Monday, February 7, 2011

I hate guys... No, I hate Everyone. HAHA

blegh. I was planning on doing a blog at least once a month this year. I missed January. Crapperjacks!

I'm becoming tired of Iceland. I think its because I am so self centred, and Iceland is too small to have such self centerd people as myself. I'm not sure I can handle much more.. I'm going to be leaving some time soonish? I think I've seen what I've come to see. done what ive come to done.


but I hate it so much now, so I feel like leaving is escaping, so I am trying to get over hating it here. hmmmmmm

I feel like its too cliquey here, everyone has their friends, and they randomly walk off alone and talk and giggle and have their inside jokes. I cant stand That! I dont care not knowing, but to be so rude to other people. I really hate it. it happens too often, I HATE IT. its so rude. if they are family I dont mind, thats ok, Family is Family, No one understands what the heck we on about, but when they are NOT family, and are just rude idiot faces that like to make inside jokes

so... I... am maybe jealous? I .. am not a good judge of myself and being jealous, and stuff, so that might be it.. But I dunno, they are so cliquey here. I just hope I never do that.

so heres a great song I like.

DEDICATED TO ELDER TOUTAI, ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Twenty Years old little Brother! I made everyone have some rice crispy cake that had the letters HP ET! hahahah happy birthday Elder Toutai! hahahahahha mmm mmm It was good. I hate everyone. HAHAH jokes.. but really.


MiriamR said...

Dear Melanie, Don't hate haah. Just don't like or something. ha ha Oh and those cliquey things tend to happen in really small communities that don't get out much like highschool and stuff. So yeah when you branch off it tends to get better. I felt my old ward was pretty cliquey but I don't think my new ward is. I don't enjoy that either though because it makes people feel bad and makes you feel like you might want to join them when really you don't. Anyways leaving the place is FINE!! Its your life and your not really escaping because well if there is nothing keeping you there then you can leave. That is the magic of being single and in charge of your destiny!!Do whatever you want. Love you Melanie!!! I like the song you posted

Daniel said...

You can have a home in New Mexico the Land of Enchantment. Miriam and I don't have any cliques, unless you count Bubba, Eva and Jamison.

Maliana said...

i like that song, a mormon eh?

hey guess what its not "escaping" its going somewhere else, and you need to really know that its ok, finding your own place and what not is mysterious and maybe hard and weird but exciting and its your find to find :)

thats prolly makes no sense but i love you melanie!