Saturday, June 26, 2010

Future Occupation

hahahaha I had an interesting dream last night, i can only rmemeber bits and pieces

So in this dream I am a workin lady, and I have a husband and children. At my job place they decide I am going to be transferred, this transfer is a HUGE promotion, and it is to NORTH KOREA! hahahahahahahahahahhah but before I can be transferred fully (my family and everyone) I have to pass their probationary period (the other company that i am being transferred to, i am gonna be like a consultant or sumsing). I am in a meeting with six or seven individuals, men and women, From this North Korean company, and They are testing to see if I am commi enough (HAHAHAH), They decide i would be an asset and so I go to North Korea for six months, working in whatever it is i am working, and They finally decide that I am satisfactory. My family can now move to North Korea and we can live there. So My family is arriving at the airport and as i wait for them to arrive I am in another meeting, it is similar to the one with North Korea, but these are South Koreans, and I'm a SPY!¨!!!!¨¨¨!!! the purpose of me being in North Korea is to spy and figure out something to do with uniting the Peninsula.

BAHAHAHA before you accuse me of watching too much Alias, I think this dream was inspired by a book I am reading called "The Three Day Promise" its a memoir of a Korean Soldier, its really interesting, and yeah, i was reading it before I went to sleep and so I think it seeped into my dream lands

hehehe I enjoyed the Dream very much.