Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

YELLOW SOCKS! I dont have any, but, one day.. One Day

HaHaHa talk about suckalicious Day Yesterday! and then Totaly awesome today, What an interesting thing.......

Hey, this thing has spell check, like in word, and the red underlining is annoying me, so I am going to have to write grammatically correct ness like, or fear the wrath of my smash the computer for my o.c.d. and then everyone smash me for the smashing of the computer. HAHA it works! well I just got major distracted! ok let me ...

So The past few weeks I worked Saturday overtime, which is intense hardcore bad for ones body, and made me exhausted and sickly. The reason for the overtime was because this weekend that just passed days ago I got Friday and Monday off because some equipment was being installed, so Guess What I did! I MOVEDDDDDDDDDDDD HAHAHHAHAHAH I am laughing with insanity, because I am no longer in my mind, in other Words, I AM OUT OF IT, my mind that is. So, I am still exhausted and sore and tired, poor sooky me.

Anyways, So I got this email today, from Miriam, and she said she is might leaving Guam, so I think I might go to asia for a week or so, just for randoms sake, we'll see what happens hmm.

Since we (the family) moved down the road, this is the last time for a long time (probably not very long, but dramaticness is super fantastico) that I will be on the internets, so GOODBYE CRUEL WORLd hahahha its late and I am tired and sore, so I am not making sense, but I am trying to relay this message, We are getting the internets at some point, but the slowness of Australia(in more than just servicce HArHar!) means it will be a week or somehting before we get it, so.... BYO



Might go to some festivals and concerts because I am ever so bored and hate everything and oh yeah, Obama won, thats interesting, I didnt think he would at all. It will be interesting to see what he does with the place haha

I can't wait to see twilight, but im so... i wonder Ok BYO FOR NOW-O


Maliana said...

i know how to play Somewhere over the rainbow on my uke!! it's so good, those festivals sound fun and junk, hey why don't you come up to iceland next summer with henry? huh? huh? it'll be super fun!!! my summer that is

meleofa said...

i love your blog, melanie. its so fun. :) i am uber excited for twilight too! my little brother in law is obsessed with it too, so we might all go see it on saturday during the day. hopefully it won't be too busy. i love love love all those stories so much. :)