Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strike while the Metals HOT!

Thats the saying right? hehe
So, I contemplate writing, the idea is super fun. I like to share my thoughts, and I have lots and lots and lots of them, but I cant share them unless I am thinking them fresh and NEW right at that moment. Strike while the IRON (thats the word isnt it? or is it metal...) is hot, thats the only way I can write/share at a satisfactory level(my satisfactory that is). So I like to have my nifty awesome notepad and awesome coloured pens with me at all times, so I can write down anything interesting, like sometimes I see something or get a thought and think, "it would be super awesome to read something like that" and i write it down to hopefully piece them all together one day, and it will be a super Awesome reading times. One Day

People are so different, its sometimes amusing; and other times its completely aggravating. I being human cannot help but get angry and annoyed at times, Especially at work when I am working with someone who is working like a dermis. That is what my one heading is about, "just because I'm Awesome, doesn't mean you can suck" wuahaha, Big headed you might think, But oh gee gosh darn! I work at a fast pace because thats just how I roll(unless there is not m uch to do, then I might go slow) but sometimes(or rather, some people) whoever I am working with is working really slowly. I often wonder if it is on purpose, so that they dont have to do much work, thats what it feels like sometimes. But I am sure that it is not always the case. On the Other hand, I cant be sure because I do not know their thoughts. BUT on another Hand(HEy That little girl in India had heaps of arms, and arms usually have hands, so I am having as many hands as I like! i will name him Jefferey) I can tell the hard workers from the slow workers, from the slack arse', from the lazy mofos, from the people who just weren't made for manual labour, from the people who try but shouldn't, and the people who are just dumb arses. This is part of my SUPER HUMAN AWESOME POWERS GO!( I renamed it to SUPER HUMAN AWESOME POWERS GO! rather than SUPER HUMAN AWESOME SKILLS GO! because power is cooler than skill, YA TRICK!) It's like I can see peoples Essence'(hey English professionals, help me out here, I am confused as to whether or not I add an s, or an es or just the ', or leave it as essence Hmmmm. I moved to a non English speaking country during the pivotal moment of my English grammar education so I was always am a bit retard with certain things; I sometimes pity me in the third person, as if I were a different person, looking at someone who was retard with grammar, then a Schloop back into myself and I feel not a thing because I'm in denial about my ... disability haha not really but I do go Aww Poor Person! as if it were not me, cuz I am just awesome. .) See who they Are, see their true colours, so when they do something that shocks everyone, I am not surprised. The more I get to know someone/come in contact with the person the easier it is to see their essence. My first Impressions upon meeting a person(I never tell anyone my first impression of a person, because its usually not at all what they would have thought) are usually quite accurate. You might think this a silly impossibility, but I think maybe its because I see with a different set of eyes; Or maybe because I think with a different set of thoughts. An innocent naivete with unassuming cynicism galour makes for interesting thoughts.

Maybe you have this SUPER AWESOME HUMAN POWERS GO! too, I wouldnt be surprised, I think it comes with the moving and seeing we have done.(peeheee I write to YOU my sisters, because thats all this blog is for muaha)

Ah HA! success!

What I wanted to mentions tonight(or this early morn) was the discovery of an elaboratingness of my SUPER HUMAN AWESOME POWERS GO! (haha I reworded it because I am tired heehee) BUt I couldnt out n out Write it down, it didnt feel right. So I grabbed the thought I had about how I couldnt elaborate on things that weren't here Now in my mind, and let it keep going until Viole!(I think thats how you spell it..) It came out all on its own, PEEHEE I am pleased

Now I go to sleep with my noblanketbecauseletestoleitbecausesheisjealous for a couple hours and then take mum to the hospital and then Party Like a Rock Star

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