Tuesday, September 16, 2008


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! so I read twilight, after going to borders and little contemplation on whether or not to buy all three of the books that were there, just cuz what maliana and mele'ofa teld me about it, then I read the back of the book and Was like PIshaW! this looks dumb ill just get the first one and we'll see huh! So I started to read it, and next thing I know Its over and I'm SOOO IN LOVE WITH TWILIGHT!!!! then lete said something about mele'ofa's blog having clips from the movie and I was LIkE AHHHHHHH!!! so I went on mele'Ofa's blog to look at all the videos she might possibly have on there, and I was looking and looking and looking and almost decided to give it up because letes a lie mofo but I was looking at all the pictures and blog entries and Realised MELIOFA DON BLOG NO MO! thats poopie. So anyways I finaly decide to hover over the things from the youtube and THERE THEy Were!!! right in front of my silly face! so then I went on google to find it MORE!!!!! I love vampires, and I now love this book because its all a "good" vampire story book! (so far anyways) cuz you know how most vampire stories always go bad (pshh mofo's). but anywho when I was searching I saw Alexis bledel for Bella and I ALMOST DIED! that would have been a real friggin tragedy!!!!!!!
So Cedric digory plays the Gorgeous Vampire, Thats slightly odd, and then the animal vampire is played by sabertooth, thats alright, wish they had gotten more no namer people rather than nerd name/no name people GEE I sure hope I dont see cedric while I watch this movie! that would be so not cool, cuz I hated his character! ok so I love twilight and am going to buy the second one tomorrow, and probably the third too HAHA Ye! well its late and I am tired and need to wake up early and be awake tomorrrow, but I am sucking myself into TWILIGHT! everything! looking for it all cuz I'm excited ! the movie synopsis is a bit off to me, but i duess we'll just have to see when it comes out ey?!? Well I forgot to finish this before I went to sleep so It is morning now and I am soon off to my driving lesson and then to the book store to buy all the Twilight saga YA!!!!!! might be finished by this weekend HAHAHA ok BYO!\



Maliana said...

yes yes they do that! they suck you in and don't let you go until you finish and then you feel relieved it's over well i did anyway trust me your favorite character will be jacob edward is lame and boring i reckon anyway i'm sad that you've been sucked in and the weather is sucking right now :D happy life

meleofa said...

so frekin true. and i lub them all. i will blog again some day, hopefully. we have no internet right now, except library, and that sucks. miaya has no patience for that kind of silliness. have a lovely day.