Saturday, November 27, 2010

I wish I could Love You

TODAY! was beyond amazingly wonderful.

Tomorrow is Iceland Conference, and so the Mission President, President Andersen, is Here! he is such an amazing man. So this morning there was a leadership meeting, for all to attend! (well.. the leaders, their councilors and the missionaries... nearly alll hahahahha) ++

this story is gonna take a while let me just warn you before hand huhuhu.

So today has been in the planning for some time now, because this is a busy two weeks for Iceland, missionaries coming and going and returning and homing. So today there was a Leadership meeting planned, and a couple hours after it there was a baptism planned. Since all of the leaders were going to be at the chapel from early to later we decided to have a pot luck! And so...

Last night I stayed up till 3 or 4 in the morning making something, I made home made reeses cups! (thats how I remembered daniels name when he was serving, cuz it looked like Reeses hahahaha Reeves, see. this is how a child hard of learning thinks.... sometimes....)

And so, because of my awesome endeavours! I slept till 8, so I only had 10 minutes to get ready and be out the door to catch the bus. those ten minutes ran away from me, but I was nearly ready. We (Sylvia and I) were about to despair when I said "LETS TAKE THE BIKES!!" so we continue getting ready and run out the door, jump on the bikes! and then hjóla hjóla hjóla!!!! we get past the first light with ease. We then get to the second light, BUT ITS RED!!!! so im about to stop but sylvia says "we can go! the turning light is green, but there are no cars!"

so I BRUMBRUM Áfram! and as i ride out in front of a car at a red light something gets caught and the bike falters and all the sudden I am on the ground with a bike on me. in the middle of the road. My first thoughts are "Oh, I better tell sylvia I fell over" because she was riding away and I didnt want to get run over. So I call "Sylvia, ég datt!" and she doesnt hear, so I shout a little "SYLVIA! ÉG DATT!" ahhahah my memory doesnt say I yelled that much, just a little, like at malianas wedding, But then she stops, turns to look and then drops her bike and comes running to help me. Before she gets there I get up and try to walk the bike off the road, but the chain isnt working. I am about to throw the bike and run so we can catch the bus, but sylvia says "the chain came off!" and then goes ^µ

and it was fixed!!! so i was like "WOW YOU ARE AMOSOME!" and we hop back on the bikes and start riding again. I cross the road and ride away to the bus stop. I arrive at the bus stop trying to check (unsuccessfully) if sylvia is behind me. when I lock the bike up I see the bus so i am like AHHHH! and then I see sylvia arriving so i am like AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! because I didnt realise she got a little behind. She locks the bike up and runs across the road (behind the bus! thats how close we shaved it!) and since I was taking a little too much extra time she was able to catch the bus

HAHAHAH that was only the begining of our Day!!

Twas a lovely day indeed.

Anywho, so awesome. missionaries going home, so i have been a little glum/rimeniscent all day, they are super! and i am going to miss them all so terribly much. okay not really, but thats what i thought at the time.

BUT! then I realised the reason I was sad was because I wanted to control everything, and them leaving and living lives is not me controling anythign ahhaha Im not controlling anyhting now, but ... I am possesive? and so it was hard for me to let the missionaries go.. This is creepy sounding. Anyways, when I realised it was selfishness that made me sad, I restructured my thoughts and realised it is Amazing that they came to Iceland in the first place! and a complete honour and blessing to have been able to know them. And now, after all their hard work and service, they are able to go home. So wonderful!

I Love them dearly, Missionaries are my favourite People!

Oh, and a side note, the action packed story in the begining all happened in a stockings a skirt and my favourite high heels. Awesome.

My first rational controlled thought was "MY SHOES!!!!!" because i landed funny and have been limping all day, but more so when I am not in heels. Interesting. hohoho Merry Christmas! and the northern lights were out as I was walkimping home, and then I rode a bicycle again home because my feet were dead after being in heels from 8:15-21:55



Maliana said...

wowowow i was getting all sweaty and nervous for you! i know how running and falling and just barely catching the bus adventure can be!!

phew, you are a wonder melanie! like the northern lights, shiny, weird and awesome to watch in action!

MiriamR said...

that story ended way better than my imagination. I was imagining that the bus came and ran you over and you threw your bike down the hill. I miss Iceland at Christmas. I just realized this the other day when I was at ikea. Love you Melanie

Hera said...

You always made me smile and I was reading this wondering what was going to happen next. Then you said this was in a skirt and heels then I just laughed my face off.
Yes all of our Toutai´s love the missionaries everywhere. SOme places in the world where we missionaries your dad will stop and talk to them and gives them money for food. He just loves missionaries and is one of the best member missionaries I know.
It is a Toutai curse to think you have all the time in the world. I am not a blood Toutai only a adopted one :). So I do not have that curse. Most of the others do haha.
Glad you made the meeting.
All the people in the world that we meet are potential eternal friends. THat is how I look at it.