Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slowly but Surely

When I was younger, I HATED being complimented. I have always thought people are full of crap, So I dont want to hear them say "you are pretty" BEcause that would mean I am not, Like in Mean girls "nice skirt, where did you get it?? That is the ugliest Effing Skirt I have ever seen" (forgive my non exactness, its been a while)But today, as I was driving this Lady home from work She asked how old I was(because I told her it was my friends 21st tomorrow, or rather today) and I said 19 (she dont need to know I'm nearly 20 HEHE) and she said "oh, 19? you have your head screwed on Pretty well for a 19 year old" I said thank you because it was astralia Talk for You are quite mature for your age. She then went on to talk about how most people my age are retarded idot faces ect.ect. When she said it, I kind of Froze (thats my automatic reaction to a compliment, I think " WHy Are you saying that?? I dont want to Hear that! I dont want to know your oppinion") and had this little panic attack for lack of knowledge on how to respond, but then I was flooded with this peacfull feeling and heard in my head "Yes" so I said, Thank You. She then basicaly said You're Good People, I like you. I felt very flattered; not necisarily because of Her, but rather that it is noticable.
I then started to think about why I am good people and This is What I came up with:

My Heavenly Father, My Mamma
My Father

I write it in this order and way because It is my knowledge and love of and for my Heavenly Father that makes me the "good" person that others see me as, and the good person I try to be. Without the wonderful mother I was blessed with I wouldnt know all the wonders and blessings that I experience, and are everywhere, I wouldnt know where they all came from; She taught me well. Love, compassion, guidance, forgivness, patience all the things she shows and teaches me. My Precious Hard working father, he is special indeed. Without him constanly serving others without hesitation, I wouldnt have learned how to give so freely of everything I have to those I love, as well as those who need it (I could obviously improve on the last one) He taught me how to work hard, and take pride in what I do, do it to the best of your ability. He taught me that when someone is in need of something you can give(or cant), you give it to them, even if its your last one

I Love these Three Very Much, and hardly ever tell them so, I hurt them too, because I am Human and selfish. You Hurt the ones you Love because they love you more than you know, and cant bear to see you hurt, but you are stupid and selfish sometimes, and dont want to see the truth. I'm sorry

I am Grateful, and will always be grateful, For my Heavenly Fathers great Blessing of my parents.


MiriamR said...

wow that was touching. Good job melanie!

This is random remark. When I was a teenager people would tell me how much older I looked until I turned 18. Then everyone said I look young. It made me mad. They still say so. Even when I was pregnant with Alexander. Some old guy (35 or so) said to his wife "why are they letting that pregnant youth girl say the prayer in sacrament meeting" I was only 20 I admit but HELLO!! the bishop isn't that stupid. Lesson don't talk ever if you have dumb thoughts in your brain (his wife laughed at him and told me later) another lesson learned don't say anything to pregnant ladies!

MiriamR said...

Oh about my blog yeah I meant food ideas, but your ideas were good too I am writing them down for future reference. One great recipe is chicken enchiladas. If you have a microwave at work it is an easy make.

Chicken Enchiladas

What you need:

1. 1 Pound of Chicken
2. 1 can of Cream of Chicken
3. 16oz Sour Cream
4. 4 cups Cheese
5. Green Chiles (optional)
6. Tortilla

Boil Chicken. In another bowl mix together cream of chicken, sour cream, green chiles, and 2 cups cheese. Shred Chicken and mix it in with the blend. Save some of the portion to add at the end. Roll tortilla up and place in a 9x12 pan. Add the rest of the mixture on top. Add the cheese.

Bake 350 for 30mins or until cheese and melted on top.


meleofa said...

What a lovely post. You must give quite the good impression. :)

Hera said...

Thanks Melanie. You are wise beyond your years. WE make mistakes and learn from them and carry on.
It is a pleasure being your mother.
We as parents make lots of mistakes too.
We just hope we learn something good from them.
I love my Heavenly Father and am always so grateful for the Holy Ghost that is with me to help me make decisions in life.

When I was a mother of 5 children and pregnant with number 6 I went to Ayers Rock on a Youth conference trip. I was the leader from Robinvale. I had to take a rest and we stayed in school dorms. I was only three months along and not showing. Well I heard people walk past and one said. "Why is she sleeping" Another one said"she is pregnant. The other one said " she should not be allowed on a Youth Conference" is she is pregnant" That person thought I was a Young Woman pregnant and not married. I laughed very hard at this person. We so easily jump to conclusions about people without knowing the real truth. It's something we have to work on very hard to change.

Like I say never mind what people think of you. If you know something is not true do not worry about it. Heavenly Father knows you. He wants you to come back someday.