Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Do I Love Thee

blablabla the last blog entry was ten years long, sorry about that, i should blog better and not at the night time hahahah


i posted it on la facebook, but i want it here, so i can find it forever. Its a devotional at BYU february 15 2000, when i was like 10, holey canoli. anywho its called How Do I Love Thee by Jeffrey R Holland about how we should love. I like it very much, i want to love like that, the way the Saviour did, unconditionally, and so selflessly, not thinking about yourself at all, only wanting the best for the other

it even mentions my favourite play, OTHELLO!!!! and all the tragedy anywhos its here

toodles for noodles!

P.S. TWO SLEEPS TIL MALIANA AND ÆTOR GET HERE!!(one officially, according to time)

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