Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm a Big Kid NOw


So Yesterday Mamma and Henry and Lete flew to IN Zid for some good ol times, then Tonga said no, so the good ol Times continue over thur at In Vid

SO I am totaly feeling the pull of adulthood; after this stint call me child No More!!

Its strange, All growd up, with the house empty, Making my own food, locking the door, turning the light on, turning the lights off, cleaning things, having things stay clean; I should start cleaning hardcore, then the house will be all clean and it will be strange. I can get why single people eat take out and so forth, Food goes off if you dont eat it!! and its no fun cooking (or eating) on your own. The eating part is from experience, My friend and I always share our food at work, and its AWESOME, but when she isnt there I dont feel like eating, beccause there is no one to eat with, so there will always be left overs and thats a waste. Then I have this list of things to do, (I better Do THem!!! hahah mah Bad!) and places to go, its all very busy and exciting, Makes me think more, cuz I dont have mamma to rely on reminding me, I feel more responsible for everything. Before I didnt really care because stuff didnt matter, but now I am alone and I have to do it or there will be (possibly Dire) consequences, and only me to blame; So as I go through the day I think "is there something I need to do?" or "this this than this if there is time" its really quite fascinating, being responsible. But such things make a mature mind, mature minds make adult thinking, adult thinking makes BORING MOMO; being careless is fun and easy. Being responsible just pushes on the brain, the necesity of the situation is REALLy supressing on my brain. I dont want to say suffocating because thats a bad thing, but its like someone has a bag of air and they are smothering a part of my brain, and the brain is fighting hard, so the person with the air bag is struggling; but there is no death, its just something that has to be done, its not a bad thing, Its just the way it is, and thats just the imagery my brain keeps watching over and over, or maybe just continuously.

I'm getting nervous about leaving, I'm abig kid now, So I'll need to get a job and place to abode. Its the REAL unknown; we've moved a lot, into many unknowns but Someone was always there, going to take care of me, now I have to take care of me.. its Daunting. Alas, so is life, now I will get to see what it is that all there homeless people keep complaining about TOOLOO


awesomest ever in the life of me, WOO

I'mm too Shy Too Shy!

P.S. I've been on the YouTube watching some awesome songs, FROM NEW ZEALAND no less. It's been decided that New Zealand makes the Best music in the world, truly, I kid thee not, Of course I am bias, but Nobody cares, its still the fact of the truth.

Another thing thats been decided: BUY LOTS OF CD'S IN IN ZID

The ENd


MiriamR said...

welcome to adulthood, boring but rewarding. My advice is live wiht your parents for as long as possible!!! Paying rent sucks.

Maliana said...

whatevs! are you kidding?! having your owe space is awesome and being on your own is fun! it is for me anyway, it's like you get to choose how responsible you are, like pay your bills, and then do what you like! yay i like it and i find it liberating :) and you get times when you need to be a grown up and all that junk. but yeah for sure eating by yourself sucks and food DOES go bad faster than you imagine :p

MiriamR said...

ha ha ha you guys are funny. Maybe its better when you make all your own decisions. The one semester I was really out on my own I don't think I ever cooked dinner even once. Maybe that is how I stayed so skinny, you had to remind me to eat.

Maliana said...

hmmm yeha and i'm pretty sure it's a completely different situation when you are at school

oh and by the way melanie your title makes me think of the pull-ups comercial :p

and the picture you posted is a swear head

MoBo said...

LOLERSKATEs, no its sstands for get the fudge outahere AND I WAS GONNA HAVE A PULL UPS PICTURE!! HAHAHAHAH but then I didnt HAHAHHAHAH

meleofa said...

Having your own house is pretty great. You have to work hard to have it, but it's awesome because you get to do whatever you want in it and to it. You can cut things down and plant new things and have big plans or leave it the way it is. Growing up can be scary, but it's a good scary.

Hera said...

Well Maliana is not ALONE hehe. Melanie is ALONE in the hot house hehe.
Life is full of good and bad, fun and boring.
I asked the kids yesterday "why would anyone want to go back to their parents to live" I like it when I do not have to wonder when my kids are coming home after a night out hehe.
Enjoy your life in the right way.
You are doing lots driving all over, working so hard at throwing chickens an being very helpful. It's sad when people do not have anyone to be around with sometimes.

Hera said...

Maliana did not leave home until she was old hehe.
It's very important to be in a loving family and have friends who are real friends you can trust and rely on.