Monday, October 24, 2011

I have no idea whats going on. anywhere.

sooo there was this site talking about something or other, something to do with the big bother that america is having it's Here

go ahead, Click it! its pretty fun i think, i love this guys style, it just makes sense.

heres a song by a guy form moscow... IDaho hahahaah i bet the missionary who served in iceland that was from that place knew him! hahahahah jokes

I sure hope its not a bad words or meaning or anything, it just soudns lovely, and i like the idea of people coming to find me! ... oh wait...

anyways, toolooo!

Life is good, and Curious

Love From North Carolina!

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MiriamR said...

Hey Melanie, we just watched Howl's Moving Castle and the music is from there, we really liked it