Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Actualy, looking at your dads pants, should be just before Miriam was born"


this week has been a very exciting week... ! But I have been sick and so very exhausted for some unknown reason, and so Instead of going hard core blogging I go to sleep HAHA, which reminds me, Yesterday I did some over time (I dont work on saturdays or sundays, unless we have a long weekend, then we get to work over time on saturdays to make up for the no work on the other days) and it was supposed to only be four hours, but it was four hours and forty five minutes(thats what i wish the weather were like, YA!) (HAHA) and dad came to pick me up because the train was broken for the weekend. Dad asked if we could go to this Liahona thing, I said Sure because he was nice enough to come pick me up. But then we went and were there for an ages long time (probably only a couple hours, but I was tired hehe) and finaly when the sun is setting we get to go. When we got home I went straight to my room and flopped on the bed to emphasize how tired I was and winge some, but I was so tired I fell asleep HAHAHAHA on my face hahahhaha it was so funny to me, when i woke up, I didnt intend on falling asleep HAHA.

Anyhoos, let me tell of my exciting weekkkk! /so.... Uhm, Well On tuesday I went for my driving test and I thought I failed so when we got back to the place and the instructor man was telling me this that and the other could be improved I was glumly replying yep uh huh, Believe It! then as I looked at his comment on the paper I noticed the sucess box ticked, and then I rudley and dumbly interupted the instrucer and said, "wait.. Does this mean I have my licence?!?" as I pointed at the success box and he replied "yes, I thought it was a very good drive, you are a good driver and deserve your licence" and after that I was like " Are you SErious?!?! I have my licence/!??" HaHAHA I couldnt believe it, because I braked hard when I didnt see a car at a yeild sign, then I did a Wide Turn, and I also didnt put the car into reverse when I was paralel parking and there was a car behind me waiting for me to move, then the instructor (after I did the parking) said when I put the car in reverse the car behind will know what I'm doing HAHAHA I was like, shame. But I kept saying thank you to the guy and he seemed pleased I was SOOOOO excited! so now I have a licence, but I havent driven yet bahaha.

Another exciting thing, that day at work I asked my boss for a week off to visit Miriam, that was nervous making for me because that is how I am HAHA. When I got home mamma told me about this Car that some tongans were selling for 600 dola, TOTALY! so the next day I go to buy the car, and now I have a car. thats sort of what it looks like, I would take a picture but lete and henry always take my batteries so I can never use my camera... Anyways, they always hate on my car But I REALLy like my car, because its mine, and it works, but the radio doesnt because had to buy a new battery and the radio has a security code type thing that I dont know so I'm just gonna get a new one.

So Very Exciting week for me, got my license, my first car, the first week of december off work to go see Miriam and Daniel and Alexader and Eva cuz my boss is cooler than I thought and la de da hoo ha, I am just so beat. all my muscles are ache, it feels so good to stretch but ya, Here is something random i found and like. OH YEAH! I read the host, my friend from work bought it for me because she thinks i am a super cool friend, I was sOOOO happy and excited about it, because I love stephennie meyers style, I think she is super cool, and I loved the Host! then this Korean chick from work gave me a book too, because she always sees me reading books, I was like Oh, ok Cool! thanks! hahah but a bit confused like. Koreans are so cool, there's a bunch that started working at my place of vocation and when they eat, its SO AMAZING, they get all the food and put it on the table in front of them then get their chop sticks and start eating all together, not on seperate plates, All Together! adn they always wave in that funny asian way and say hi HAHA its so cool, they are so happy and fun! anywho, I am better off to bed soon/now

One more thing! I ordered some dvd's and things from the this asian shop thing and its on its way here, GONNA BE SO COOL, but before they took my money they whole bank fails hapeened so it was a lot more than I expected,which was so not cool, but C'est la vie haha Toodles Pip!



cant wait

my car will be road worthy tomoz or Tuseday! haha at my spelling, i go sleepyby now



MiriamR said...

What does your title mean. Congradulations on your car and license. You will feel a lot more freedom now and will be ableto drive in other countries just by handing over the license and stuff. Cool so you are coming? Yay for that. It should sort of start to cool down a bit over here by the time you get here. It will be all christmased out here when you come. YAY anyway we watched a Korean movie last night. Our neighbor told daniel to watch it and gave it to him to watch. Its called "The Rested" Kind of cool but sort of anticlimatic ending, I had to read subtitles which I haven't done since Chinese History classes and Iceland. But it was fun!

Maliana said...

wow!! i'm so happy for you and and you're my freaking hero i'm so happy for everyone!

MoBo said...

HA, I thought I replied... maybe I did on facebook XD but there was a picture I was looking at and me lete and henry were guessing the time it was taken and that is what mamma said when we asked her XD