Wednesday, December 23, 2009

henzoparti tells a story

I was thinking of creating a new blog, and I will call it

yeah, that sounds about right! hahahahah i kid, henry is a ponk and said he would make a blog entitled that, he is so full of lies

So I've been doing some bloggspotting, and I realised i like computers. sometimes you dont want to write in your journal, but you need to get your thoughts down on something because they are just raging to get out of your head! hahaha thats how i feel sometimes, and i just now realized I can do it on the Here! I just wrote a lengthy insane piece of words that made some little and crazy sense once i "finished"(let some steam go and stopped writing hahaha) and read over it. I almost clicked the publish button, but then I realized it gets saved as a draft anyways, so there is no need to publish the dark inner workings of my mind hahaha the world is a sad and bad enough place as it is hahahah

I ended my brain raging with a little trip to, Thats an excellent place to go if you are having angry, sad, psycho, ragin, any sort of thought, It will help you see reason and probably answer questions. Great stuff I tell thee. I love conference talks, and I love having travel time (for work say) where i can listen to them, Great stuff

Well I am in Utah right now, I had a raging Long weekend in the city of Sin, Las Vegas. it was interesting, saw hoover dam, the grand canyon, the skywalk there, the Bellagio, the MGM grand, the desert, deathvalley, the beach, NEwyorkNewYork roller coaster (so cool) and lots of other raging tourist things, some deffinite recon for any family reunions we plan Hey?? Hey?? hahaha or roadtrips. cool beans.

It just snowed heaps today, and its so exciting to go outside and see the snow! and its Really awesome to be here with the Bakers (I'm not sucking up or anything, like Mele'Ofa is gonna read my blog or anything HAHAH I kid, Great Times All Around!) Miaya is such a funny little munchkin! she is such a little person! she has a personality, its so awesome to see. I am certainly enjoying my vacation. Its crazy to see all the little nieces and nephews growing up, and becoming persons, and not babies; and all the Sisters with their Families, and Henry preparing for a mission, ah time, it passes so quickly

I washed my air today, Utah always makes my hair crazy, so I washed it and ITS SO SOFT AND NICE AGAIN! more about that tomorrow, it is very early in the morning, and i dont know when dustin wakes up, so I am going to go and be quiet and maybe sleep a little (maybe a lot hahah I am bad that way), and try hide my bad habits from the bakers, Even though they will find out HAHAHA I can pretend ok???


and MErry Christmas to all, even those without Christmas Trees!

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MiriamR said...

ha ha Merry Christmas Melanie. Vacation is all about staying up forever and being all gross the next day, at least it is for me. I love your music. I am SOO excited for christmas!!I wish we would be seeing you next week but we will see you next year sometime I am sure or at least I hope. Dude I usually don't like the Kolob song but its much better when no one is singing along with it. HAHAHH Gledilegt Jol Melanie I am so glad you are at the Bakers house.