Friday, June 18, 2010

What Do You See?

Yesterday i was lost on the internets, to be more precise i was lost on the WongFu Productions youtube page hmhmhm. I had an interesting time discovering some new favourite things. I think these guys are very talented. They are these three guys who met in college and made videos together and now they are like a real indie thing.

It was so lovely. Yesterday I discovered this Short made by WongFu productions, directed by Wesley, one of the three.

It was so Lovely. I didnt want to share it on the facebook because I am selfish like this, when I find lovely things, I do not want to share, people are not worthy, I dont think they can appreciate wonderful things. its ok if they find it on their own, but I won't help them hmhmhm devilish.

After I watched this I was so ... swept away? I can't describe it, it was Lovely. It made me realize that I am not very creative these days! my brain is not thinking wonderful things that are interesting and colourful. my thoughts are Grey. I want to see colour.

I decided that once a Day I will look Up and ask myself "What Do You See?" .

I'm going to create another blog for this, it will be fun and the colours will pour back into my thoughts, I am sure!

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·*·*☆誠信艾米☆*·*· said...

Wow! That was such an awesome video! I'm going to go watch this channel =) Thanks ♥

LOL I just realized that I've seen these guys before in this random vid: