Thursday, October 13, 2011

I totally said I was just sipping egg whites....

hahahhaha omo, I was /// I blame apple.

So I meant to say whipping hahaha. that last post was a recipe for devil cake, devil torte, but yeah, and apple wouldnt let me write anything else since i copied the recipe from a website, its called its so cool it makes you write in green.

Just joking!
but yes, i liked it because it made me whip the eggs, separate like. W said the cake was yum, but i think he is not wanting to hurt my feelings. I'm not much of a cake person myself, but i guess it was ok. The icing was great! it tasted like chocolate, and wasnt too drippy, but wasnt too thick or icing sugary.

So Mo asked me where i found this guy

think it was either kevjumba or nigahiga, totally awesome, I love his voice and mad skills.

Another thought!

the post about the book lovers, I am the "Reader of things you've never heard of" because I ike books, and think they should be read! so I buy random ones that look interesting and one day read them. Awesome.

Mo said she wished she were a serendipity screamer (or sumsing) and I'm like, yeah, that would be totally awesome! I would do it if I knew it would be loved (the book), but I am too worldly and selfish so i dont like people to touch my things huhuhu

Much Ofaz to you!

Love from NC!!!!!!

P.S. Top my all time favourite super star (along with Daesung) was totally in banff.... ..... (but not Daesung)

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Maliana said...

dude i totally knew you wrote it "wrong" but i thought it was just your crazitude!