Monday, October 20, 2008

my toesies are posies!

Lets seeeeee... the last title for my blog was for... Oh Mamma was tagging dad in some pictures on facebook and I was like WOW didnt even recognise him! (even though he was the only brown one hehehahaha) but then she said yeah the title of my last blog HAHAHAHA it was so random I had to share it with everyone who would look!

Another Expliting Day! Today I ... went to work, but I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the man to come and look at my car to give me the stamp of road worthy approval! but he never did so I had to do a lot of running to catch my bus and train to work, that wasnt cool, I had a sweat patch on my back because I had a sweater and a backpack and the sun was shining like a mofo, but there was a breeze so it was really nice, but you couldnt see my sweat patch because I had the hoodie on hahaha. So Yeah, Then at "lunch" I got a text message from mum/dad (not sure who it was dads phone though) saying my car would be ready tomorrow!! So I can drive to and from work! ya!yayayaya and then I got another message a few second later saying my DVD ARRIVED!!!!!! from Asia! that I ordered ages back! I bought Casshern special ultimate edition, its all BlingBling Shiney! and I also got Princess Hours (korean soap(drama)), Smile again(korean soap(drama)), ex machina appleseed saga or somsing(some japanese thing henry wanted), Make it Big(from taiwan, henry again), and millionaires first love, Thats a Korean Movie, it is so flippin awesome cool its just unbeliveable, well i Love it. So I just had to share that with the world, I GOT MY DVD'S!!! and then I told mamma about this deal I had with Mele'Ofa about princess hours and she said Thats Illegal, and I was slightly taken aback, because its my dvd's! I want to do as I please with them! hahaha oh well. I'm not very good with the picture making like maliana, She needs to do some to make good pictures and stuff, And then she was like High when she commented me HAHAHA.

While I was reading my time magazine at lunch time I was reading about the crazy recession and it mentioned how Iceland nearly went bankrupt because of it, I giggled and then was worried.

More Excitment! one of my korean Friends from work who went to korea for a couple weeks got back today!!! shes funny, and then my other friend who went to Europe, Cakelin! Suprised us all at work today!!!!!! she came after work to scare us all! quite an exciting day, Well I'm off to watch some korean something or other, TTyL!!!1

bahaha Sleeepy toims


one last thing, last night I totaly stubbed my pinky toe on my left foot on dads tool box in the living room, and I was like OWWWWW that hurt, but went about as usual because it was just a stub, if anyhting it just felt a bit numb, but later while we played mormonopoly (HAHAHA) I was grabbing my tow because it still felt funny and I realized there was somehting oozy on it and I look at it and its all bloody hahaha when I stubbed it (like i kicked the heavy metal tool box) it ripped the skin off my toe, but left it on if you get me, so the blood that had dried into a hard casing of a hill on my pinky toe was also keeping the slice of skin on, that was so cool, but it killed all day because it was squished into a shoe, not just any shoe, ma chucks ey. Anyhoo LATERSSSSS


MiriamR said...

How did mamma tag dad on facebook? Does he have an account?

Maliana said...

bahhahah good times and sad times are your chucks ruinated? i have no time to blog i have heroes and junk to do

Melisa said...

congrats on getting your car. Thats so awesome.