Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas! one and All!

This is something I never posted, but after a year on the shelf I feel like sharing hahah written on December 23rd 2009, I think I was in Utah with Mele'Ofa. I wish I knew what I had just watched. Oh Whale. WARNING; RAGING RANT LIKE POST TO FOLLOW

hahah the world is such a terrible place these days, bad manners and no morals are becoming norm, and they are getting special labels to say that it is in
Fact Not their fault. That its genetic, or psychotic, or some other dumb assery, and that they have no control over it.

To them I say!


I Believe that in Life we have choices, Oh so many in a lifetime. Some are to do with love, others are to do with behavior, and many many others more to do with various other things that we encounter and experience in life.

I just watched a video about a fellow who is a self proclaimed psychopath, and I am sorry sir, but you are just an Ass, a Man of much inconsiderateness, A Dirty, scheming, "me" and "I" bettering kind of guy. If you are this kind of person, OK (its not really, but you get me), you are, but the least you can do is ADMIT that you are an Ass, and don't go on about how you can't help it; long ago for some reason you decided to kill Jiminy Cricket, or at least bury him alive since he cant die. It made you feel better about all the bad things you did or felt (or that were maybe done to you, that makes the choice harder, but it is still a choice) and all the people you hurt, and with the gaping void in your heart and brain and soul you thought it felt good to do these bad things, when in fact all you were doing was feeding the black hole that consumes all light and only gets bigger and bigger and bigger and consumes EVERYTHING, first you and then the people who are unfortunate enough to be around you (or is it the other way around?).

Hmmm Thats what I think, but I really am at a loss for affectionless psychopaths, OOP not anymore, I just googled it to see how to spell it and read some informations, and yep, This is What I think

Concerning Love. Most people in this world don't think they have a choice in who they love,

To them I say!

You are Sorely mistaken! sure this science business of "hormones" and "ideal mate" and "genetics" and "animalistic" "behaviours" that seek out the "alpha male" seems to sweep away the idea that we have a choice, but Guess What! We humans have brains that allow us to "go" "against" our "natures"! meaning that we can choose to become idiots that follow Our Carnal sinful minds, or we can choose to be ... stubborn? hahaha and do what is better for us than to be animals, since we are conscious and have memories and usually morals and are not made to be like animals.... Anyways

Most Everything in life is a choice, Certainly there are factors that affect the choices and decisions we make That seem to take our choice away
(sickness death other such big things) but Guess what Bucko! We ALL signed up for this hahahah

And so, after all my unholy judging of the human race, I say!

Go on in Faith, and always remember every day we have choices to make

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