Tuesday, September 23, 2008


ok so i am SO TOTALY COMPLTETLEY OBSESSED! mmmm twilight, Maliana is so wrong, I love Edward, I liked Jacob but then he got all ... head over heels for dumb face i mean bella, and Bella JEEza lou! she was alright but then started to grate on my nerves!!!!!!! because she had edward (sort of) But Wanted JAcob TOO?!??! selfish selfish selfish die Die DIE!!! yep that was it, i really like jacob, but i hated how he just let her be selfish poo head like that! And she would winge and he would come, poor dear.

mmmmmmmm Edward Cullen HAHAHAH except... uhm,... not 17? haHAHA

I'll probably like Jacob and Bella alot more with the movies, because I'll see human beings rather than my imagined Whingey MOFO that is A little Argh

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH everytime I look at movie stuffs I HYPERVENTILATE!!!! hard..To BReathE HAHAHAH

Reading the Twilight Saga has really made me start to miss all the things in my life, it all reminds me of so much, maybe its just that I so happened to be reading twilight at this moment in time so I pin it all on twilight, But its all just got me imagining, remembering, remenising (ahhaha just wanted another word to add in for fun... BAHAHa spelt wrong much?). I havent really read a book in Years! literaly, which isnt usual for me and my wanabe nerd self. It explains alot though, Coming here to australia I thought it would be this wonderful new start, an exciting adventure and lots of coolness because I would be coming back to my place of birth, My home, I was sorely mistaken unnfortunately. For the past two years I have slowly, yet subtly, been drifting and getting absolutly washed out to sea, then stranded on an island thats only got frozen rocks on it, with some fingernail clippings. I'm not sure why I fell into this abyss of wallowing and black hole lostness, (probability being because of my hopes and dreams that were quelched on arrival then surpressed along with all the rest of the other things that i cant quite recall as a complete memory... maliana? HarHar) but reading twilight has been to me like a light switching back on, Reading a good book, using my imagination, remembering how to be a melanie, because that is all part of a melanie, imagination. Coming to australia I got lost, forgot who I was. I tried to fit in, (Im not sure why... Thats so unlike me, I usualy Shape things to fit mE~!) got lost and was in complete bewilderment this passed year; Totaly and utterly lost.
Twilight is such a good little saga, it reminded me of all the other good books i've read, took me back to better times when i was younger and would read to escape the miseries of everyday life that was mine. Remembering people, places, things; I've never been one for missing things, I just never have missed things, only things (people I should Say) that die, because there is a chance of me not seeing them again (this is al probably becuase of my upbringing and moving and sub conscious self defence mechanisms of the brain trying to protect itself from harms and saddness) But after becoming obsesed with Twilight I bought another book of essays written by other authors on stephenie meyers Twilight saga, that reminded me of school and how my enlgish teachers would always talk about my writing style and I never had any idea what they were talking about, Then there was the whole taking place in america, So I just started to remember all the good times, My memories are probably all warped and twisted, But I miss The four seasons, warm days, cold nights, Snowey Christmas', learning, schooolings, friends, family, strangers, libraries, autumn, winter, spring, Crazies, outdoors, trees, grass, sports, happy. . .

I got lost, and now I am looking for a way back, need to find melanie. we'll see the outcome

bahahahah canadians, that is so friggin wierd ey HAHAHA

gimme some good reads, need to get back to my reading

Toodles Pip!




MiriamR said...

dude you should read pride and prejudice. I know it sounds gay and crappy but as soon as I was done with school I read all the jane austens except Northhanger abbey because I couldn't find it. But okPride and Prejudice is a great escape book and so is Persuasion. I wanted to see what everyone for the last couple hundred years was talking about and you can totally relate to them. Here is a website that has them online for free. So test them to see if you like. Let me know if you find any good books. Meleofas facebook booklist is good she reads alot and is a good judge. http://www.readprint.com/author-4/Jane-Austen
Fridur ut,

P.S always read, even if you don't go to school just keep reading and reading and your mind will stay alive and alert.

Hera said...

Slow down Melanie you talk too fast hehehehehehe.