Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leis and Falls!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH this song, made me laugh. unfortunately (I think its very fortunate though) I dont suffer from OCCL hahahahaha

onto different better things HAHA

So At the end of the month, there will be three missionaries and a couple going home. I am going to Miss them Very Much! They are all so Great, but the couple is greaterest huhuhu. Missionaries here are so Diligent! whenever we are catching the same bus some time from the church they will chat at the bus stop but as soon as they are on the bus they are talking to other people, So Awesome! Anyways, I dont think the Icelanders show enough love for their missionaries (hehehe) So I want to make Candy Leis for them!!! with only Icelandic Candy! so yeasterday I bought a WHOLE LOT OF ICELANDIC candy, and since its christams time, they sell small ones of somne big ones! haha so anyways, I am asking how long these leis should be? im thinking of making a lei for every year! so two a pop, so thats like ten leis, interesting business! and then in one of the cubbies, I'm going to put a letter/note of appreciation! from me and maybe others. I like it! I hope they like it too... :´(

But the Koyles' wont answer me when I ask what is their favourite ICelandic Candy is!!! okay, they actually told me that hers is licrouice and his is Chocolate hahaha

oooooo there is a Crazy fin in Iceland! her name is Maria, and she is a member, she rambled intot church one day and WHAM! we were friends hahaha

but last night we went to watch a movie at the chapel, the movie was Rated R, but I only just found that out, because it said 12 on the box HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

That is the Trailer. The movie is kind of gruesome, in the sense that people Die, and their Deaths are shown. There is no Swearing, there is one other scene. But on the box it said 12, but as we watched it I was like, WOAH! thats a big time blood movie! it seemed a bit independant, But I love the colours! and the cinemtography! and the story it all tells! but yeah I only just found out by watching the trailer that it is rated R hehe so none of yous can watch it, OH WHALE, but the odd thing is, Icelanders rate byt gore and violence, but this was ONLY gore and violence! so it must not have been and Icelandic cover hahahah

Okay! I am off to get ready for the Missionary family activity! it'll be so great! dont forget to tell me about the... LEis! and any other ideas you may have!

Love to the You guys!


Hera said...

One lei for each year sounds good. You know how the Tongans drown people in leis so yours is quite conservative and the missionaries will appreciate it very much I am sure.
Thanks for all the kindness your show people Melanie. I am very proud of you.

MiriamR said...

thats great! I would make them somewhat long so that they go around their necks easily almost to the belly button how about that?