoays its real late and im tired and have to wake up early and go to church tomorrow, so kidays foa NoW!

hahaha ask henry about the boy who owes his life to WoW LoLoL


(maliana, prepare to be obliterated, into Song! ... {: )


MiriamR said...

I like your blog and I hate sushi tastes like %#$# anyway you are just tied with Maliana now. You both have two so good luck with that one. You will get used to the blogging after like 6 posts or something. GOOD LUCK

Maliana said...

into song eh? ...